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El Casey S's Avatar El Casey S 04:12 AM 05-17-2003
Dear Persian "Peace" - Sohj

I found you analysis very interesting, and it explains why I've wanted to live in the New England area for so long!

madmax's Avatar madmax 11:06 AM 05-20-2003
Oh yeah, He's just keen.
I'm not sure what I love more, his diplomatic policy of bombing a sovereign nation and killing and maiming innocent children, and starting a new cold war (for the benefit of big oil companies, armaments manufacturers, and post-war rebuilding firms), or his environmental policies which rape old-growth forests and drill for oil in Alaska (for the benefit of big oil companies), or his domestic policies which gutted education, healthcare, social services, women's rights, privacy, habeas corpus, veteran's benefits, and ironically homeland security, (for the benefit of big insurance, oil companies and a few fat-cat a$$holes who couldn't care less about any of the things that matter to thinking people, or even stupid ones for that matter.)

Yeah, he's a real peach!!
Delilah's Avatar Delilah 11:30 AM 05-20-2003
To me, in my, I suppose, naive, stuck in a rut (or MUD as it is still spring) New England conservative way, Republicans should have a bit of nobless oblige. That implies, however patronizing it may be, a bit of feeling responsibility for those less fortunate than ourselves. Shrub does not have this. In general, New England Republicans see/saw the wisdom in funding education. He doesn't see that.
ITA, sohj! At least GHW Bush had an instilled sense of public service for the sake of public service, but even now I think he's become cynical and is out for what he can get. Shrub grew up in natural-gas-fragrant Midland ("smells like money" is what the residents say) with no sense of obligation, just a party boy. His personal history tells that whole story. He has never done anything that didn't benefit himself, IMO. I think he might be a narcissist.
Joyce in the mts.'s Avatar Joyce in the mts. 11:38 AM 05-20-2003
Yeah, whatever happened to Noblesse Oblige anyhow?

Just wondering...Joyce in the mts.
sohj's Avatar sohj 04:36 PM 05-20-2003
"Yeah, whatever happened to Noblesse Oblige anyhow?

Just wondering...Joyce in the mts."

Not sure. Maybe it is a fantasy: that it ever existed. I know that I was raised with it as part of the ideal. I've got some good references on the topic, but that is for another thread. (Yup, I've actually given this some thought. I do tend to dwell on all kinds of pie-in-the-sky stuff. )
sohj's Avatar sohj 06:50 PM 05-23-2003
Originally posted by Arduinna
yep love his:

Jobs before the enviroment policy....
Jobs? What jobs?

No jobs here. All his cronies have taken the jobs to the maquilladora zones.

So, no work and no environment.
Marg of Arabia's Avatar Marg of Arabia 04:09 PM 05-24-2003
I love the "war on terrorism" !! Which seems to be to declare a war on any party NOT responsible for the acts of terror against our country! Which has the undesirable side effect of spawning brand new terrorists and enemies all over the world!!!
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