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artemesia's Avatar artemesia 08:38 PM 08-27-2003
This week I was browsing through the lending library at our parent resource center and was really shocked to find Ezzo's Babywise book. I am now trying to decide the best course of action.
My first thought was to raise heck with the director and try to get the book yanked from the shelf. Then I thought that if this failed, the book would still be there.
So then I thought maybe some covert action might be better, like placing a big warning sticker on the inside cover.
Any thoughts ladies?

mamaduck's Avatar mamaduck 09:16 PM 08-27-2003
My first thought was that the book should disapear. But I guess they might just replace it.

I think I would go to the director armed with documentation agains the Ezzos. There is plenty of it available. Look for short, sweet, to the point critiques put out by mainstream authorities. I would argue to have the book removed, because in that case -- people would be educated and the book would stay gone.