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SpiralWoman's Avatar SpiralWoman 04:39 PM 08-30-2003
scares the crap out of me! I guess I really hadn't thought about it since college (the '80s) but now with a little baby, yikes! So, I have a lot of time to think while I nurse the baby & watch Cspan, & thought I'd share some of my ideas here. What would happen if even 1 nuclear device detonated somewhere? Is it so catastrophic that we have blocked it out & don't even think about it any more? It seems like preventing this has got to be the ultimate common ground for global cooperation, right?

But, it seems like stopping nuclear proliferation isn't gonna happen~ It just isn't realistic that we are going to be able to keep this locked down forever. There will always be countries willing to pay anything & people willing to sell anything; this technology is spreading. As somebody said here not long ago~ you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. Just like our leaders feel we have to have the bomb for our security, other countries feel they need it for their security, and will do anything to develop it.

So, instead of spinning our wheels trying to stop the unstoppable, why not ask ourselves~ what is the alternative? What is going to save our necks when everybody has some level of nuclear capability? Will it be mutual deterence, the same thing that seems to have worked during the Cold War? Here in the States, it seems like there is general agreement that nuclear bombs going off is bad. Am I being naive here? I'm thinking about places like N Korea, India & Pakistan, Iraq & Iran, etc. What is going to convince these folks, whether they already have it or are developing it, that they do not want to use the bomb? Education? Democracy? Fear?

Just looking for some thoughtful discussion & alt. ideas...
thanks, Maria