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How to Deal with the Lies and the Lying Liars When They Lie about "Bowling for Columbine"
by Michael Moore
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That man is so freaking funny.

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My family and I watched "Bowling for Columbine" the other night on DirecTV (satellite). I was really impressed.

I do own a gun and I do know how to use it.

"Bowling for Columbine" contains a very poignant moment in my opinion, when Mr. Moore is speaking with Charlton Heston. Mr. Heston states that perhaps Americans are so violent because our history is a history of violence.

Apparently Mr. Heston's thought has been turning the wheels in my youngest son's mind also. He is 18. Last night we were talking about the Salem witch trials...something was on TV about it briefly...and we talk about what we are watching frequently. My son referred to our history as a "history of hubris". I was taken aback. It made me think. And as I thought about it...and looking at the history that is being made today,.... well, I can't disagree with him. And of course, we ended up talking about "Bowling for Columbine" and referring back to Mr. Heston's aforementioned speculation.

As for Bowling for Columbine, well, everyone at my house enjoyed it and wanted to see it again.

I don't really care to naysay or criticize Mr. Moore as I feel enough of that has been done in many spaces by many others over time and I cannot say anything new. I think that Mr. Moore learns alot, reports on what he found, leaving it to the viewer to take it as they will, and then walks with the lessons learned. At least that is what I observe about him.

The fellow at the missile plant (was that Lockheed Martin?) was suffering from cognitive dissonance about the connection between having a bomb plant that supplies WMD's to the military and violence in the host community. Seems to me that if he had allowed himself to perceive and then admit any connection in his mind, he would have broken down. I can't imagine what folks who work in the arms manufacturing industry must tell themselves in order to continue that work. I imagine the pay is phenomenal...especially right now, but moreover, how do they reconcile what their product is meant to do, with their everyday lives, kids, home, etc.?

I am not criticizing or judging folks in that field but am just wondering out loud about that. Everyone has to do something for a living after all...too bad industry doesn't funnel money into retooling/retraining for peace-based industry such as alternative energy- I mean REAL alternative energy technologies, not the lipservice given by this administration to it to appease or shut others up- the way they do for destruction-based industries. I think that it is a hugely untapped direction for our country to explore and pursue...but that is another topic for another day.

Sorry to post such a lengthy one...Joyce in the mts.

CD Labor/Postpartum (MSTM), Doula trainer (BAI), Midwifery Student/Apprentice, CPS Tech
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I thought the movie was quite an eye-opener. The media does rule us with fear, I believe. It raised a lot of good questions.
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My pastor was shot to death in his church after a bible class by a member who had been there for 5 or so years . He bleed to death in my assistant pastors arms . This happened back in 1998 in Trotwood,OH . It seems like yesterday he was here . I feel something needs to be done about guns . Something ........
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[QUOTE=dentente]See. The more I turn over this conundrum in mind, the more I am convinced that watching the news is actually harmful to your mental health.

I totally agree with that. I cannot watch the news anymore. It is so disturbing, and bloody, if it bleeds it leads. I can't read the newspaper either. I have no idea whats going on, and I'm happier that way, sorry. I get depressed when I read and watch the news. It makes me feel helpless and like everything would be so much better if the planet just slammed into another planet, kwim? It doesn't affect everyone that way, but for example, when I watched Farenheight I cried for two days afterwards. My son was born 7/21/01 and I was already teetering on the edge by Sept. 11, that day kicked me into the abyss of PPD. The coverage was relentless. I felt physically barraged with words and images that I could not escape from. In the store, at the restaurant.
And after the tsunami, I purposely avoided watching coverage of it, we did donate some money to the fundraiser, and dh just insisted on watching coverage. It angered me because I felt like he was being voyeuristic, which was irrational of me, but it was how I felt. I made the mistake of watching an interview with Giselle the supermodel who had been in the tsunami, and that kicked me into a depression that I needed St. Johns Wort to pull myself out of. I can't watch the news like normal people.
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