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Okay, here's a thread where we can please try to remain calm, and instead of bashing each other over the head, maybe make a suggestion that in our own little MDC world might work ... how to resolve the conflict between Israel and the surrounding states and the Palestinians.

A lot of considerations, remembering that the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza only started in 1967, but the fight started well before that. There are more issues than the occupation, though that is certainly mega.

To repeat: Can we please keep this civilized, ladies?

First and foremost: A two-state solution? Ie., does Israel have a right to exist, and does Palestine? Or a "binational" state/one-state solution?
And if so, why? And if not, why?

'47 partition line borders, or some post-partition cease fire line borders?

And Jerusalem ... ?????

Maybe instead of hurling invective we can brainstorm. Not that anyone will listen to us, but hey, it's at least cathartic, ain't it?

edited to clarify: The "twice promised" of the thread title refers not to anything biblical, but to the Zionist and Arab claims that the British promised an independent state to each ...

And mahdokht, I'm getting pretty hormonal right with you ... wishing you a peaceful & powerful birth ...
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Don't check in here very often....

but I like this solution

Middle East Peace

Will be be interesting to see what you ladies come up with
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Not pat solutions, but wonderful discussions of the foundation for a solution:

"We must keep in touch with the humanity of both sides." --Cornel West, regarding his participation in a pro-Palestinian/pro-Israeli demonstration in San Francisco

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EVERYBODY OUT!!! We'll make it a theme park. Nobody can live there except in employee dorms. The UN will run it. People of all religions may visit. The profits will be divided equally among the funds for resettlement of Jewish and Palestinian emigrants. All UN member countries will be required to let them in.

Other than that, I think the best idea is two states on 1947 borders and total disarmament of Israel.

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I was going to suggest this. We could call it "Holyland: The Ride". Lots of fake explosions instead of the real kind. People singing "It's A Tall Fence After All...It's A Tall, Tall Fence!".

Almost all of my raging against organized religion and the fallout of the British Empire finds itself proven by the hellishness and futility of this particular conflict. I have no solution to offer. I wish Maddie Albright could step in with Jimmy Carter and just get reasonable dialog going consistently.

Stop blowing each other up and building fences. Howse that for a beginning strategy?


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"HolyLand." I could go way too crazy with this idea...

the Minoans, the Egyptians, the Assyrians

the Greeks, the Romans

the Jews, the Gnostics, the Catholics, the Muslims...

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