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In the past week I have seen six hawks. They have either been flying near the road as I drove or were perched in a tree. I have also seen an unusual number of crows, on several occaisions hanging out on the ground quite near my house. In the past these two types of birds have appeared in significant numbers as well. Once when I lived in Florida I had several undred crows circling my house overhead, and they stayed that way for several hours. I am wondering what the symblosim for these birds is.
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I dunno and I'd really be interested in hearing about any folklore, religious or other meanings.
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Interesting that you post this. I just had a "close encounter" with a hawk the other day (one flew down close in front of my car -- close enough to make me brake -- and I've never seen one do that before), and then just tonight noticed a crow cawing loudly near my front door (I live in town and don't see crows too often).

I don't know anything official, other than Hawk embodying watchfulness and a keen eye. And Crow? I don't know any positive stories, and don't really care to "go" where the negative stereotypes go. Although, now that I think about it, someplace in this chaos I have a child's book called Crow and ... something ... maybe I can dig it out and see what the Native American tradition it refers to says about Crow. If I can find it, I'll post later.

Anybody else?
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Well, I guess what I'm about to say could be the "negative" aspects, but then without the negative how could we have a positive?

Without having all of my references with me to cite, what I know about ravens and crows is historically they have been known to be the harbingers of death. The Morrigan that would fly over the battle fields removing the spirits of the dead to the underworld (for lack of a better term), are represented as crows.

Of course, the ravens at the tower of London are kept with their wings clipped because the without them it is thought that both the monarchy and parlimentary governements would fail.

Hawks, however, I've known as insight and higher spirit communications. Perhaps there is a message coming to you?

On a personal note, I would think that there is a some kind of message for you coming via these birds. My dh's spirit animal is a crow, so whenever there's a flock (murder) about, I know there's something going on with him.

Also, the news of my dd came via a heron.

If I remember right, this is the time of year when the ancients send messages to the living world via birds.

HTH. I'd suggest just keeping your eyes, ears, and heart open.

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I think they mean different things depending on who you ask - for some Native tribes, Crow is a trickster like Coyote, and other peoples think crows are harbingers of death. What do they mean to you personally? For me, crows are a message from the universe that I am not paying close attention to what is going on in my life, that there is a lesson I am not paying enough attention to. Hawks are usually a sign to me to keep a keen eye on my home and family, but they mean other things to other people.
Have you ever done a meditation journey? You can have someone take you in to a deep meditation through a guided verbal journeying, and then give you some time to ask crow and hawk what they are saying to you before bringing you back out of it, or you can try to do this yourself through visualization. I recommend Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain, or you might look at the Animal Cards done by Jamie Sams (I think) for more information about these two birds.
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I had the same thing happen to me, throughout most of this year, which has been and continues to be a very personal and spiritual journey in my life..and a time of significant change. I asked someone that is a Shaman and they suggested the same explanation for both Crow and Hawk..that they are spiritual messengers and perhaps the spirits are trying to get your attention, which made complete sense to me under all of the circumstances. It has made me more aware of everything around me every day. I agree that you should keep an open mind and heart to what messages may be sent to you, and pay close attention to your dreams, for I find a lot of messages in my own life are delivered through that medium. Peace
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Just Wondering, but is there a symbolic meaning to having lots of crickets around?

I very am clean. When I bought this house 19 years ago there were lots of crickets inside and outside the house.

I use natural means to do insect abatement, but I do use mothballs in all of my closets which should discourage them.

This year, I am overrun with crickets. I keep oiling all of the hinges on my doors, but the squeeking and chirping noises are crickets.

I think I recall that it is a happy omen. I hope so. I have had enough grief in recent years.:

"Vaccines are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get - acute hemorrhagic edema of infancy, allergies, diabetes, eczema, petit/gran mal seizures, ADEM, AFP, ASIA, CFS, GBS, JPA, JRA, LGS, LKS, MS, POF, POTS, RA, SJS, SLE, SPD, TPI, Henoch-Schonlein purpua, fibromyalgia, Retts Syndrome, encephalitis, Hughes Syndrome, neurological damage, coma, or death."

~paraphrased from "Forrest Gump"~
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Thank you all for the replies, the things you have said make sense especially when paired with the dreams I have been having. I saw another hawk yesterday, it flew across the road directly in front of our car, a beautiful redtail hawk. O.k., I'm paying attention now!
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I LOVE medicine cards. The next time you are in a book store, check these out.
They come with a book and you can read her interpretations of Hawk and Crow medicine.

I can tell you that in her interpretation.. hawk is akin to mercury..the messenger of the gods. Hawk is teaching you to be observant to look at your surroundings and observe the obvious...life is sending you signals.

crow's interpretation is a bit more complex...she labels it "law"... cros is the keeper of sacred law..she tells an interesting story about crow's fascination with her own shadow...she pecked at her shadow so much she made it come alive...

there's more to both...take a look at the book, it's great.


also do a google search on crow medicine and hawk medicine you'll get more.

Check out New Moon on my Astrology Site

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