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umsami's Avatar umsami 02:08 AM 11-28-2009
Assalamu Alaikum:

Sorry I didn't get this up last night. Anyway, I hope everybody had a good first day of Eid (if you celebrated today.) We made fattah (rice, meat, pita bread chips, and garlic/vinegar tomato sauce)... then had some delicious pears from Costco for dessert. I'm trying to get my kids to realize that Eid is three days... so tomorrow we'll probably go to Cold Stone...and then maybe donuts or something else fun on Sunday.

DH told the story of Ibrahim/Abraham tonight and sacraficing his son...and I was a little worried that it might freak the kids out. (Young). Alhamdullilah, they seemed O.K.

I then stumbled across a blog by somebody who claims to be the #2 conservative woman to Ann Coulter...and well, let's just say it was really disturbing. I'm having a hard time dealing with the just utter-hatred many people have for Muslims. I'm no fan of the taliban or al qaeda either... but it seems like too many want to lump us all together. Sigh.

Any way, hope you guys all had/have a Happy Eid.

What are your traditions for the holiday?

Turkish Kate's Avatar Turkish Kate 11:07 AM 11-28-2009
Eid Mubarak and Bayraminiz kutlu olsun!

Well, you already know what was on our table, but I'll post it here for bragging rights. I made a roasted leg of lamb and served it with pilav (rice pilaf), zeytinyagli fasulye (green beans cooked in olive oil), zeytinyagli enginar (artichokes in olive oil), and bread, with sutlac (rice pudding) and Turkish tea for dessert. We split up after dinner and DD and I did a little shopping and met another mother-daughter couple for afternoon tea. Not sure what the plan is for today, maybe some shopping, but tomorrow the Turkish center is putting on a program at the Five Points theater and DD has invited her boyfriend to introduce him to the Turkish side of life. We all have our new Eid clothes ready!
umsami's Avatar umsami 03:07 PM 11-28-2009
Ah, new Eid clothes! What fun. DD2 was sick for Eid, so didn't get to wear his new clothes, but DD1 had her new "party" dress on (that she picked out at Target... very Eid like all cream and tulle with gold snowflakes)... and DS1 had his new Eid clothes on too.

Now that I think of it, I did make soup as well.. the translated name is bird tongue soup (blech)..but it's just a simple beef broth with orzo pasta and cardamom pods. Very easy to make (especially as one has beef broth from making the fattah)... and good.

I read about the big happenings in Five Points. Sounds like fun. The Turkish community is 1000x more organized than the general Muslims here. Maybe we should all start up Turkish classes and just blow the other guys off.

DH got a new job and it's here in JAX.. .so ISA we don't have to move. Yippee. Still probably 2-3 months until he can start... waiting on insurance and stuff. But still, alhamdullilah.

We had popovers, veggie sausage, and hot chocolate for day 2 of Eid breakfast today. Now, I'm waiting for it to warm up a bit so I can take the two boys for a bike ride. DS2 got a new bike (Toy Story) for Eid. We've spent the morning making Aliens in DS1's Martian Matters Alien Changer toy that he got. DH thinks I went overboard.. I gave each kid two toys plus we got a family gift (board game). He has no idea what Christmas is like. LOL
yasinsmama's Avatar yasinsmama 09:50 PM 11-28-2009
Eid Mubarak mamas!!!! We had a nice day yesterday. I made traditional Thanksgiving food for our Eid dinner. It was my first time doing anything like that, and I am so proud of myself because it all tasted good!!! We got Adam a little bike with a long handle that we can push from the back, and another little toy. He was SO excited to get his gifts and DH was SO excited to give them to him (our families didn't make Eid a big deal for us). I think next year, i'll decorate, and make it a really big deal for him and us (IA).

And I never knew about the 3 day celebration.
Next year it's on!!! Inshallah.