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Do you feel or have you experienced this?

I have dreamt about a couple of my children before they were even concieved, my 3rd child I saw in a dream, when she was born and turned 6 months old she looked exactly like the child I had dreamt of.

I always know when I am going to conceive because I dream about .

I always feel I have known my children when they are born, even while pregnant, they say that a soul can connect with the mother before birth and I believe this to be true.

How do you feel about this?
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Yes, I have experienced this. I have no logical explanation, but I cherish these experiences. I always tell my children that I was waiting for them and praying for them before they came to me.

"Isn't life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?" - Andy Warhol
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Me too. I don't have any real babies yet, but I've been sensing/talking to my spirit babies for years. I can often feel them all around me.

Ru , wife to DH . Astin (4/26/10) & Ember (5/19/10).
I have lost my dreams--Dar Williams
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Originally Posted by Mother Cake View Post
Me too. I don't have any real babies yet, but I've been sensing/talking to my spirit babies for years. I can often feel them all around me.
Same here. No babies yet, but I strongly feel a girl presence who is antsy to be born. I'm antsy to get busy Just waiting on DH to be ready. I've also been given a couple of fantastic dreams....

There's actually a few really great books about the subject. In fact, I just finished reading one last week. That one was called The Secret Life of the Expectant Mother: Nine Months of Mysterious Intuitions and Heightened Perceptions by Carl Jones. Another fantastic one that I read a few weeks ago is Bond with Your Baby Before Birth: How to Communicate with Your Unborn Child by Kim Oneill. The last one (which is the first one I stumbled across shortly after my first dream experience) is Spirit Babies: How to Communicate with the Child You're Meant to Have by Walter Makichen.
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yup! my son even named himself.

i also get info from other's babies.
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My first baby ended as a loss as a blighted ovum.

I got pregnant soon after, and kind of thought I was going to have a girl. We had a boy. I have always wanted a girl, and really felt a girl presence, but then had my second boy.

I adore my boys and don't necessarily yearn for a girl for girlie stuff.

I am pregnant with my third. Very early in this pregnancy I have come to realize that this baby was the baby I lost in my first pregnancy. And this baby is a girl. She has finally come back to me. So all along, I haven't yearned for a girl. I have yearned for her.

I spoke to Intuitive Jamie a while back and she confirmed my thoughts. She added that once we initially conceived her, our baby girl decided that she wanted a different birth order. She wanted big brothers. I really think she has been patiently waiting in the wings for the right time. Or maybe impatiently. We conceived her 5 days after removing my mirena, without any fertile cervical fluid, or any other signs of fertility.

Our baby girl name for our second pregnancy was Stella Jane.

This time around, we really struggled with finding a name that we both like and felt right. Intuitive Jamie said that she wants the name Silah.
That is so close to Stella, I think. So we were feeling her vibe last pregnancy.

We are pretty sure we are changing it up a bit and naming her Selah (pronounced say-lah). It is a biblical/musical Hebrew term for taking a pause or waiting. That is what she has done. She decided to wait for the right time to enter into our family.

What a joy this has been for me and it totally makes sense to me.
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Children deserve the respect of puzzling it out.
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With my first, I had dreams and I just knew he was a boy with red hair and big blue eyes. I also had a dream during my first pregnancy that I had a little girl with a round face and her name was Nadia so I was a little confused. But I had a boy with red hair and big blue eyes. Then I got pregnant again and when she was born, she was the baby girl from my other dream and there was no other name for her but Nadia. I tell my children that they picked me.
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My baby girl looks almost exactly like the girl I dreamt when I was pregnant.
In my dream, she jumped up beside me while I was dreaming ( I was napping on the couch dreaming that I was napping on the couch if that makes sense) and said a name that is now her middle name. Her saying the name really loudly is what woke me up and it was as if someone was literally standing there--it was as if I started to wake and heard the voice if that makes sense.
I also dreamt her while pregnant that she came in the room at age 18 (somehow I knew what age she was in the dream) and smiled at me then I woke up.
Now I see how similar she is to the dreams I had when pregnant.

It is amazing the connection and so many things I just *knew* about her before birth that I am seeing now as she grows, even felt strongly she was a girl although we didn't confirm that. Everyone would come up to me and say it's a boy, but i just felt, ok that's is wonderful too but I feel so so strongly it is a girl.

I feel as if I have known her as long as I know myself, but perhaps that is true for everyone. It was just such a strong, wonderful connection during pregnancy and would think things like, oh "baby likes this", and now as a toddler she does like those thing(s).
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I was just talking about pre birth communication with Intuitive Jamie last night! Isn't she great? I have experienced this and believe it is a beautiful aspect of women's intuition and mothering. My daughter came to me in a dream 3 months before she was conceived. When I became pregnant, I told my husband that this was the little girl with curly hair and I was right! I have also had a lot going on with little ones around me wanting to come through lately. A few months ago, there was a little girl who has actually decided not to come at that moment but I feel like she'll be back - maybe she wants an older brother too because my son is now waiting in the wings and ready to come very, very soon. In fact, he told me his name while I was in that almost awake, almost sleeping state of consciousness this morning. It's a beautiful, beautiful experience and I feel very grateful every time it happens.

Momma to my beautiful blessing pinktongue.gif (Nov '08) and two Spirit babies angel3.gif (Dec '09) and angel2.gif (July '10)
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My experiences weren't as strong perhaps as some of yours, but definitely I connected pre-birth with my son. Alot of people talk to their LOs out loud; I always did in my mind, and felt that he did indeed "hear" me.

It seems as if he was always with me, nothing about him really is a surprise - looks or personality wise - just a revelation or confirmation of what I already felt or knew.

As far as babies to come, I think it is a combination of what I hope for and what I just feel will come to pass - a brother next, and then, maybe, a sister. a little girl is waiting, but when exactly she'll happen I don't know. I have had twins on the mind a lot lately, not sure what that bodes for the future!

Katrina - Mama to Gabriel
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Ya I dreamed about having a baby with fair skin, large dark eyes and curly black hair when I was pregnant with my first. He turned out to be quite different. When I had my second he was not like that either. It's not until he turned 1 1/2 I looked at him one day and realized I dreamed about him before. He didn't get a head full of curls until then. It's really weird as nobody in the family had curly hair. His hair was stick straight as a baby and after 2 1/2. The head full of black curls thing only lasted one year.

We're very close emotionally and seem to understand each other without saying much. This is incredible to me as I'm not an empathetic person at all (have Asperger's).

Mom to 2 beautiful autistic boys (13 & 12)
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i read a great book about this too a few months ago but can't for the life of me remember the title! something about "into the light, life before birth" maybe? it was in the reincarnation section of our library and had a glowing baby on the cover.
i dreamed 2 dreams about dd before she was born and had major deja vu moments when they came true. in one i held her up to a flowering appletree and she laughed as she touched the petals that were raining down around us. last spring we were at a nursery that had an orchard on site picking out plants and it really happened.
since then i had a dream that i was nursing a little girl with dark curls (not dd) on our bed and a little boy came in crying because the big boys (twins) wouldn't let him play too. in the dream i knew that his name was jeffrey and that dd was outside with dh taking care of the animals.
not sure if i'm ready for twin boys yet but sometimes i really want to hold my little boy. it all seems so crazy but it really felt so real.

raising and growing in the green mountains.chicken3.gif

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I haven't had quite the same experiences, but with both boys, there were things that I knew about them before they were born because of how their personalities affected me while I was pregnant. Both times, especially as I was further along, my mood and personality was really changed by the pregnancy, and in retrospect I realized that I took on some of the dominant personality traits of my children!

So for my first pregnancy I wanted things "just so", and if they weren't just right I'd get really upset. (Example, someone bought me a very decent but used pack and play, and I was upset because the smell was off and it wasn't the color I wanted.... usually stuff like that wouldn't bother me.) I was suddenly a much neater person (kept a cleaner house). I was also extra snuggly/cuddly. This is DS1 to a T! One of his well-known phrases around the house is "Mommy, my ---- is not just right", where ---- is anything that is not how he wants it... be it his socks, his hamburger bun, whatever! He is also the cuddler in the family, and HATES it when his hands or face are dirty.

For DS2, I was suddenly much more jovial. I would tease and joke with DH all the time. I also loved singing more than usual. And DS2 is the joker in the family. He's always laughing and telling jokes, and he's still only 2! And he's the musical one.

So I definitely feel it's possible to connect with your children before they are born.
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Oh I completely agree! I met my son 13 years before he was born--it was during college and his playful spirit connected with mine, giggling, and said he'd wait for me. Somehow I knew he'd be a blonde haired blue eyed boy. Sure enough, he is!
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Originally Posted by Mother Cake View Post

Me too. I don't have any real babies yet, but I've been sensing/talking to my spirit babies for years. I can often feel them all around me.

This is driving me crazy. I've had a spirit baby presence around me for over a year. I'm not even in a relationship and I don't have children.I didn't even know that this was happening to other people until I've started researching it. I don't know how to handle this could someone please give me some advice?
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Fun thread! DS3 is the baby of my dreams. The first time I saw him, I knew him was so happy to finally have him in my arms. I dreamed of DS3 way before I ever had kids and all of my pregnancy dreams (while pg with him) were of him. I think he was waiting to have big brothers smile.gif

DS2 and I have a very spiritual connection, right from conception. DS2 feels like a gift to me, I can't even describe it properly! We communicated during pregnancy and labour especially.

DH "met" DS1 before he was born. After DS1 was born, DH introduced him to me, like our baby was his old friend smile.gif They have a very cool relationship!
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Yes! When I was still in early pregnancy with my first, I had recurring dreams of a little girl telling me "it comes from the moon, not the sun" and she was born on the harvest moon. I knew it was a girl because of the dreams too. She also introduced herself in the dream as "adrona" (at lease that's how I remember it sounding) and her name is now "Aiyana" - very similar!!!


She was and still is a very communicative and gentle soul.


As for my second pregnancy, I knew it was a boy - and often felt the spirit with me even though it ended at 9 weeks.


I've pushed these "babies" away recently as they were weighing heavily on me and I felt a sense of urgency for a couple years - now that I made it clear I can't have another any time soon, the "presence" is definitely gone

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I have been taking a wonderful course called the One to One and in every session I go back to different steps of my life all the way back to the threshold. Here is where we mock up our entire lifetime. We choose our parents, our experiences, and our growth or evolution as spirit..or not! 


There are so many kinds of beings around us. Angels, guides, ghost, etc and baby beings are for real!! They buzz around us check us out, insist on coming through us. The experience can be exciting but man do baby beings have a way of screwing with you too!!


I felt my son start buzzing around me maybe 6 months before I got his dad on board for having a child. 3 months later I was pregnant. I knew the moment he was conceived. So glorious. We were pretty well connected through the pregnancy. I knew exactly how he looked and how great of a sense of humor he had! His laugh was loud!


I have known my daughter since I was child. 3 to be exact. I called her my imaginary friend back then not knowing I would one day be her Mama! I knew the moment I conceived again. I had wide open communication with her through out the pregnancy. I was not planning the pregnancy and I openly talked with her about wether or not we should go through with it. I was in pretty bad emotional shape for the first half and actually asked her to go. She insisted she had to be here with her bother. That they needed to be together! It was kind of freaky! I asked her once if she was so set on having a lifetime with him because she was coming to work some kharma out and was going to harm him! She told me no and that she was here for him. Right at 20 weeks I got very ill and started labor. I laid in the hospital bed and saw her sitting on the railing. I begged her to get back in and not leave now. She decided to stay for the time being but there were way too many times it seemed she had changed her mind. I stopped communicating with her because every time we did, she would just try to tell me she was leaving or she wasn't going to take her body. I was 2 weeks late with her and after having a facilitated conversation, she was able to communicate that she was afraid to come out because she thought I was angry with her. I was pretty angry in general the whole time but not at her. We were able to clear the air and the next day she came to be! The birth was amazing. We had so much fun together through out it. I was either laughing with her or having an orgasm! My son was also able to hear her often. He would say "Oh my God she won't stop laughing!" Or "Mama will you make her stop singing please?" The girl is still never quiet. She is always chanting something! My son was really in tune with her through out the birth. He would turn the jets on in the tub when there was a break in the contractions. He would look at my belly as if he was listening and watching her and hit the button and say "bubble time". Then he would get all protective all of sudden, turn the jets off, and put his hands on my belly for the contraction!! It was truly amazing. Its lasted beyond birth too. She wouldn't utter a sound and my son and I always knew what she wanted or if her answer was a yes or no. There was one time I was in class and started smelling her poo and sensing some stress. I called my friend who was watching her and heard her crying in the back ground. He was so happy I called. I told him she had a poopy diaper and she instantly stopped crying. Cool Cool stuff!

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I know this thread is a bit older but I joined this site just to add my own experience. I actually knew my best friend was pregnant two days before she did and I knew she was having a boy long before her ultrasound appointment to confirm the sex. In both cases I had very odd dreams that overall didn't make much sense, but when I woke up I felt this nagging feeling that the overall theme of the dream was something to pay attention to. He's now my godson and even though he's only a little over a year old, we have a pretty strong bond.


This little guy isn't the first I've seen either. Since November, I've been seeing my daughter all over the place. My boyfriend and I broke up for a short period due to trust and immaturity issues, and her appearance in both our dreams has actually been the reason we started talking again and have worked through a lot of our issues. I actually thought I was pregnant at first because I felt such a strong presence and I could see her in my mind's eye, and even after the negative test I was adamant it was wrong. He has a stronger bond to her too because he can connect to that level way better than I can, but I can see her face in that awake/asleep consciousness though I can't hear her voice. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who's experienced stuff like this. It makes me feel a little less crazy.

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There is a book entitled Soul Trek by Elizabeth Hallett.

The book is about this very subject.

Amazon Amazon
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