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thelocknestmother's Avatar thelocknestmother 05:41 PM 06-27-2010
This might ramble a bit so please be patient with me...My DH and I are new to Buddhism. The Sangha in town is not child friendly, and so only DH goes. I have been working on Buddhism through reading and meditation...I liked the two books on Buddhism and mothering that I read...but I am looking for more on how to be a Buddhist family. Our children are 3 years and 3 months. What does a typical day in your household look like? What blessings do you do at mealtime? For the baby...do you do any sort of initiation (like Baptism for Christianity)? Any other thoughts are welcome, too. Thanks!!

thelocknestmother's Avatar thelocknestmother 05:41 PM 08-16-2010
accountclosed3's Avatar accountclosed3 08:34 PM 08-16-2010
same issue here. a lot of the buddhists in our local communities (we have a lot of different flavors of buddhist here) are families, but the sessions are not family friendly at all.

so, i'm actually starting my own thing.

we own a holistic health center, so i have the space. we'll have an hour and a half "thing" where for the first 5-10 minutes, the children are with us for the beginning of meditation, and then they go to a separate room where they are taught buddhist stories (or fables of various kinds, etc), have toys for open ended play and perhaps some simple crafting supplies. parents will rotate as to who is in the room with the kids (perhaps two parents at a time) week to week.

after a 45 minute meditation, i thought we would have a discussion on a buddhist topic, so that we can just have some time to study together. following that, we would have a brief refreshment time, where the kids would join us.

it would also allow us to create seasonal festivals, too.
kangamitroo's Avatar kangamitroo 05:43 PM 08-17-2010
zoebird, it sounds like that will be a helpful approach for your family. i'm happy for you that you have the space and are developing community. i've been meaning to PM for an update from you, but there it is.
accountclosed3's Avatar accountclosed3 09:11 PM 08-17-2010
yeah, it's just getting it done that makes it tough. i have hte idea, i just need the time to execute on it. LOL