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Hello all!

Recently a post came up at Jezebel and the comments section has just evolved into everyone sharing their ghostly and unexplainable personal experiences. The post is located here, if you'd like to read some to get in the "spirit" of things
My main experiences have been less "concrete" and more about a general "feeling", if that makes sense. My mother has a few and I'm planning on sharing hers after I speak with her this afternoon. I guess I would say my most intense experiences have been as follows:
A few years ago, my husband (then boyfriend) and I took a road trip across country from the midwest to the pacific northwest. On our way back, we decided to visit the site of Custer's battle, since it was fairly on our way. We picked up a brochure as the entrance, and on the drive our to the battle site, I read the brochure and realized it was within just few days of the event however many years prior. It was hot. Sweltering. Hideously oppressive. I could hardly bear to exit the vehicle. I just sensed this strong, STRONG presence of anger, menacing, threatening. It was extremely awful. I got back in the car and we got out of there without much more ado.

Later that day, as we drove by Mt. Rushmore, a strong storm built. Mountain goats and deer crossed our path on the mountain as they were trying to take shelter for the building storm. As we came down the mountain, a large bull buffalo stood in our path. We stopped the car. It looked at us. We looked at it. it slowly moved out of the center of the road to our lane, and we slowly went around it. It was on my side of the car and our eyes locked as we passed. All of the campsites were full, so we kept driving. It was evening and the storm finally came. It was pretty intense, driving through that storm, we came upon a town, Pine Ridge, and noticed the water was flooding over the road. My husband forged through it (bad idea, I know) and we tried to keep going, but it was so dark and stormy we couldn't see where we were going. I was freaking out. We drove up to this intersection and I realized we had driven into road construction, but it was so floody that the cones were floating and had been blown everywhere. I made my husband turn around, RIGHT THEN! Pull over to the side of the road and that was it for the night, I couldn't take any more.

The next morning we woke to clear weather. We realized we were on an indian reservation and we'd parked in a parking lot. We went back to the intersection and realized we had been close to driving right into a huge hole from the construction. We headed on our way and realized we were only a few miles from the Wounded Knee site, so we stopped there. it was dawn, and slightly foggy. There was one other traveller there, who had coincidentally came from the same part, the same small highway, that we had came from in the Pacific Northwest. The traveller went off toward the creek bed and my husband and I went to pay our respects to the gravesite. The sense there was much different. A sense of quiet sadness. Like a child you don't want to leave. Not anger or threatening sensations like before. Anyway, we paid our respects and were eventually on our way.

The most recent one is shorter, and it happened just a few months ago. My husband, toddler and I went to visit a town nearby. We walked all over the downtown area and kept being urged to visit the newly renovated historic courthouse. Apparently the jail had been a working jail until sometime in the seventies or eighties. Eventually we made our way to the courthouse. It was very tall with a big winding staircase. We climbed the staircase, exploring each level and, finally, found the jail. There's not much to the story, just that it was quite a foreboding place. I was very hesitant about entering. The energy was strong. I did enter the mail area, where the tables were, but I did NOT got back to the cells... *shudder*. The entire room was covered in graffiti, dates, names... Some pictures and more information is available here if you are interested.
Does anyone care to share their own supernatural, ghostly experiences? Tis the season!

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Story my best friend from college told me ... he and his wife had the experience.

A couple of years ago, cbf's wife decided that she wanted to check out the Farnsworth House Inn, in Gettysburg - named "One of the Most Haunted Inns in America" by the Travel Channel. They made reservations to stay there, right at the inn, and signed up for the nighttime candlelight tour, which includes the attic as well and the cellar. Their guide for the attic tour was a young girl of about twenty, and they said she seemed terribly nervous though she'd been working there for some time. She brought them up to the attic, where most of the tour participants were seated on a bench at one end of the room. CBF & his wife were near one end of the bench, and three "ghosthunters" with their equipment were sitting on the floor just in front of them.

The guide began to explain the bloody, cruel Civil War battles in vivid detail - noting that most who died were very young boys/men, that they fought in the July heat/humidity, and that disposal of the dead/decomposing bodies was a real problem. Many who were shot in battle simply "stay where they lay" - in trees, along roadsides, etc. The attic of the Farnsworth was a sniper nest - the low wide rectangular opening is still there, though now covered by glass. If a sniper was wounded or killed during an exchange of fire, he was dragged to a corner of the room, and the next in line took his place.

Supposedly, the attic at the Farnsworth is haunted by the spirit of a young Union soldier who had an intense dislike of women. His name is not spoken aloud - the guide nervously explained that the one time she dared intone the name, she had inexplicably gone flying headfirst into the nearest attic crossbeam. She continued to tell this young man's story, but cbf said she was definitely uncomfortable and looked anxious.

Suddenly, all of the ghosthunters' equipment started going off. And at that same moment, cbf saw his wife go sailing across the four people on her right (he was on her left), and land headfirst on the floor in front of the tour guide - who insisted that the group leave the attic IMMEDIATELY. CBF saw the bottoms of his wife's shoes, she was lifted so forcefully. His wife, in her "wtf" moment that followed, of course assumed that cbf had pushed her just to scare everyone, but when the tour guide freaked she thought better of it - besides, once she got her bearings she realized that he would not have had the leverage to toss her like that. She could feel the spot in the middle of her back, where she'd been violently shoved from behind.

The tour guide - muttering "I HATE my job, I HATE my job" - herded them out of there. Then they met up with the guide (an older man) who was going to take them into the cellar. CBF was ready to call it a night, but his wife still wanted to go. s They sat in a group of folding chairs in the cellar, for more war horror stories. This, of course, was where the corpses from the attic ended up prior to burial - which often didn't happen right away. After a brief consultation with them regarding the hijinks in the attic, the guide advised CBF's wife to stand near the stairs so that she could easily make a hasty exit if she felt the need to do so.

In the background, while the guide was speaking, they could hear the sound of someone kicking one of the metal chairs. The guide asked that whomever was making the noise please stop, since it was disruptive. When the group insisted that the noise was coming from behind the back row of chairs, the tour guide said in a firm voice, "Jeremy, you stop that right now!" - and the noise immedaitely ceased. The guide then told them about the spirit "Jeremy" - a five year old boy who was a collateral casualty of the Battle of Gettysburg - who seems to inhabit the Farnsworth's cellar, creating mischief.

At that point, cbf's wife said that she just had this awful feeling wash over her, and she knew that she needed to leave.

Obviously, she decided that she couldn't actually spend the night there. So they grabbed their things and went to the nearby Holiday Inn. Since it was about 10:30 PM, and they were probably looking pretty , the desk manager chuckled and said, "Let me guess - you just did the Farnsworth tour?" Apparently, they keep a bank of rooms free just for the people who do the tour and then decide that they can't stay there, after all.

So, then cbf & his wife actually went back to the bar at the Farnsworth (because they REALLY needed a drink by this time), which was full of people & abuzz with the story of what had happened earlier in the attic. The paranormal guys couldn't wait to share their audio feed with my friends - for, at the precise time Annie was pushed, they had picked up a male voice exclaiming either "No!" or "Go!". They also heard, from various employees, other supernatural tales from the inn. The most haunted room is said to be the one just below the attic (big surprise there) - supposedly the spirit of a woman (a war widow?) haunts that particular room, and there is always noise overhead when the attic is supposed to be empty.

When they finally retired to the HI for the night, cbf's wife asked him if she had a mark on her back, as it felt bruised and tender.

He finally admitted, several months later, that she had a visible handprint in the middle of her back. He knew that she was WAY too freaked out to hear it, then. In fact, she couldn't even be in the same room whenever he told this story, for a long time.


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