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carfreemama's Avatar carfreemama 06:18 AM 01-21-2011

Hi All:


I am all excited about both of the above events! This year, I really want to celebrate Groundhog Day. I live in Nova Scotia and we have Schubenacadie Sam, complete with a wildlife tour and guided snowshoeing trails. I LOVE groundhogs! Then I saw in my witches' calendar that Imbolc is on the same day. I would really like to celebrate as many Pagan holidays as possible this year, but I am very inexperienced.


I plan to hold an Imbolc festival/ritual at our home on February 2nd. Does anybody have any experience with this? Ideas? Any way to weave the two themes together? Honestly, I'd like to turn this particular day into our big feast/holiday hosting at our house.

rhianna813's Avatar rhianna813 03:33 PM 01-24-2011

Hi CarFreeMama,


Check out our current thread here:


Lots of Imbolc ideas and how it relates to ground hogs day. I am posting these Family Circle threads for each holiday (there are 8) through the Wheel of the Year.



carfreemama's Avatar carfreemama 07:21 AM 01-25-2011

Thank you, thank you! This is where I belong!!!