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ElliesMomma's Avatar ElliesMomma 10:54 PM 03-10-2011

anyone baptized at an age when you can truly "decide for yourself"?

Purple Sage's Avatar Purple Sage 06:19 AM 03-11-2011

That's wonderful!  I'm going to be baptized as an adult into the Orthodox Church, God willing, when my priest determines it's the right time.  I'm so looking forward to it!  I'm 35, and my parents are not religious and did not have me or any of my siblings baptized as infants.  When is your baptism going to be?

ChristyMarie's Avatar ChristyMarie 06:37 AM 03-11-2011

I also grew up without much religion in the home.  I was baptized with DS.  It was a very special day.  Best wishes to you!

Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 07:14 PM 03-11-2011

I'm going to be baptized and confirmed this year, as is dh.  I'm in my 40s and dh is in his 50's. I was basically raised secular Christian but non religious. IE we celebrated Christmas with Santa and Easter with the Easter Bunny. DH was raised Jewish.

springmama's Avatar springmama 05:12 PM 03-13-2011

I was baptized and confirmed at age 27.

maxwill129's Avatar maxwill129 12:46 PM 04-02-2011

I'm 33 and was just baptised 6 years ago (with my DH, who was baptised as an infant but wanted to be rebaptised as a believer).

NicaG's Avatar NicaG 09:02 PM 04-04-2011
I was raised in a non-religious household and was baptized into the Episcopal Church when I was 27....was that really 10 years ago now? The days are long but the years are short.
yummus's Avatar yummus 09:23 PM 04-04-2011

My DD and I were baptized together; I had just turned 29 the day before and it was her 3 month old 'birthday'. joy.gif

umsami's Avatar umsami 07:46 AM 04-05-2011
I had been baptized as an infant, but later was baptized as an adult in my 20s. Meant a lot more, obviously. I think there's a lot to be said for being baptized as an adult (not just 10-12).

The baptisms were completely different, though. When I was an infant, it was a sprinkling of water on my forehead. As an adult, it was a full immersion baptism. The church I attended had special changing rooms....and white baptismal robes which were weighted at the bottom. (Lined too... not see through.) They had this sort of jacuzzi tub type thing... and the pastor was already in the water.... there were steps one either side... and you waded in and then were baptised. (Nicely heated pool, too.)
cappuccinosmom's Avatar cappuccinosmom 07:56 AM 04-05-2011

It's the norm for our family.


My parents were baptized as infants, then rebaptized when they joined the Mennonite church in their 30's, then baptized again because it was required by the cult they joined, then finally chrismated when they left the cult and joined the Catholic church. lol


I was baptized as an infant but then rebaptized when I joined the Mennonite church at 17.  I think twice is enough, really.


Dh was baptized in his late 20's.  He waited longer than normal for his church (usually they join in their teens) because he was hopeful for an opportunity to go to Israel and be baptized in the Jordan river.  Never panned out, so he finally went ahead and got baptized in his church.

mar123's Avatar mar123 02:44 PM 05-05-2011

I didn't know I wasn't baptized until I went to marry my Catholic husband in the Church and asked my mom for my baptism certificate. I was baptized, received first communion and confirmed at Easter vigil mass a few years ago. At that time I was teaching 8th grade at a Catholic grammar school. I was about 33. My students told me how smart it was to be baptized as an adult, "because, gosh, Mrs. **, what bad are you going to do now that you are OLD!". That was SOO funny- they think the world stops once you hit 30 and you become pious and perfect. (They were so sweet- making me a card and buying me my first rosary)