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Momma Moo Martin's Avatar Momma Moo Martin 10:45 AM 03-16-2011

Years ago, I had a very traumatizing menarche. I have now decided to "reclaim" my menarche during the next few days when I start to bleed as a way to heal myself.  I am going to do what I wish would have been done for me when I initially started to bleed including having a ceremony. I do not really have other women who will be participating in the ceremony with me but I think that hearing congratulatory remarks, guidance, stories, etc. from women would have been a big part of my ideal experience.  This is where the awesome women of MDC come in!  If you feel called to participate, you can reply to this thread with what you would say to a young girl crossing the threshold into womanhood during her Menarche Ceremony.  I will have my husband print out the responses so I don't see them and I will read them for the first time during the ceremony I am having for myself.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this works.  Thank so much in advance for participating!  This is the first time in my life that I am truly excited to start bleeding. :D


Lots of Love to you all. 

doubledutch's Avatar doubledutch 03:31 PM 03-16-2011

(i had to think about this and come back.  i'm not sure what i'd say to a girl experiencing this now, as it would depend on the girl, so i had to think about what i wish someone had said to me - my experience sucked!)


i won't tell you not to be sad.  i hope you have had a childhood worthy of a little sadness at its ending.  most beginnings are also endings, and they are bittersweet.  no matter how much we look forward to the "new," letting go of the "old" is sad.  just know that there is also much to be glad about - many good things in store for you.


i won't tell you not to be scared.  womanhood, fertility and sexuality are powerful, and therefore somewhat scary - but they become less scary when approached with respect and care, and since these are aspects of you, that translates to self-respect and self-care.


find your circle of wise women - the ones you can trust with your story and with your questions, the ones you walk away from feeling supported, loved and uplifted - and when all else fails, find that wisdom within yourself.


throughout your years of fertility, you can use this time of release to let go of the hurts that accumulate, the plans that don't pan out, and anything else that isn't quite working for you.  make room for new blessings to come into your life.  it's an ending and a beginning, a chance to start over . . . over and over!



Momma Moo Martin's Avatar Momma Moo Martin 02:40 PM 03-18-2011

Thanks so much, doubledutch!  You ARE a super awesome cool lady!!!  I had my ceremony last night and got to read what you said.  It was very beautiful.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  Lots of Love to you and yours.  joy.gif

seashells's Avatar seashells 02:48 PM 03-18-2011

Oh, I'm sorry I didn't see this in time for your ceremony. I'm glad it went well.


Double Dutch wrote such an awesome post.

doubledutch's Avatar doubledutch 10:55 AM 03-21-2011

yay!  it was a blessing to be asked to think about this and say something, because i don't have a daughter of my own to say these things to someday.  i hope you felt loved, and can i say that your dh is an awesome man for doing this with you?!  a super awesome cool man, even.