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Spirituality > Help me figure out what church to go to. Not sure even of my religion.
Koalamom's Avatar Koalamom 07:30 AM 07-20-2011
Originally Posted by nicolelynn View Post

And I am jealous, I would love to attend a Quaker meeting. That would probably be the closest fit for me as well. The nearest is I think about 1.5 hrs away, too much...especially while in process to welcome 3 little children into our home/family. Hope you have a blessed time Koalamom!

Congrats Nicole!!!!!

Koalamom's Avatar Koalamom 07:33 AM 07-20-2011
I am really wanting to try a Quaker meeting (and a Buddhist mtg too)!
nicolelynn 10:17 PM 08-13-2011
Thanks for the congrats, the kids moved in almost 2 weeks ago. It has been very difficult but more than worth least I know I will survive now hehe =).

Though I love the people at our home fellowship I am acutely aware of not trapping my kids in white culture. I found a small episcopal church in the area that is multi-ethnic (including a black priest) and liberal....a rare combination around here. Hoping to visit soon with the kids.

How about you, have you got to any other services/meetings/fellowships?
Koalamom's Avatar Koalamom 07:53 AM 08-15-2011
Yipee Nicole!!! Great news!!! I would love to know more. Are you talking about it in another thread? (I don't get around much here so sorry if I am missing something.)

Still haven't checked out any new churches. I am on a spiritual quest and going with the flow of it. When sundays come around, I think about going to a new church and I just don't feel a pull for it. Most of my life church was made stressful so I am not going to go into it like that any more. With the nice weather all the time, I have been doing alot of my worship alone outside in the woods or my peaceful herb garden.
nicolelynn 10:54 PM 08-18-2011
That's awesome as well!

I barely have time for the computer any more so I haven't posted much more in other threads. Hmm, what part of our story would you like to know, there is so much haha. In a nutshell we felt led to foster-adopt rather than have biological children and started the process a year ago. Took months of classes, licensing, etc. Met the kids 6/16, had visits for several weeks and they moved in 8/1. 4 yr old girl and 3 and 2 yr old boys, full siblings, African American. We are fostering them for now, parental rights may be terminated the end of the year so there is a chance we will adopt them, though a grandmother is trying a third time to be approved. We are just here to help and love them weather they stay 2 weeks or forever. Been difficult with the 3 yr old acting out (hitting A LOT), but they are already attached to us and calling me Mommy, so there is lots of good stuff as well =).
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