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 I aways have this kind of problem. I could really use peoples thoughts.


Here are the two recent examples-


I have been praying for more money, more work for DH etc. We are really hurting financially.




1) The other day I was walking with DD in stroller, after a rain, on a narrow sidewalk next to the street. I see money (like $12!) in a puddle at the very end of a driveway, on the street side of the sidewalk. I hesitated then decided NOT to pick the money up. I told myself it was unsafe, someone else's, wet and dirty. WAS that money from God? Am I refusing a gift?


2) a few weeks later...a while ago I put out a local query to see if anyone would want me and DD (2 yr old) to babysit. The ohter day some one said "yes" HOWEVER, it is early in the morning (earlier than we are usually able to get out), it would be 1/2 hour or more drive it would be three boys between age 2 and 4. It would be a total of about 5 hours over two mornings. I feel like I SHOULD do it. LIke it is God offering again. BUT OMG it would be really really hard. My DD is enough to handle by her self, at home...


What would you do? Am I refusing gifts? Is that how things work?



On another note last Sept we were really struggling to find a place to live.There was NO where for us. Then thru real serendipidy we got one. We said yes right away. But we can't really afford it. Any other place would have still been $$ but not quite so much. AND right about when we moved in DH lost one of his jobs, the good one with insurance. Should we have questioned THAT offer? I had really been working on surrendering it to God. It worked out so amazing (DH worked with the owner, and other positive things)


thank you for any insight...

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Here's my thoughts.....  God will always provide for his children.   Sometimes in ways we don't and can't understand.  

Was the $12 on the street meant for you?  I can't say.  The offer of babysitting, was that Him giving you an oportnity?   I think possibly!!  When you pray for things, they don't just come at you.  kwim?   If you are praying for a job/money.  Chances are that your dream job with dream benefits isn't going to just land in your lap.   There could be another reason God is asking you help care for this child.   As an example, a few years back I was in the same boat.   I had lost my job and I was the bread winner.  I carried the insurance, made better $$...etc.   It was super rough and really tight money wise for a while.   Then one day I'm with DS at the park and get to talking to another mom who had a dd the same age.  Well, just when I thought we were about to lose it all, she calls me and asks me to babysit her DD full time.   I jumped on it.  Now, I did have problems with these people paying me...etc and I do believe the dd was on the spectrum and had other issues, IMO she was a bit neglected.   She loved coming to my house and she called me Mommy Jenni.   How many times I wanted to quit....DH told me there's a reason she is here.   Don't you think you are doing good things for her?   I didn't WANT to babysit another a kid, then I ended up 6 kids in my tiny duplex.   I had my own and then later in the time I watched her I got pg w/ODD, then my mom was dx with cancer.   Yeah it was stressful.  But you kind of have to take that leap of faith and do what your heart is saying.   If your heart is talking, chances are it's God.

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Yes, that's how things work!

"Isn't life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?" - Andy Warhol
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I don't know about the $12, but you said you were praying for work, and work has been offered to you. I know that when I am looking to God for something it doesn't always come in the way I expect. Sometimes I have to give up minor comforts, sometimes major ones. Sometimes I have to give up more than just comforts. But I have found that God never gives us something if we aren't able to sacrifice a little and trust Him through it.


My guess, based on my experiences, is that if you take the childcare job you will probably see reasons God wants you spending time with these boys, and that you will maybe spend your other time more wisely/value one on one time with your dd more. Among other blessings.

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While not specifically christian or anything, i often feel that things are gifts.


The $12 is iffy to me, i would probably have walked it up to the person's house if it was a neighborhood, but if it was just on the street -- yeah, i pick up 'found' money all the time. Ironically, usually when I pray for money, I find it in my pocket (something I didn't know was there).


As for the job, even when it is hard -- if I need it, I take it.


Right now, we are in a bit of a tight spot, but every day more work is coming *my* way and not DH's. DH is looking for work (he also works for/with us on the business), and he has a promise from a friend, but that just isn't coing through that quickly. He then put in through another friend, and while they have overflow for him, they still haven't given him any yet. But, day after day, I keep getting more opportunities and our business is growing (eg, I have three new private clients, i shared a voucher deal with a new practitioner at our business and sold 4-5 of them, so i have the potential of having several new clients there; i had a teacher commit to three new classes, start, and then quit -- so now i'm teaching them.).


It's all working out, even though it is harder on me. and DH's work will come through soon, i'm sure. But when and how, I don't know. But it's all good.


I would take the job. Two days  a week isn't bad!


Also, tip: create a strong routine for everyone and make sure you get outside (to a park or even in the back yard) for at least an hour (two if you can) each day. CHeck out rhythms via waldorf -- when to have active and passive times -- it's *immensely* helpful.


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