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joanna0707's Avatar joanna0707 10:16 AM 11-20-2011

For the past couple days I have been feeling very strong pressure in my third eye area, yesterday during meditation I clearly saw an eye, an intuitive told me my third eye is about to open. Did any of you experience that? How did it feel? What changed after it happened? Please share your experiences, I'd like to know what to expect .

Tracy's Avatar Tracy 08:14 AM 11-25-2011

I'm not surprised to see your post.   Astrologer in the house.  We have a lot of big ol' aspects coming up in 2012.  (And no,  I'm not talking about the end of the world mayan calendar stuff.)


we're building towards a lot of stuff and i can see how third eyes would be opening.  Intuition is going up high.     Dreams are also going into hyperdrive.  


see the kind of promptings you get in the next month. 




Wolfcat's Avatar Wolfcat 11:15 AM 11-26-2011

Expect anything. Some things I have experienced or heard that others' had experienced:

  • illness
  • "hallucinations" (ie, seeing stuff not of this reality)
  • mood swings
  • headaches
  • pain
  • euphoria
  • tics, twitches, etc.
  • "growing pains"


The best way to deal is to stick to your normal routine as much as possible. Limit contact with people who are stressful or strangers. Eat healthy, lots of fluids. Learn to adapt to whatever new thing is coming your way. Try not to travel. You will be having "new experiences" right in your own home, so compounding that with travel stress will only make it more uncomfortable.


Enjoy! A whole new world is about to open up to you. LOVE IT! :D


I think Merc is going retrograde again, too.

joanna0707's Avatar joanna0707 01:35 PM 11-26-2011

Originally Posted by Wolfcat View Post


Enjoy! A whole new world is about to open up to you. LOVE IT! :D


I know,I can't wait :)


Thanks for the advice!

Koalamom's Avatar Koalamom 06:29 AM 11-29-2011
So happy about this change for you!! I have been developing my third eye or my intuition alot lately. It is really amazing. I have been seeing stuff that I can't normally see with my physical eyes. It is like all of my senses are wrapped up into one but with more senses that I can't even describe. One thing that has been helpful for me only journey is to realize that I am a feeler. So when tapping into my third eye, I first start by saying, what do I feel about this.
canadianhippie's Avatar canadianhippie 08:29 PM 11-29-2011

oh my tell me more! ive only just heard of it, i could research it but i rather ask mama's who experience it, please enlighten me!

EarthRootsStarSoul's Avatar EarthRootsStarSoul 03:13 PM 12-02-2011

This is also interesting to me.  I have a chicken pox scar between and slightly above my eyebrows.  It's a deep white circle about the size of a pencil eraser.  Sometimes I feel it 'pucker'.  It doesn't hurt.

Wolfcat's Avatar Wolfcat 08:43 PM 12-02-2011

The third eye, also known as the purple chakra, is a metaphorical description of the psychic or sixth sense.


The sixth sense can manifest in different ways; not just from person to person, but also from experience to experience. For example, I see past lives as visions - snippets of the past-life - with knowledge of the "story" along with it; like watching a scene from a movie I'd seen years ago. However, when doing psychic health diagnostics, it comes to me as a smell, but I know what the smell is, even if I don't ever remember experiencing it.


Another common situation is an increase in picking up stray stuff - thoughts, images, memories, feelings. It is difficult to distinguish others' things from your own. Experience and practice will develop this skill. Also, learning to block will be helpful.


The thing about sixth sense is that there is no way to verify the experience, and the only way to differentiate it from "imagination" is the feeling or faith you have in it. You literally have to constantly monitor yourself and evaluate if what you are experiencing is really a psychic experience, really yours, really something that needs to be seen/felt/experienced.


It can take days, months or years to learn how to deal with everything; and the learning experience is different for everyone. There is simply no way to summarize a guide for the transition, though experience can provide enough information to deal with most situations.

mammal_mama's Avatar mammal_mama 06:52 AM 12-03-2011

I'm excited to see this thread! I'm still fairly new to Yoga/meditation so I'm eager to learn all I can.

Wolfcat's Avatar Wolfcat 07:19 PM 12-04-2011

So, I made this weeks podcast about this topic. I ended up including a guided meditation on it. Thanks for the idea!

joanna0707's Avatar joanna0707 09:35 PM 12-09-2011

Wolfcat, where can I find the podcast?

Wolfcat's Avatar Wolfcat 07:58 PM 12-12-2011

The podcast link in my signature will take you to the main page. If you scroll down, you'll see an episode called "Third Eye Awakening".

canadianhippie's Avatar canadianhippie 08:38 PM 12-12-2011

aw thank you so much redface.gif  fascinating 

Dia's Avatar Dia 10:51 PM 12-12-2011

Hey Wolfcat, I just wanted to tell you I listened to your podcast on this subject. Great stuff - thank you!

Wolfcat's Avatar Wolfcat 08:02 PM 12-13-2011

Originally Posted by Dia View Post

Hey Wolfcat, I just wanted to tell you I listened to your podcast on this subject. Great stuff - thank you!

Thanks! I'm so glad to hear when people like what we're doing there. :D