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Hi lovies!


I don't even know where to begin replying!  I have been doing this 40 day yoga journey thing with yoga and meditation and journaling.  It's been really cool and eye opening but also super draining of any free time to come on here and interact.  I have been keeping up, though, just haven't had time to respond... 


First things first... WOLFCAT!!! WEEEEEE!!!:joy AaaaahhhhhHHH!!!  I love the happy ending to your sad tears and negative feelings.  I am so glad for you that you put them out there honestly and love that your DH was so receptive and open with his feelings, too.  Good, good, good things, mama.  And your sexy outfit and hot dinner and lovin!  aiyiyi!!  LOVE IT!! I am so happy for you!!! :stillheart


Okay, revolting, is it wild that right after you wrote that your stresses were keeping you awake at night your Grandma came to you in a dream??  Did you feel any less stressed or more at peace after her visit? Thank you for the beautiful poem for the Esbat, too.  


treslo: I hope the last week and a half has been less stressful for you.  :heartbeat  It was a doozy of a week - I freaking sobbed under the full moon there was so much of it over here.  Luckily, that seemed to get it out and turn things around.  I suppose tears can be magical and healing.  


Hi Johanna! wave.gif  Congrats on your pregnancy!  I will keep you in my thoughts.  Like many, I don't follow a specific tradition either I take what is best for me from different teachers and traditions and blend it into what makes sense for me and my family.  Celebrating the Great Mother was the first book I had and I love it.  


maia, how are you?  how is your first winter up north in some time feeling?  



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Originally Posted by vydalea View Post
maia, how are you?  how is your first winter up north in some time feeling?  




It's not bad. It's bloody cold, but it's not the cold so much as the bundling up that I'm not used to, and having to remember to warm up my car before I go out, and stuff like that. I don't have storm windows in a couple of my windows-- only a screen-- and that is freezing. Next year I'm gonna have to remember to get plastic. I don't want to have to not see outside, but I have had crazy gas bills this winter and I need to reduce that.

Thanks for asking!


M and I are still sometimes working out the kinks of me living here and not in NC. He still can't seem to wrap his mind around not having to "live together on the phone" anymore. It drives me nuts; I do not want to sit silently on the phone sometimes, like we used to, going about our different lives. He'll do that-- not talk to me, but want to be with me, on the phone. Um, no; I am SO DONE with that. Talk to me or make plans, but no more silence!


DS is going to be THIRTEEN on Friday. How did I end up with a teen? Holy cow.

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New Moon blessings, mamas! Here's the link for the Snow Moon:

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