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3lilchunklins's Avatar 3lilchunklins 06:48 PM 03-21-2014
Its good to be back! LO dunked my phone in my coffee earlier this week, hence my absence.
Well the whole confusing situation finally came to a head. We ended up leaving the church we were at. And were starting our own church. DH just told me at the last encounter someone prophesied over him that he's going to start his own church and someone else prophesied that he would be getting promoted, which didn't make sense because he owns his own business but apparently he wasn't talking about a physical promotion but a spiritual one.

Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 05:02 AM 03-22-2014

:joy So happy to see you!!! Please tell us about the new church

coolshine.gif sunny & warm today :1praying need a good weekend

Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 05:19 AM 03-22-2014
3lilchunklins's Avatar 3lilchunklins 08:47 AM 03-22-2014
Well we had our 1st church planting meeting last night, it went very well! For now we will have to meet in homes until getting a building becomes feasible. Including me & DH there is 7 of us. (There was only about 12-15 at our old church so about half stayed and half came with us) I'm excited to see the Lord work this out for our good. At the old church it was so so very tight knit, and wwe truly were a family. I never in a million years would have imagined that such division would come into our group! It is SO heart breaking. IDK how it came to this. I feel like we got blind-sided. But it had a lot of valuable lessons. And we know who are real friends are..

So far we have DH as pastor and youth leader. One deacon who is going to lead worship. A leader for the yonger youth. A intercession team, an outreach team, and I will lead the ladies group. We're brainstorming on a name, DH likes the Father's house, and there were a few other suggestions- Acts 2 church, cornerstone ministries . Its going to be exciting!
Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 10:16 AM 03-22-2014

Wow! Keep us posted. In the 80's their was a music group called the "second chapter of Acts" I don't even remember what they sounded like. LOL


I did go to one church just like yours. It was just brand new and so exciting. I will pray the Lord's blessing on your DH and you. It is a big big thing leading a church!


Have you looked into the House church movement? That might be just what you are going for...


my 2 year old is all over me..sorry for mistakes

Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 10:25 AM 03-22-2014

or is house church?

3lilchunklins's Avatar 3lilchunklins 10:41 AM 03-22-2014
I'll have to check it out. wink1.gif
Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 03:02 PM 03-22-2014


Here something to look at. If I were to start a church it would be like this. I don't see things the way most people see take it or leave it.

3lilchunklins's Avatar 3lilchunklins 07:54 PM 03-22-2014
I was confused when I looked at that link, it was just trying to sell books...?

How are you holding up Naz?
Is your situation improving at all Apeydef?
Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 05:53 AM 03-23-2014

Sorry, he writes about the house church and the history of the early church. I was showing you the link because it is the books that I read. I'm sure that you can find other book, web sites and stuff. Sorry I should of said that.

3lilchunklins's Avatar 3lilchunklins 07:24 AM 03-23-2014
Ok gotcha! I did google house church movement, and I really like the idea but the 7 of us would have to vote.
This whole starting a church thing is so bittersweet. Like, its really exciting, but at the same time, I'm very sad over even having to start one kwim?
Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 10:00 AM 03-23-2014
Originally Posted by 3LilChunklins View Post

 I'm very sad over even having to start one kwim?

:Hug church splits are never easy. Leaving people that you have put love and care into. The Joy and sadness that was shared. A small church makes harder. (any church is not easy) Was it a disagreement between your husband and the other pastor? (you do not have answer that!!!) It must be hard on the kids.


I'm praying that the Lord will give you strength, wisdom and care in this time.


If want to "talk" I have an ear for you.

3lilchunklins's Avatar 3lilchunklins 12:47 PM 03-23-2014
Well I'm really confused as to *why* this all happened.It was an innocent situation that the other pastor blew way out of proportion. It was over work, but not money, just like the work environment. So the other pastor called us to this meeting and had ppl write letters to DH over how the situation made them feel and attacked him and he was not allowed to speak or respond. So that was really unfair. But he also said that we supposed to be Spirit led but then we have to have his permission to minister to ppl. Abd he said we are not to question him or what he says. So that was the last straw!
Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 02:06 PM 03-23-2014

That is just not right. The whole letter thing is just out of line! So sad.



3lilchunklins's Avatar 3lilchunklins 03:31 PM 03-23-2014
Well the funny part about the letters is, he claims the Lord instructed them to write letters, but he didn't have to, only others. Then, only 3 ppl actually did write letters, only one of which pointed his finger at DH. The other 2 talked about how heart broken they were that DH and the other pastor have been having issues. He told them they wrote their letters wrong! How can anyone tell you that your feelings are wrong?? Then he called them disobedient and blamed them for this so called meeting going "wrong".
The whole thing is just a mess! I guess it's all been a good learning experience though.
Had our first official service today, it went really really well. Thank you for all the prayers, we surely need them!
Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 06:51 PM 03-23-2014

I have seen so many wrong things in my 36 years in the church. :(


I have even thought about starting my own church. I did alot of research and even went to a conference. (It was very strange and I left.) Anyway, I know a few men/women that would make great elders. Making for a great start. But then I just let it go. Not sure if it might not burn inside of my again. I believe that the gathering together of believers is the church. NOT all the stuff that we as people have put on it.


OK! I will be quiet now. Sorry that I have so much to say. This is something that i really think is so misunderstood and sadly missing. JESUS NOW. Bring Him back as the Head of our church.


OH! please pray for me. The devotion is coming up. I want to do my best for the Lord. I am going to talk about worship. Still looking at the life of Mary and her putting the oil on Jesus feet.

Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 10:48 AM 03-24-2014

So happy for a new week. Last night I had a long talk with my DH. It did not go very well. NOT sure why he will not listen. So I need a plan.

Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 11:12 AM 03-24-2014

How is everyone????

Chunk- How are you feeling? Sleep?

3lilchunklins's Avatar 3lilchunklins 12:25 PM 03-24-2014
I'm feeling good, can't complain. My pants are *starting* to get tight, morning sickness comes and goes, still not overly tired yet but I started taking a benadryl before bed and that does help. I having a serious aversion to pizza right now, which I hope means its a girl, the only other pregnancy that I had food aversions with was my 1 and only DD.

Hmm about your DH... I have no idea the circumstances but when someone refuses to listen or take responsibility it's usually because they think that they are right, which stems from a prideful spirit. And calling someone out on pride rarely ever works, it usually back fires. Only God can convict someone of pride and cause change. IDK why this just popped into my head but maybe try prayer and fasting. I will keep you lifted up.
Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 01:11 PM 03-24-2014

Pizza- All I wanted was pizza with #1 :eat Then all other pegs NOTHING?? It is funny how the whole thing works.


DH- Oh yes! He is right all the time! LOL The sad part is that if he would just listen things could be cleared up fast...Now, I just don't know. I will fast and pray. Thanks


Plans for the week? I am looking into something to make some extra money. I will see how this works out. Also I NEED to sit down and write out the devotion. Not sure why I have not done that yet. ;) Crazy how time flies.

Steph Anie's Avatar Steph Anie 07:08 PM 03-24-2014

Oh, that sounds painful and exciting 3Lil. I hate church splits (went through one in high school). And just last year was in a church situation that was pretty bad. Evidently I (as a single mother at the time) was 'not being submissive enough to leadership', yet I had asked multiple times to talk to the pastor & his wife about what they believed on certain (nonessential) issues but was totally ignored. Frustrating enough, but then all the rumors I heard after we found a different church were crazy! And no one would actually talk to me about it.

Anyway, I hope your group now studies and grows together well!


Naz- I'll keep praying for you.


DH and I had been trying to start a devotional with my boys, but his work has been so busy that we haven't been very consistent. :( It's kind of discouraging for both of us, but work might slow down next week so I'm trying to be optimistic and make sure I'm teaching the littles plenty in the meantime.

3lilchunklins's Avatar 3lilchunklins 09:07 PM 03-24-2014
Steph, I know it can be really challenging finding time to get into the word with the family. But if you do it once or twice a week annd then in between you can ask them questions to bounce their thoughts back into that realm. How old are you kids again? you probably already said it but I can't remember.

Naz, IDK if your DH is like this but when I bring something up to DH sometimes he seems like he's not listening but really he just likes to process things for awhile and will end up deciding on whatever it was I said. So maybe your DH just needs time to mull thinngs over and it only seems like he's not listening? Being married is so hard sometimes. Your DH hopefully realizes that he's going to reap whatever it is that he's sown, and the only way to have a better harvest next time is to start sowing good seed now. Pull out a briar and drop a good seed in there. Its not easy, but the Lord never promised the easy life.
3lilchunklins's Avatar 3lilchunklins 04:29 PM 03-25-2014
Naz u ok??
Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 08:14 AM 03-26-2014

something is wrong with my computer. I'm @ my parent's...just want to tell you I'm OK. Need to get my computer fix?

3lilchunklins's Avatar 3lilchunklins 03:48 PM 03-26-2014
Ok that's a relief!

We ended up voting on the name of the church last night, The Father's House. I guess were going to proceed forward with attempting to get a building . I know the Lord will open the right door for us.
Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 04:19 PM 03-26-2014

Amazing!!! The Lord fixed my computer. Really I just said let me see if I can get it to work (before I $$$ to get it fix) and it is working...:joyPraise the Lord. Really!

By the way did MDC change something? This looks different????


OK! Now I'm going to read the post that I missed...

Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 04:25 PM 03-26-2014
Originally Posted by Steph Anie View Post

DH and I had been trying to start a devotional with my boys, but his work has been so busy that we haven't been very consistent. :( It's kind of discouraging for both of us, but work might slow down next week so I'm trying to be optimistic and make sure I'm teaching the littles plenty in the meantime.

We read a chapter of the Gospels each night. I just read that let them ask questions. Some nights we miss. Then the next night we will pick back up where we left off.


Thanks for the prays. I am thankful for them. Really!

Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 04:29 PM 03-26-2014
Originally Posted by 3LilChunklins View Post

 So maybe your DH just needs time to mull thinngs over and it only seems like he's not listening? Being married is so hard sometimes.

Without getting into details...we don't have much in the way of time. Things hit the that is how I found out in the 1st place. He needs to listen.

Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 04:47 PM 03-26-2014

Chunk- I like the Father's House. Blessings on your house of worship

3lilchunklins's Avatar 3lilchunklins 05:54 PM 03-26-2014
Thank you Naz!

We ended up having a counseling sessions before our meeting last night and IDK how relevant it would be to your situation but I will interject some wisdom my DH spoke, take it for what its worth...
He spoke to the husband saying that whatever is going on, he will answer to God for. He is the authority and covering over his wife and family. So he would be wise to deeply consider the road he is leading her down. Just as an earthly father would strangle some boy that drags his daughter down the wrong path, The Father will likewise do to some guy that's leading one of His daughters. He explained that the husband is called to love his wife just as Christ loved the church. Gave everything up for her, even His very life.
Then he reminded the wife that she is under her husband's covering and authority. She is called to submit to him, and there is no clause on that. Its unconditional submission. Its not about the husband, its how she is called to follow the Lord. Submit to your husband as to the Lord.
Pray for each other, it moves you from place of judgement or condemnation to a place of mercy and love. And love covers a multitude of sins. Also don't forget that you are one flesh, so if he has something going on so do you, but it manifests itself differently in you, so it looks different. Also being one flesh means no man can seperate you.
And lastly, we reap what we sow. And that sucks a lot of the time because we plant bad seeds. But you can't plant carrots and expect to get watermelons.
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