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Maiasaura's Avatar Maiasaura 08:50 AM 04-08-2014
Originally Posted by sunnysandiegan View PostI finished my Treasure Map and I am excited! :D It is a sun


Oh, love this! I remember your maps from years past. You are really talented!


Originally Posted by gumblossom View PostI wonder if it is too late to add to the TM's? I realize there's some space on mine, and I have had a couple of ideas about self-improvement, that I'd like to add (like being calm (less stress) and compassionate and kind to my students (whom I can be quite impatient with) and having more energy because I am tired alot- though the "fitness" and "robust good health" should contribute to that).


So, do I still have time?


I think you do; I think you have till the 14th and then have to wait till Cancer new moon. I need to change/rearrange a thing or two, also.

Originally Posted by jazzybaby9 View Post

(my kiddo standing beside it lol)



Sweet! But why am I not seeing the kiddo....hmm.



jazzybaby9's Avatar jazzybaby9 09:09 AM 04-08-2014
Perhaps because she's standing far off to the right of the poster. You can barely see her.

She was pretending to be Vanna White - hilarious :P Uploading images from my phone so some are cut off probably. *shrug*
sunnysandiegan's Avatar sunnysandiegan 09:36 AM 04-08-2014

Thank you both! :joy (I am in love with this emoticon!)

Ya wanna hear a secret <giggle>? I learned to be creative in my 20s. I asked the most creative friend I knew at the time to teach me when I visited her. And she did. Then, I kept seeking out more creativity slowly over the years. It always startles me when someone compliments my creativity or says I am talented. I have been including this type of thing on my map for years, so I guess it is time to absorb it and allow it to be part of me... :)

Tracy's Avatar Tracy 11:01 PM 04-09-2014

yes, put it up this map.  

Tracy's Avatar Tracy 11:27 PM 04-09-2014

shoot. I was replying to someone's question but I forgot to hit quote. I gotta go back and find the quote.


In the meantime these are terrific maps. 

You guys are rocking.

I finished my map by the 3rd..but I do have to add my photo.  Which I sent off to to be printed.   Soon it will be up.

I'm excited for all of us.

sunnysandiegan's Avatar sunnysandiegan 02:12 AM 04-14-2014

I am so excited!!! My map is already working!!!!!!! :joy


So many items on my map and so many situations are lining up. I am in awe!

Just a few:
"It is safe for me to express my feelings freely and openly." - I placed this in my Health & Me section and this morning I had a pretty amazing Mom Moment with my teen daughter. I was very angry over something she said to me and I authentically responded right then and there. It was awkward for me, but turned out sooo amazing, I am still in awe.
"I allow myself to feel and release with grace & ease." Anger has never been so "easy" for me as this morning. It was awkward and embarrassing, but I allowed it and expressed it and BAM! it was gone. With grace and ease. "I release criticism!" - I didn't use this old pattern, even in anger. She and I had a good bonding moment immediately after my outburst and then, later, enjoyed a fun afternoon together.

"Eloquent." - I also placed this in my Health & Me section and a little while ago I wrote out a few paragraphs for my girl scout troop parents that actually sounds good regarding an upcoming trip for the troop. I communicated some variances from our usual protocols and I explained the rules and consequences. It flowed for me and this type of communication has been challenging in the past.
"I am seen and heard just as I desire to be. I appreciate being treated with kindness & respect. Healthy immune system." Also in H&M, I am putting this out there again regarding the above. :2whistle

Is anyone else experiencing what they asked for on their maps this soon? My treasure maps have always worked pretty well (not every single, of course, but many), but I don't know about THIS fast. I am thrilled! I am also curious if it is working for others like this and if this is accordance to this new astrological year, in general.

Maiasaura's Avatar Maiasaura 07:05 AM 04-14-2014

>>I am seen and heard just as I desire to be. I appreciate being treated with kindness & respect.<<


Oh, this is good. I can't add anything today as we're going out of town, but holding onto that thought! Or...I have 26 minutes....I shall go take my map down right now and marker it in. Thanks for letting me steal! :D

Tracy's Avatar Tracy 07:41 AM 04-14-2014

beautiful, updates.

tresleo's Avatar tresleo 08:29 PM 04-14-2014

sunnysandiegan, yes! Not in the way I intended it on my map, but there just the same. I put "Sisters" on my board grouped with Family, and since I did it (finished on the 3rd day), two separate clients had their third baby girl - three sisters for both families! AND I am now seeing my first set of sisters as clients, the second one with a very surprise pregnancy. :) 


I enjoyed reading your story, thank you for sharing. So nice to have those moments. :throb 

gumblossom's Avatar gumblossom 02:54 AM 04-15-2014

tresleo, I love that! all those sister, how amazing. I wish I was one of your clients, I'd love to give my DS a little sister stork-girl.gif


sunnysandiegan, so much has already come to you from your map! How wonderful.


I can't really say that I have had much manifest, though I expect things will take a long time,as most are "big" items. However, I think I may have just had another chemical pregnancy ( faint positive test last Thursday, but AF arrived Saturday), which is something I have on my map (not a chemical pregnancy, a pregnancy and baby). I really think the Universe is trying to give me a child, but something just isn't me it is a good sign, and keeps me positive about the journey. I just wish I had the answer and could have a "keeper".


I am still thinking about adding to my map, I think I have a day or two left? I need to add something about being calm and kind, I so often get stressed, tired and have a cutting tongue when that happens. I'd like to do that less :wink 

MsBe's Avatar MsBe 07:11 AM 04-15-2014

Hey all, I happened upon this thread in my search on fertility and astrology and even though I got a late start I did get my map done last night.  What a wonderful idea, I already feel its energy!  Will post a picture later.  

Tracy's Avatar Tracy 07:24 AM 04-15-2014

MsBe, you are funny!  You truly got in the last few hours.  Amazing timing.   

I have a feeling you will have a powerful year.    Love these stories. 


Amandamarie's Avatar Amandamarie 07:14 PM 04-15-2014
I got mine done right before the deadline. It took me awhile to figure out exactly what I wanted. I was very specific this time about the area where my husband wants to Find another job. Last TM I didn't and we ended up moving 300 miles for a job. Lol! Worked out because I'm near my parents and one of my siblings.
MsBe's Avatar MsBe 04:22 AM 04-16-2014


Tracy's Avatar Tracy 08:11 AM 04-16-2014


LitMama's Avatar LitMama 05:18 PM 04-21-2014

Hi Tracy, I did not get my map done! Shortly before the deadline, all @#$% broke loose in my life... I sort of clicked over into survival mode and was not able to focus on it. Do you have any suggestions for those of us who find ourselves in this situation? Is there another window? TIA for any guidance!


MsB, I love your gorgeous TM! 

Tracy's Avatar Tracy 06:11 PM 04-21-2014

Good question. 

I have been processing it before you posted because it is up front in my life.  Alas my husband did not get his map made in time. 

A poster board is in our house with supplies.  untouched. 


I am going to tell my husband to put it in the storage unit and save it until next spring. 

I don't think my husband failed or screwed up.  Rather I think he is not ready to commit to what he wants.  Specifically not ready to commit to actually ponder what he wants....  That's okay.  Sometimes we need to have a year off.   


I'm going to suggest to him that he just write a list of things he is grateful for and put it in an envelope and put it near his desk.     Staying close to gratitude is great place to be for a rebuilding year.   


Enjoy this year. You'll be ready next spring.  




LitMama's Avatar LitMama 04:30 PM 04-28-2014

Thank you, Tracy! I appreciate having your guidance. Gratitude is always a good thing. :D

MrsMike's Avatar MrsMike 11:59 AM 05-11-2014

I think I fear my map. If it wasn't on Pinterest, I would burn it. I might delete it.

There's a big bizzaro world/opposite effect thing going on since making my map. My map contained a bunch of focus on good health for the family. Both of my kids got chicken pox, I got chicken pox. My husband broke his hand and needed surgery. I have a lot on there for abundance. My husband was placed on forced medical leave due to his hand. I was just robbed. I had my entire paypal account wiped out to $0.00 and my bank account sucked dry and then overdrafted by $557.00. We recently had a bunch of car things occur that took away much needed money. I put some things on there for clear skin  because I suffer from severe body acne. I got the chicken pox, which also inspired my skin to have a secondary very severe acne breakout. I'm trying hard to hold on to optimism and gratitude, but it's been tough. :dizzy

gumblossom's Avatar gumblossom 04:59 PM 05-11-2014

Oh MrsMike, that is just awful. I've never heard of a map having such "opposites" happening.


I know it is supposed to be a "tough" time. I was speaking to someone about all the hard stuff happening to my family (My parents in law are both very unwell and have aged immensely in the last few months, my daughter has been ill, there's not a lot of harmony in my home (Despite putting something on the map about a happy harmonious family) and I am feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by work and home-life) and she commented that it is a "big upheaval" time with the Universe, and that I shouldn't take it personally.


I know that doesn't really help at all.


Is there anything on that map  that is going well?


A couple of the areas on my map are: the vegetable garden is doing really well, and I am managing to exercise regularly.


Perhaps in time, other things will come to fruition.

MrsMike's Avatar MrsMike 02:35 PM 05-12-2014

Hi @gumblossom! I'm sorry to hear you had some wonky things going on as well!


I forgot to mention that I also had a lot on my map regarding my gardens - big, beautiful gardens full of happy flowers, plants, and veggies. Well, we got a notice from our apartment management company that they will be tearing out our gardens, cutting down trees, destroying all growth and we are no longer allowed to plant gardens, decorate out front, or have patio furniture.




Everything else on my map is pretty stagnant.....which is better than going in the opposite direction.


I think it has been a rough time astrologically. Tracy has some bits about that on her website. Lots of jerk energy out there, but hopefully it will lighten up soon!

Tracy's Avatar Tracy 09:23 AM 07-03-2014
Hi, Gals,

So here we are at the first turning point of the Treasure Map (year). I'm sorry I cold not get here on Friday which was the first day of Cancer New Moon. But more to the point we are in CAncer cycle and at this point many of us can look at our map and already see some results. It is not all of them. But some buds will normally begin to shoot green sprouts. And if nothing has shown up yet--don't worry. Some things take a bit more time. Hugs. T
Shakti77's Avatar Shakti77 10:42 AM 07-03-2014
Tracy, there's one thing that has already happened - my birth... I wanted a natural birth without epidural or episiotomy and put it on my map ... Great birthing experience, natural safe birth etc etc .. And visualized how it will go...

Turned out I had polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid) and my water had to be broken the very next day of discovering this issue on 38 wks 3-4 days ... After my water was broken, I tried homeopathic pills to get induced ... It sort of worked but the contractions which were gaining momentum suddenly tapered off and I slept for an hour! After an hour, I was induced with a low dose of pitocin by my midwife but was able to give birth without epidural or episiotomy just as I wanted. My previous birth experience was very bad and i had severe PPD ... I really wanted this birth to go well. I'm happy that I had a great birthing experience... Thanks to my amazing midwife and her student intern who were with me for almost 18 hrs ... her transition team who were awesome, my husband, my angels and my treasure map. Very empowering!

Let's see how the rest of my map turns out.

MrsMike and gumblossom, I just said a prayer for both of you and your families... May things settle down and all that you put in your maps materialize just as you want.
philomom's Avatar philomom 11:45 PM 09-13-2014
Well, my "reliable truck" turned into a cute electric car but the rest of my map is making steady progress. I do hope some of you are having some good results with your map.
Tracy's Avatar Tracy 08:37 AM 09-14-2014
shakti77, what a great birth experience. In the middle of complicating circumstance. So happy for you!!

And electric cart sounds great to me, Philoman. But I'm in the land of car car car --Los Angeles. I wish they would all turn into electric carts!

i'll put it on next year's map.
Neva's Avatar Neva 10:55 AM 10-12-2014
I have new furbaby (of the kitten variety) that has been with us for about three weeks now. I've caught her staring at my map on a fair number of occasions. Now just this morning she kept pawing at my map (I keep in on the wall but low to the ground so I see it first thing every morning) at a certain picture in the upper left hand corner. Now it's of course possible it was a bug although there's not much around with the weather change. Just thought it was interesting so I'd share.
Tracy's Avatar Tracy 08:01 AM 11-25-2014
What picture do you think caught the cat's eye?
Ann-Marita's Avatar Ann-Marita 11:51 PM 12-13-2014
I tearfully realized tonight that something on my treasure map (something that requires the cooperation of someone who is particularly uncooperative) is probably never going to happen for me. For my own sanity, I need to quit hoping that it will.

Is it OK to change part of my treasure map NOW and not wait until next April?
Tracy's Avatar Tracy 09:27 AM 12-14-2014
wow you have very good timing. Don't change your board today. But you only have to wait a week.

go ahead and remove/edit on Capricorn New Moon. Which starts on


edit window is 21st - 24th. Do it during that period. Congratulations on your timing and wisdom.

Ann-Marita's Avatar Ann-Marita 07:41 PM 12-14-2014
Ooops... I already pulled some of the pictures and words off my TM. I just couldn't stand having those up there any more. It was a "middle of the night, haven't slept because I'm crying so much" thing.

I'll wait until the "edit window" to put anything new up there.
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