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tracymom's Avatar tracymom 03:28 PM 07-17-2004
Originally Posted by Rebecca11
I tried to use the "laughing so hard he's pounding on the floor" smiley guy. Don't know how I wound up with the sad face!
no space between your colon and parenthesis mark.

Mommiska's Avatar Mommiska 08:59 PM 07-17-2004
Hi there - I seem to have missed this thread when it got moved from FYT.

Just checking in really - nice to know everyone is still here.

And congrats, Ms. Doula - that's lovely news! My brother and his wife just found out they are expecting as well - around the same time you are. All these babies are making me broody...
sleeping queen's Avatar sleeping queen 12:04 AM 07-18-2004
Rebecca I just turned 41 today and have 18 month old twins. I'm glad to see another mom around my age. I'm more relaxed this time around.
Rebecca11's Avatar Rebecca11 12:25 AM 07-18-2004
Hi laura,

Wow, twins! Boys or girls, or one of each?
How old are your other children? My oldest dd just had her 16th birthday, that is hard for me to believe. I still remember bringing her home from the hospital so clearly. I also have 14 year old dd, a 9 year old and a 5 year old. My other son is almost 12, he was 10 when his baby brother was born and he was so happy to finally have a brother.

I do have more patience now (usually) but not more energy.
Rebecca11's Avatar Rebecca11 12:27 AM 07-18-2004
Happy Birthday, by the way!
lavendermama's Avatar lavendermama 01:09 AM 07-18-2004
Hello everyone! I am Melissa and it is good to be here. I look forward to getting to know you!
DaryLLL's Avatar DaryLLL 12:13 PM 07-18-2004
Originally Posted by Rebecca11
And....I am a Red Sox fan. That was so funny what someone said about Trot Nixon NEEDING to pray since he plays for the Red Sox. : I had to use this smiley...what a riot.
Yes, being a Red Sox is the answer to Trot's prayers. (I fixed your smilie. You added another parentheses-- ( --after it and it was read as the sad smilie.)

my youngest is 18 months. He still nurses, mostly at night. He is allergic to all dairy so I am reluctant to wean him, only he won't stop waking up at night and sometimes it gets to me, being so tired so often! Any advice moms?
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Colorful~Mama's Avatar Colorful~Mama 07:56 PM 07-18-2004
i just have to share my news with you guys. lol

I officially joined my church today am feeling led to share my spiritual gifts.

we've been going to this church 18mos or so now and never officially became members. So we went to the special class and filled out our paperwork. we know its our home. it feels right. our sons been dedicated there, chels has done her first mission trip with them. Zoeys first out of home experience was vbs there. it feels so right to us there. I've made such great new friends.

anyway, Pastors been preaching bout spiritual gifts. You know, finding the gift G-d gave you and putting it to use. Well, i know what my gift is. And i've just been afraid to use it. Its been years.

I used to sing. Alot. Lead in the school plays in highschool and a bit in college. Lead singer for a few rock bands in college and after. I've always sung. I love to do it and am told I do it well. today during hte music portion this woman turned and said 'you have such a lovely voice - its just a pleasure to sit near you and hear you sing. you should be up there'. And dh looked at me as if to say "see, i've told you that".

So after service today I approached one of the women since the Band director is out on vacation and just asked bout when they rehearse and how it all works. She was great and Chels has decided she'd like to sing too. So i'm going to email Jimmy , the musical director, when he's back in town and ask if she and I can come to rehearsal and give it a shot. Even if i've got to wear Roman while we rehearse. Its not a choir - its a Christian rock band for the contemporary service. I'm really thrilled. I love the songs, I love to sing.

and i'm terrified. lol

so pray for me that it'll all go well and that this is really what i'm sposed to do? lol

Natalya's Avatar Natalya 10:58 PM 07-18-2004
Oh Barb, You are too cute! I will pray for you.

You sound similar to me... I can sing and love it, but I'm in the too afraid to share stage. I also feel like I'm not a good enough Chirstian to minister like that... ever go through that?
sleeping queen's Avatar sleeping queen 12:49 AM 07-19-2004
Rebecca I just have three a 11 going on 20 yr old dd and my 18 month old twins. I agree more patience less energy. Boy/ girl twins. They are so fun and so frustrating at the same time. It is hard to be in too places at once.
hotmamacita's Avatar hotmamacita 02:24 AM 07-20-2004
I know what you mean, SQ.

Ms.Doula's Avatar Ms.Doula 02:42 AM 07-20-2004
AHAAAAA!!! You *ARE* still alive, April!!!!

Where the heck ya been sugarlips????
Rebecca11's Avatar Rebecca11 05:51 AM 07-20-2004
Hi you guys,

I am up because my toddler has been giving me fits the past few days! He is trying out a new behavior I guess....Screaming if he does not get his way on every-thing. But he fell back asleep now...and I can't fall back asleep. :yawning:

Barb, good luck with your singing! Natalya, I know how you feel, worrying that you're not a good enough Christian to get up in front of people. I have been there many times. I think sometimes it's simply the devil trying to lay false guilt on us to keep us from ever doing anything. I know sometimes we really do things wrong and need to repent, but one thing I've asked Jesus for is to help me discern when something is truly wrong, and when it is false guilt. THAT I have no time for. I remember the first time I sang at the church my family goes to (we've been there for about 7 years now). I swear the entire time I "heard" a voice in my ear that constantly said things like "you're not good enough, you don't sing good enough." I had to ignore this. It actually surprised me it was so obvious! Do you know what I mean? And after a minute I almost wanted to laugh. Kind of like, "wow, you really do not want me to sing do you?" And I was singing a worship / praise type song, which of course certain spritual beings do not want to hear! Oh well, tough. :nana: God wants to hear us, so what else matters?
Rebecca11's Avatar Rebecca11 06:08 AM 07-20-2004
excuse me,
I'm just posting again to see if my new signature thing is working.
Rebecca11's Avatar Rebecca11 06:20 AM 07-20-2004
I just saw your post..thanks, I will check that out! I don't want to stop nursing, I could really use some encouragement. All my other kids weaned when they were ready on their own, and I want to let my ds do the same if i can just hang in there.
slov_mom's Avatar slov_mom 09:35 PM 07-21-2004
Just wanted to say 'Hi' to all the fellow believers out here. I'm new but look forward to getting plugged-in.
tinybutterfly's Avatar tinybutterfly 12:34 AM 07-22-2004
Color~Mama, Natalya and Rebecca11, you are all so blessed to able to sing! What a gift to share! My mom and my brother both sing beautifully. I sing like my dad. LOL! I had stopped wearing my cross for awhile, worried I wasn't a good enough Christian and what if someone saw me in an un-lovely moment and then said "See, there go those hypocritical Christians again." Well...I'm FAR from perfect. And I make a ton of mistakes. And sometimes I'm not sure if my behavior is acceptable...but I know I am loved in spite of my shortcomings. I really like The Hypocrite Song by eli. One of my favorites. Will keep you all in my prayers. Goodnight.
Ms.Doula's Avatar Ms.Doula 03:10 AM 07-22-2004
tinybutterfly- I hear you... but THAT is a testimony of Christ 's Love for us.... that though we are sinners, He loves us & forgives us of our sins because of a choice we made. :
As for the cross... I hear you....
Well I have an air freshener hanging in my car right on my rear-view mirror...
Its Bright Yellow & It says I JESUS! And has a rainbow on it.
EVERYONE can see it... Guess it keeps me accountable while Im driving (when I tend to need it the most)
tinybutterfly's Avatar tinybutterfly 08:58 AM 07-22-2004
Ms. Doula, does it glow in the dark, too? So...your'e a road warrior if left unsupervised! I have a tendency to run my mouth...not in mean way, I just ramble and eventually stick my foot in it. Yea, the whole Grace thing still blows me away...really it's such a comfort knowing that each day I can try to do better, I'll be forgiven for my mess-ups and I am still loved. Have you heard that song I Can Only Imagine? I really like that one, too.
Ms.Doula's Avatar Ms.Doula 01:34 PM 07-22-2004
Gives me the chills EVERYTIME I hear it!! (we sing it at church too)
Ms.Doula's Avatar Ms.Doula 02:13 PM 07-22-2004
"I AM Yours" is my favorite song right now....

.... Still you hear me when Im calling.
You catch when Im falling.
You told me who I am.
I am Yours.......
tinybutterfly's Avatar tinybutterfly 03:03 PM 07-23-2004
Who sings it? I haven't heard it? Of course, I 've been listening to my new Billy Idol ( best of) cd and Greg Brown lately.
tinybutterfly's Avatar tinybutterfly 09:12 AM 07-24-2004
Are we back in FYT? Going to look.
stafl's Avatar stafl 02:18 PM 07-24-2004
Originally Posted by tinybutterfly
Are we back in FYT? Going to look.
no. If a new thread is started there, it will most likely end up being moved here anyway.
tinybutterfly's Avatar tinybutterfly 06:09 PM 07-24-2004
Thanks, stafl!
hotmamacita's Avatar hotmamacita 03:14 AM 07-26-2004
Ms. D.- Moving. And helping the kids to enjoy out new home, new city, and new state. I'll post more when things settle.

Just jumped back on to congrat DaryLLL. (but shhhh don't tell PK)

NM- Oh, I ache for you mama. I don't know why our Lord invites us to suffering but I KNOW that in it, He wants our hearts, our fury, our tears, everything. He is sooooo Good. And somehow suffering is part of knowing Him intimately in ways we never could fathom or understand without.
sleeping queen's Avatar sleeping queen 09:41 AM 07-26-2004
Hotmamacita, I hope your move isn't to stressful. I know with many little ones it is hard to get things accomplished some days.


I just started reading The Purpose Driven Life. I know a few of you ladies discussed this, but i'm a little lazy to go look it up. I'm in a spiritual slump and hope that it helps.
DaryLLL's Avatar DaryLLL 01:29 PM 07-26-2004
Originally Posted by hotmamacita

Just jumped back on to congrat DaryLLL. (but shhhh don't tell PK)
I see you posted that before the Sox won the 3rd game in the series as well. Despite a Yankee grand slam.

: wiping sweat from brow
tinybutterfly's Avatar tinybutterfly 04:48 PM 07-26-2004
NM- Just a and a prayer for you.
Mommiska's Avatar Mommiska 09:08 PM 07-26-2004
HI Slov Mom - just wanted to welcome you to this thread! I only check in periodically - there just never seems to be enough time.

For those of you who were checking out DaryLLL's links (re: things like the Da Vinci Code, etc., - which, for the record, I thought was a fascinating book!)...there was a very interesting article in the latest Christianity Today about all of that kind of stuff. Might be worth having a look (it also recommended several books that addressed a lot of the same type material).
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