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I was wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing instances in which you have been surprised by the spiritual sensitivity evidenced by your young children.

I'll go first....
Ds is 22 months. For the past few weeks we have been working on learning to go to sleep without nursing. He is very verbally inclined, so we talk about the day, recite nursery rhymes, sing songs, and pray out loud in bed instead of nursing. It's actually going very well-who thought weaning would be this easy? Anyway, I have noticed that he calms down enormously as soon as I start praying--he immediately stops wiggling, interrupting, etc. And by the time I'm done (usually only like 5 minutes) he is fast asleep. It's like he is affected by the aura or something. He also responds similarly to my singing hymns as opposed to other songs.

Another thing that was interesting...a few months ago, we were out and we heard a baby crying. He said, "baby cry." I said "Yes, the baby's crying." He then said,"Jesus cries." I was like, What?!!
I was a little puzzled because I don't normally think of Jesus crying. So I asked, "You think Jesus cries?" And ds replied, "Yeah. Sometimes."

Oh yeah, and the other night I was singing "Puff the Magic Dragon" to him, and when I sang, "A dragon lives forever..." he interrupted with an emphatic "Jesus lives forever!"

Anyway I just find it really interesting. I can kind of see where he might have picked up the "Jesus lives forever" or "Jesus cries" from the church nursery or something, but I don't know how to account for the fact that praying and hymns put him to sleep so easily (while he doesn't lie still or quietly for other talking or singing) other than that he just has a sensitivity to spiritual things that I don't quite understand. It's really neat.

Anyone else have any other examples?
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Praying, a powerful thng no matter what your faith. When Dh prays and is in a positive state, the house is calm, when negative-hell. I learned that in times of stress the only way I fall asleep is to recite prayers, whether for meanign whatever, but I will knock out within minutes ( tehn again church always bored me, lmao, just a joke!!)

DD loves to discuss God and she only knows what I taught her. (My own family cannot understand that a 5 yo doesn't know what "hell" is, she has no concept of it either. Unfortunately, Catholic school starts in less than 2 weeks...) She actually teaches me alot, but the funniest convo. ended up with god having Maury Povich here to help us. Weird.

I am thinking of the funny stuff now, but DD is quite spiritual and innocent...
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My older two, 4 and 2 are very attracted to talking about God. They ask the most intriguing questions and for all my years of both book knowledge and spiritual life experiences I often find myself at a loss. I want to answer them the best way possible. But my son never gives up, one question after another. And they love to pray, they get so excited when it is time to bless the food or end the day with prayer. "We are talking to God now Mama ."my son often tells me. New things are said everyday, I am sure that I will be back to this soon to share something from them. Bebesho2- I remember ages ago in the days of Sunday School a very funny teacher telling us that if you ever have trouble falling asleep, pull out the Bible. "Satan" does not want us to read the Word and we will soon be asleep. That has never left my mind and I too actually pass out in the middle of prayerful conversation. mtn.mama
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Quote: "I remember ages ago in the days of Sunday School a very funny teacher telling us that if you ever have trouble falling asleep, pull out the Bible. "Satan" does not want us to read the Word and we will soon be asleep."

I can vouch for that!!!!!
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2 semi-offtopic comments:

My dad always said that he fell asleep in church, not because he was bored, but because it was first place he'd been able to feel at peace in a given week. Just another take on Holy Rest . . .

I have found I'm less likely to get drowsy while reading scripture if I pray first, and then read with a topic i.e., research in mind.


My 2 dds are amazing: 2 and almost 4. We are Christian (Latter-day Saint) and especially dd #1 really has a personal relationship with Jesus. He is of course incorporated into all the different aspects of creative play (and then Jesus and Thomas [the tank engine] went over here . . . all the trains went on the tracks over here to the river Jordan where they watched John baptize Jesus in the water, and they were so happy, blah blah, etc.). One of her favorite discussions for the past six months includes a description of the death and resurrection of Jesus, and what will happen to our bodies after we die. Some people would call it morbid--she's taken to lying down in the floor or on the grass to "pretend to be dead" like on the cross like Jesus, but I really believe that she is just trying to connect with and understand these concepts.

Dd #2 has told us more than once that Jesus brought her down, or will take her up, etc. and she is really developing her own relationship with Jesus.

Both of them love hymns and children's songs about Jesus, and learn them and sing them right along with ABCs or "Down by the Station" etc.

This is a great topic!
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