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AutumnWind's Avatar AutumnWind 03:18 AM 10-03-2002
I'm wondering if anyone has ideas about how to celebrate autumn with a 16 month old?

Meiri's Avatar Meiri 03:23 AM 10-03-2002
Lots of walks!!! That's what we used to do. Now we're avoiding mosquitos until the weather cools enough that I feel safe outside in the evenings.

Bring a bag for all the beautiful leaves your little one will collect, whether you see them as beautiful or not.
ladylee's Avatar ladylee 03:26 AM 10-03-2002
We keep a nature table, which we fill from our daily nature walks. We also love to take her to the pumpkin field and the apple orchards.
AutumnWind's Avatar AutumnWind 03:41 AM 10-03-2002
Great ideas! Thank you!

Lady Lee, what's a nature table? I've been hearing a lot about it on these boards, but I'm not sure what it is.
ladylee's Avatar ladylee 04:13 AM 10-03-2002
It's a Waldorf concept, AutumnWind--you just take a little table, or shelf, and create an altar to nature, whatever you want it to be .

Here's something that might interest you:

DebraBaker's Avatar DebraBaker 10:28 AM 10-03-2002
I wish Autumn would *come*.

Anyway, I take my children on a hayride at a local farm and we pick out our pumpkin.

We haven't done that yet this year but Julianna (she's 3) loves picking out smaller pumpkins at the market.

We have a nature table in our foyer. Right now we have some jack be little pumpkins as well as gourds and a little Waldorf doll.

We change the table with the seasons (actually about twice/season) I think this helps younger children become part of the rhythm of the seasons.

myrrhmaid's Avatar myrrhmaid 03:58 AM 10-05-2002
We love autumn! I grew up on the beach-no seasons! I had no idea what I was missing! The first year I moved to the hills, I gathered all kinds of leaves that had turned-purple, orange, red, yellow, brown, and filled a bag with them. The ones I didn't press inbetween the phone book pages, we scattered all over the 2nd story deck of our apt.! It looked pretty silly considering there wasn't anything but pine trees in sight! We also love to make grape vine wreaths-lots of wild grape in the hills here, and glue the pressed leaves to the wreaths. So beautiful!Oh & the acorns! It is so fun to string the acorns off of driftwood or branches/wreaths!