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Raising Pagan children

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Author Topic: Raising Pagan children
Member posted 06-16-2001 03:26 AM
My youngest dd is now 5 months old. I took her to see an astrologer to get her birth chart done. he told me spirituality would be very healing for her. I'm a lazy pagan. Like I don't get out for every full moon but manage the odd bit. I don't really get much time these days. He asked me if I believed in re-incarnation & said that dd had re-incarnated to be with me & that in a previous life we'd been in a religious order/ coven whatever together. Pretty trippy stuff I have to say. My question is are there any wiccans / pagans here ? if so what do you do about the kids ?

Moderator posted 06-16-2001 05:46 PM
Hey there, we're a wiccan pagan family too. If you look at the blessed be thread (page 2 or 3 of this forum) you'll find some great ideas and books on raising pagan kids. Though, to be honest, when my youngest was 5mo, sticking a candle on the table with the mac and cheese counted as a full moon esbat.
The solstice thread has some more good ideas for kid things to do. How old are your other little ones?
I'll post more later,
Blessings, Becca

Member posted 06-17-2001 10:25 AM
Hi Becca
Thanx for replying. I read the blessed be thread. Very interesting. I am further hampered by the fact that dh is not that way inclined. I have 2 kids. The little one is called Saffron & she's 5 months old & the big on is called Alanna & she's 16 & She's pagan too.

Member posted 06-27-2001 10:02 AM
I am a skeptic but when I need the comfort of faith, I am a lazy pagan too. I don't have much to add to your post except to give some support that you are not alone in this.
I think a lot of us just have too much else going on to get really into it - especially because we are doing it alone (e.g. outside of mainstream) . Personally, I find that celebrating Yule - for example, is a challenge in light of all of the Christmas stuff. Sometimes I feel like I am swimming UP a big waterfall. We try - we give Yuletide greetings and get a Yuletree, but it is a real challenge to deviate outside of normal - it is so much easier to sit back and let the tide of the majority sweep you away!

So too with Easter - we try to use the original names for holidays, etc and do "traditional" activities, but it does become a challenge!

Non Serviam

Member posted 06-28-2001 01:43 PM
Oceanmamma, I am in the same exact boat. I'm a lazy Pagan (Wiccan? still getting there as Becca may recall.) My DH is not hsi way inclined and with DS it is tough to do much ritual work.
Here's what I've done to introduce DS who is not 21 months. i just let him see me light candles at my altar, I do let him look at my Tarot (Yes, I know nobody else is supposed to really handle them but hey, he and I are of the same cells, right?) I talk to him about our Mother the Earth (although I am tending these days to feel that the Earth is the Great Mother Goddess' Daughter.) He knows the Moon, you get the picture. I just make sure he sees and hears what I believe. We also dance on the holidays to our own music.

I hope to someday include rituals and a family altar but the DS (although he's is supportive and accepting of my beliefs he's still agnostic/sceptic) thing is still an issue. Do we do rituals when he doesn't believe. Especially since we are a "do everything together" family.

Hmmmmm, further thought and insight needed.

Member posted 06-29-2001 04:30 PM
If you're interested in a good book for Pagan/Wiccan parenting, check out Circle Round. It's an excellent book with a lot of really great ideas.

Member posted 06-30-2001 02:32 PM
Happymamma I need more thought & insight into many areas of my relationship with dh. The paganism bit is only the tip of the iceberg I'm not asking dh to get fully into ritual wicca since I'm nowhere near anything like that myself, but he won't even sit down & eat a meal unless it's in front of the TV. He doesn't even believe in celebrating Xmas so I stand no chance with any of the pagan festivals.
I've started doing more with just me & the kids. Me & dd#1 nicked off out the ocean beach near us one day last holiday on the full moon & did a naming ceremony for Saffron. It was really beautiful we took something for air, fire, earth & water. dd#1 took her labradorite ball I gave her last birthday which she calls her karma ball. The tide came in & washed away part of our circle & nearly snuffed our candles, but we had a really good time. Then I asked for a sign & guess what ? It was quite unreal. The whole time thru my pregnancy when I was worried about Saffron ( I lost the last 2 ) I used to see monarch butterflies - totally out of season & in silly places even, but I used to see them. Anyway, what should we see flying around over the cliff on a wild ocean beach but a monarch butterfly !!! I was stoked.

Member posted 07-01-2001 10:44 AM
Ah! Another lazy pagan goddess here. I've always been embarrased to admit that to anyone, but since I am in the circle of like mommies, I can finally let that off my chest.
That feels better! Thanks

Member posted 07-01-2001 09:58 PM
I too am somewhat of a lazy pagan. Mostly ritual is done in my head. I told my mom (when completely pressed) that I was wiccan, and she about flipped her conservative Luteran gord! My dh relates more with pagan religion than his Catholic upbringing, but we really haven't delved headlong into our belifs together.
Lately I'v been having some serious death frights, which indicates to me some spiritual needs should be adressed. Anyone else have these freaky death terrors?

Member posted 07-02-2001 12:11 AM
hi gerbit
how do you mean freaky death terrors ? I went to a psychic about a month before I conceived Saffron. She told me I had to watch my birth control coz she could see me pregnant ( I was 34 at the time ). She told me I'd have a boy too which was wrong. She did this numerology type thing on me & said you get these karmic numbers. I had heaps which is apparently really heavy. I had a 7 for my 38th year. She reckoned what happened was you start getting tremors about 4 years beforehand & things start getting taken away from you so you're forced to see. This is why things like I lost my last 2 babies. She told me if I kept ignoring it other things would be taken away from me. 7 is the psychic number... I'm not sure how true all this is & it is massively paraphrased with the passing of time a whole heap has happened since then & it has become quite blurred. She didn't say it all in a threatening way tho' . It's difficult to describe electronically like this.

Member posted 07-02-2001 06:51 AM
I'm imagining the last 5 or so minutes of my life, knowing that I am going to die and a complete panic overtakes me - It happens when I think of my dad dying too. The panic is so intense though that it is I think my strongest emotional reaction. Sad thing too is that my dd had the same type panic and fears starting at about 3yrs. and has finally seemed to come to terms with her fear now at 6 1/2. She would come into our room each night to check if we were still alive, and then beat her little fist on her head saying "I have to figure out a way that people don't die anymore!" She was really overwrought, and I could completely relate, but I felt helpless in offering a solution. from there we discussed whathappens to people when they die - she wanted all the details of what happenes to a body - and that led to mummification and her interest in Egypt! She made me get out the phone book and see if there was anyone in town who would mummify if we ever had the need.

Anyway, the intensity has peaked and I think she has somehow commed to terms with it. My MIL died last week, which I thought would create panic in her again, but I overheard her saying to her little brother that death is a very natural thing to have happen!

Member posted 07-03-2001 12:14 PM
That's pretty heavy. I worry about dying but not like that & not exessively so either. More for purely secular reasons like don't trust the in-laws ( or should I say dh when it comes to standing up to them ), massive age gap between kids, different fathers & so on. So actually leaving the kids behind is my main worry.
I'm not overly up on death things meaning there's something spiritual you need to attend to. But it could also be something more mundane - like some unfinished business in this life. Why do you panic about dying for example ? Coz you don't want to stop living, don't want it to hurt, haven't said all you need to to someone etc. Someone also told me recently how he thinks children inherit our fears ( he is afrikaans, very straight & a christian so there was nothing esoteric in that ). He told me his wife is scared of water & the first time they took their little daughter to the beach, she took one look at the sea & run away screaming.

You could try homeopathy for it or reiki. I have found both excellent for emotional issues whatever their reason or origin. If there is any past life stuff or spiritual issues you need to attend to, they should at least release the energies a bit.

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