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Baby spirits

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Author Topic: Baby spirits
Moderator posted 06-15-2001 11:41 AM
Does anyone else get this strong sense of a child that you would have were you to concieve at a certain time?? I know that this may sound a bit wierd, but I get these visions (?) of babies that are very clear. I usually know the sex of the child. I can basically tell what they look like. Most of the time I know there names and sometimes I can see them as an older child too. It's like these certain souls want to come into me. This is not just a passing thing it is a really strong sense. I dream them at night. They drift in and out of my thoughts throughout the day. I will get this fluttering feeling in my chest at the thought of a certain name that I never liked before, but that I know is that name of the child on my mind at the time. Then after a while I stop feeling that pull to this particular soul. It isn't even just biological children I had a long vision of this little girl that I felt I was supposed to adopt. Well the senses are getting stronger and this last time it was this really almost over powering. All of the sudden I felt like I really needed to be pregnant with this child (even though logically I would still like to wait until ds is a bit older). Does anyone else understand what I am talking about at all?? Does this happen to any of you?

Member posted 06-15-2001 12:34 PM
After having our second son, my husband was considering a vasectomy. I felt very panic-striken when he brought it up and told him that I felt very strongly that someone was still missing from our lives. It was a very concrete sense that someone was still waiting to join us. It wasn't just baby-longing, I sensed a real little spirit that was already connected to us. When I became pregnant with DS #3 I felt this awesome sense of peace and knew that our little spirit was here at last. He is now almost four and I still think of him as my babe that insisted on being conceived, thank goodness!

Member posted 06-15-2001 12:38 PM
Yup. It's happening to me right now. I'm imagining a girl with a red blanket that I crocheted for her. Her name is Namaste. I've been thinking about her a lot. I even told my husband about her but he doesn't like her name. He thinks it sounds like a corportation and I know he also wants her to be named after him (tough!). Part of me wants to make sure that when I do concieve that I do it to increase the liklihood that she is born a female. I don't know about that yet.
Anyway, right now isn't the best time for me to have another baby either. I want to be able to stay with my children all day and right now it's not possible. I want to experience the closeness Ds and I would share by being toghether all day before I have another child that will take a lot of my attention. I made a promise to myself that I would not plan any children until I can stay home.

Member posted 06-15-2001 11:07 PM
MamaMel, here is some info that may answer your questions. What you may be experiencing is an announcement, usually a dream that preceeds a child coming into your life.I have just read a book that has changed my life. It is "Return from Heaven" by Carol Bowman. Her previous book is "Children's Past Lives" and her web site is I am just blown away- couldn't stop reading. I hope you all have a chance to check out this book.

Member posted 06-17-2001 04:54 AM
I haven't experienced what you are talking about but I do know two people - one who miscarried early and one who had a stillbirth that concieved (very soon after those losses) twins & both said that they felt that the soul of the baby who died need to be born and needed a companion.

Member posted 06-17-2001 08:25 PM
My little one communicated with me preconception also. Being single, I really struggled with the decision to bring her in, but she was very insistent. I knew she was female, that her name was Sophia (I had names like Katie and Jenny picked out!) and that she needed to come right now and couldn't wait for me to find a dad for her. I saw her and felt her everywhere, dreamed about her, got that funny flutter in my chest when someone "reminded" (?!) me of her, dreamed about birthing her, nursing her. It was so strong that I have no doubt that I did the right thing in having her. And lately, I've begun to get very vague communications from the next one. I still feel the time is not yet here, but s/he is preparing me. I've had another birthing dream, and also another nursing dream, as well as one of a sturdy toddler with brown curly hair, and a sweet mellow disposition. Oh, that's another thing, Sophia looks just like I knew she would.

Member posted 06-17-2001 11:57 PM
I have that too. right now I have 2 kids. I never ever planned for that to be all of the kids I would have. I've always wanted a big family. A while ago, i don't remember if it was when I was pregnant with Aiden or just after I had him, I had this dream that has just stuck with me. Of another son who I knew wasn't Aiden. It's Nickolas. DH and I have been talking about just having the 2 kids. And I start really thinking I only want the 2 it would be so much easier $$ wise and with homeschooling and everything. but then I get like 'visions' of Nickolas and this strong strong feeling that he absolutly must be born.
it's a little bazzar and a little unsettling (sometimes it feels like I don't get to control my own life ) But I guess 3 won't be so hard. We are planning to wait a while and I feel like it's OK.

On the other side of this I always get this feeling (like every time I look at my son) that he's not going to live very long. like he's going to die sometime in his childhood (between 4 and 8). I haven't told many people that because it's scarey but I feel like he's going to be taken from me and my daughter is going to be the strong one that gets us all through it. I hate to even think about it and it always makes me want to cry. I hope it's not true but it does make me cherish every little thing he does just a little bit more. Now I'm sad. Hope I didn't rain on everyones parade.


Member posted 06-18-2001 12:29 PM
Katgut, your fear that he may only be with you a short time may be past-life related, do you believe in that possibility? Perhaps you lost him before and didn't fully deal with that grief?

Ginger in the woods
Member posted 06-18-2001 01:08 PM
Thanks for that website, jfsmay. When my Ds was about 2&1/2, he kept talking about his grandson, Jack. How much he loved him, and howe he was his favorite. My ds is named after his grandfather, and my H has a brother Jack!!! This always intrigued me. I an going right now to check out that site. Thanks!~G

Member posted 06-18-2001 05:06 PM
jfsmay, yeah, Carol's website is fantastic! I hang out there frequently, too - I'm Madison there, also, and am usually on either the child boards or the adult past lives or dreams boards. There is also another similar site by Elisabeth Hallet, called Light Hearts, and I forget the web addy because she is on my bookmark list! She also has stories of preconception and prebirth communication.
MamaMel, I've had a waking vision of two children (one of whom I'm thinking might have been my ex's daughter, and one whom is mine) while being stuck in traffic, several episodes of astral travel while dreaming to visit my ex's little girl or her to visit me, and a dream last month of nursing a little boy. All were VERY vivid and detailed - sight, sound, taste, texture, motion, smell, heat/cold etc. I definately believe in communication forms that are not the ones we usually use in waking life (dreams, visions, astral travel, foreknowing, intuition, a mother's knowing, etc).

I think little baby souls come to check us out as potential parents, so maybe that is what is happening with you? I also think they do understand communication - I've been telling mine to "wait" and one did, one didn't! I used to have dreams of the girl until she was born, now I go visit her, the dreams have a very different quality. Strange but wonderful, huh?!

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