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Angels among us

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Author Topic: Angels among us
Member posted 05-30-2001 08:40 AM
I was wondering if anyone has any angel stories to share? What got me thinking about this is last Saturday night I went to a late show and when I got out it was dark and pouring rain. I had to take the expressway home and there was so much spray on the road I could hardly see anything and felt very nervous driving. I said in my head "Angels sit with me now" and no sooner did I complete the thought and I heard my passenger seat make a familiar clicking sound and felt a calming presence in the car.
I have always kind of felt that there is an angel in the car with me who guides me and keeps us safe, but on Saturday night it's presence was almost palpable it was so strong. Maybe s/he just moved from the back seat to the front !!

Member posted 05-30-2001 10:21 AM
I have a GREAT angel. He rocks. He is also a great driver! He drives a tricked up Cadillac, and is a beautiful brown man with skin the color of coffee, and a nice smile.
I've seen him only once, though I've felt him or him and another several times, always when driving (my vice, alas). I used to take ill advised road trips, get fed up with people, cash my paycheck and drive for 8 hours. Where ever I ended up, I stayed until Sunday afternoon and then drove back. I often felt his protection on those trips.

I saw him the day after my girlfriend had given birth and separated from me at the hospital, and I woke up after 2 hours of sleep and got in the car to wander around because I didn't know what else to do. So I drive for an hour and get off the freeway. It's 5:00am on Thanksgiving Day. I'm pretty much the only person on the roads in LA.

A black Cadillac pulls up next to me, and the driver (the beautiful black man) smiles at me. I'm crying, just a freakin mess. The light turns green and I go to the next red light.

He pulls up next to me, adn I can see him looking at me, watching me cry. We go thru another light like this. He motions at me to roll down my window and I do. Normally I wouldn't do that here in LA, but I really didn't care.

He askes if I"m OK. I say, "Do I look like I"m OK?" He smiles a sad smile. "But it's Thanksgiving Day!" I shot back, "Yeah, well, I don't have much to be thankful for today" and roll up my window.

We go to the next light. He motions for me to roll down my window again. For some weird reason, I do. He says, "Is there ONE LITTLE THING that you can be thankful for today, because I don't want to leave you until you think of one." I shrugged miserable, searching for a kleenex. He tries again, "Come on, just ONE LITTLE THING that you are thankful for?"

And I thought, yes, there is ONE LITTLE THING - our baby had been born healthy at 6 lbs 9 ounces. A little thing. We'd been concerned she might be frail because my ex-gf is anorexic and bulimic and her ED's were out of control the last month of her pregnancy. So, I found one little thing to be thankful for amidst my grief, and I told him I'd thought of the one thing he required.

He smiled a huge smile, and roared off in his Cadillac ahead of me, cutting in front of my and turned down a street in front of me by a few car lengths.

I passed the street he'd turned down a few seconds later, which stretched many blocks in a straight line. His car was gone.

There is no where he could have gone, he wasn't pulled over to the side. He was just GONE.

So I figured he was my guardian angel meeting me in probobly one of the worst moments of my life, wandering the streets while my girlfriend and baby were at the Birth Center where I wasn't allowed to be.

full moon
Member posted 05-30-2001 10:54 AM
my mother has a guardian angle who says her name is Juliet.
she found out about her when she was at a woman group.
they were each given a piece of paper and colored pencils, then they started meditating on their guardian angles and asking them to show them selves. they all closed their eyes and started to draw with their eyes shut. now my mom is NO artist but she drew a BEAUTIFUL picture of a woman in blue robes with blond hair, she has it hanging in her room now. ANyways each person did this great drawing during this trance and then they all asked the name of their angle and they wrote it down, again with their eyes shut. every since then my mom has been feeling Juliet around her when ever things get hard.

Member posted 05-30-2001 01:57 PM
I had an encounter with an angel. Emmet was 4 days old and they found a congenital heart defect. Without surgery he would surely die, but no surgeon wanted to operate because he was only 1 pound 12 ounces. They had never done open heart surgery on such a fragile infant.
I was sitting at his isolette staring at him with all these tubes, wires and bells keeping him alive. I was feeling sorry him and...myself. I kept thinking "Why? Why me? Why not the teen mom who partied or the prostitute who doesn't even know who the father is? Why not the drug addict who cares more about getting high than her own baby?" Right then, this nurse came up behind me and whispered in my ear "He knows *exactly* who to give these children to." and she walked away. She went into a side room and I never saw her again. Emmet was there for 84 days, I was there almost 12 hours a day and I never ever saw her...She made it possible for me to see that I was blessed. God had given me these preemies because I am a strong, intelligent, intuitive mother.

Member posted 05-30-2001 04:39 PM
madison--your story tore at my heart. How sad. I didn't know you went through this. Have you posted the whole story before somewhere that I could read?
My angel stories: Our family was driving home from Colorado to Minnesota non-stop--18 hrs. Dh was driving in the wee early hours as the rest of us slept. He dozed off and suddenly clear as a bell he heard someone shout his name. He was startled awake and looked over at me but I was sleeping. He was drving on the center shoulder and it could have been fatal. He pulled over and made me drive he was so shaken up and we never drive straight through on long trips anymore.

My other angel story was when my parents were at the Mayo Clinic so I went down for the day to visit with the kids. I was so enjoying our visit that I stayed later than I should have so I started home late and tired with low blood sugar (I'm hypoglycemic). I was rather nervous at the two hour drive ahead of me and prayed to stay awake when suddenly SOMETHING took control of the steering wheel and jolted me and I had to fight for control which woke me up really quickly and this continued the entire drive home!

Great thread. look forward to reading other stories.

Member posted 05-30-2001 05:20 PM
moondancer send my your email and I'll tell you the story if you really want to hear it.

Member posted 05-30-2001 06:13 PM
Madison, what a sad story and what a cool angel! Have you seen him since? I hope things are better for you now.
Treelove, also a great story. They always seem to know exactly what to say and do to make us feel better.

Anyone else notice that a lot of these story involve driving? Kind of wierd, eh?

Member posted 05-30-2001 06:20 PM
One time I was riding my bike through Rock Creek Park in DC and my chain kept coming off of the spokes. I would put it on and it would come off again. I just had to keep doing this since I wasn't close to any other form of transportation and it was too far to walk. After about the 6th time, another biker came up to me, saw what was wrong and just happened to have all the skills and equipment to fix the problem. Once he fixed the bike, I thanked him and rode off. I looked back a couple seconds later and he wasn't anywhere to be seen. He couldn't have taken off that quickly- he still had to put his tools away. I think God sent that angel just when I needed him.

Member posted 05-30-2001 09:05 PM
madison--I really do want to hear it. Your gf gives birth and you can not be a part of it...I cannot imagine the grief involved b/c I am assuming this was a baby for the two of you and she was carrying the baby for you both? email me absolutely.
Ooh! these stories give me goosebumps!

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Member posted 05-30-2001 10:18 PM
I have a person who gardians over me but he is a passed over friend named Shane. When I was working in the nursinghome I became very close to a 25 year old man who was there intially to learn to control his diabetis but after afew weeks he learned that it was out of conrol due to a untreatable brain tumor. I was pregnant and he was so excited for me. He had such spirit and determination to plan for the future even though there was no way he was going to live. He died one month before me son was born. When the bean was born at home he had a serious circulatory disorder that landed him in the NICU for eight days and we didn't know if he was going to make it or not. I stayed at the hospital but I did have to drive my dh home and return with out him ( he was out of vacation time) on the drive back to the hospital I was all alone and thinking how am I going to go back to that NICU with out any emotional support to decide how long to leave my babe on life support. All of a sudden I was so not alone anymore. I totally felt my former patient/ friend Shane in my passenger seat and I was so calmed. He told me it was going to be all right... to just stay strong for my baby. Sure enough I get back to the NICU to find that my baby had passed through the worst part. A few days later when we were in the lesser care nursery I was holding my little baby for one of the first times and I totally felt Shane next to me admiring the baby and kinda saying 'I told him (as in the baby) to stay with you not come be with me. I feel this angel of mine around a lot especially when I'm nursing and sometimes my baby gives me these looks and its like he totally reminds me of Shane, like he has his aura or something.

Member posted 05-31-2001 08:01 AM
your stories are bringing tears to my eyes. How wonderful and beautiful! Blessings!

Ginger in the woods
Member posted 06-01-2001 07:21 AM
I have an angel story. This is kind of a bad story, one I'm not too proud of, but I think it should be told here. My H and I were in a terrible argument, over my selection of friends. I thought my ds was sleeping. Well, I walked out of the house, It was very late at night. My husband brought my son who was 4 at the time, and he, got into the truck, and came looking for me. (We had a lot of disagreements B4 I got it right) so anyway, they came looking for me, and I pretty much ignored him, and was walking down the dark street. I asked him to just leave me alone. I was feeling SO alone, and So awful, I really couldnt take much more emotionally. I was at the brink of my endurance. I was upset that he brought the boy out so late, and I asked him to please just go home, and put Billy back to bed. He did. I walked around the streets, crying, and just a real walking nightmare of emotions, but I finally went home. Nothing more was said. Then, months later, the night before my son started school, he said, "Mom, will we ever see that girl who was there that night you & daddy were fighting?" I was calm, and I said, "what girl, honey?" (Thinking Daddy had a "friend", and wanted all the details, and not to alarm my son into stopping talking.)
He said, "the one who was floating over you in the trees."
Now, mind you, this child was 4 at the time. We werent church going people, he had no frame of reference.
I was so excited, but yet remained calm, and said, "what did she look like, honey?" and he said, "She had on a white dress, and she was glowing." Glowing!!! He put his head down, and smiled, and said, "she looked like this at you." I was so filled with joy. I ask him to tell me the story from time to time to keep the memory alive for him. But recently, we were looking at family photos at granny's, and he saw a picture of my deceased sister who I loved, who was 1 year older than I. He said, "Thats the girl, Mommy! She was floating over you in the trees! Where is she?" I told him she was in Heaven. He said, "no, shes not. Shes around you." Let me tell you, I believe my son, as I know the feelings I had that night were the most awful, guilt~ridden and darkest emotions, than I ever had before, or since. Since then, my H and I have ironed out most of our disagreements, and now that I've found AP, life is better than ever. And I know for a fact, from the testimony of my son, that I have my sister watching over me. ~Ginger

Member posted 06-01-2001 08:48 AM
I read all the other stories and I am so emotional! My boys are next to me wondering if I am alright! I have had this expirence only once, it starts when I was preg with DS #1, 6 weeks before he was born my grandmother who I was extremely close to died from heart problems in the hosital, I didn't get to see her because we lived so far away and it came on pretty fast. Last year we moved back to the town I grew up in where my grandparents lived as well, right up from their house, we needed some furniture and my grandpa gave us her chair she bought a few years before she died. I hadn't brought it in the house yet, and my DH and 2 boys were playing outside riding tricycles and stuff running around having the best time, and I sat in the chair watching them, and I got the warmest feeling, I couldn't stop smiling, I was rocking back and forth and couldn't stop smiling, I was crying and laughing just watching my boys, I didn't feel like I was inside of my body anymore, I was watching Nolan, he has red, I mean red hair! and it was so bright and amazing, Eamon (DS #2) his eyes looked so crystal blue, so beautiful, and DH lookes so happy, I know that I was somehow "transformed" it was like my grandmother had come back and borrowed my body and my eyes to "see" the grandkids she never was able to physically see. Jason (DH) knew something had happened, I couldn't really speak, I wanted to tell him what had just happened but I couldn't, I just felt an overall sense of happiness and joy and peace, I know that she was here with us and I still sense her from time to time, although never that strong.

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