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Intuitive Questions

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Author Topic: Intuitive Questions
Member posted 07-01-2001 11:51 AM
I found a post here, written by Noahsmom, that discussed intuition. I left my e-mail address there for anyone who might be interested in "talking" with me about intuition, developing intuition, etc. I am a past life and intuitive counselor, and the author of the book, ISLANDS OF THE SOUL: A Guide To Personal Truth and Happiness.
Don't worry, I am NOT looking for business, nor am I going to charge you simply for asking questions. This is something that I have devoted a part of my life to...something that I truly enjoy doing. So if I can be of help to anyone, I'd like you to know that you can feel free to write to me. (It may take a few days to get back to you, if your e-mail arrives during my regular business hours, but I WILL.)

[email protected]

Ginger in the woods
Member posted 07-02-2001 08:03 AM
Hi! Thanks for the thread. This isnt going to sound wierd to you, but it does to the general pop. When My ds was 2, he kept talking about his grandson, Jack. That he was his favorite, and he lived far away. My Husband's grandfather, has a grandson Jack (Dh's brother) who lives in California. (We're in PA) My ds is named after his grandfather. Could it be.... how do you go about finding out what someone's past life was? Very interested in your reply. ~G

Moderator posted 07-02-2001 08:36 AM
thanks for starting this thread.
i have become very interested in past live regression lately, but I don't really know where to begin. I have though about going to a PL therapist/counselour, but being po' folk, it's not really been in the budget.

I have experienced some really deep connections with time eras, and locales... and I always wonder if it's my imagination or if it is something deeper...

I guess I am curious as to where I should begin. Any ideas?

Member posted 07-02-2001 11:37 AM
I have a book titled something like "16 Clues to Finding Your Past Lives" (or something close) - it's written a bit tongue in cheek, but it does have some valid points - being that your interests and talents and skills sometimes carry over from previous lifetimes into the present life; in addition to feeling certain people are familiar and comfortable or familiar and UNcomfortable!
Amethyst, I'll look into your book; I am very interested in things of this sort.

Member posted 07-03-2001 01:26 PM
Thanks to everyone who posted! Ginger--Your answers to the e-mail you sent me will be coming to you shortly.
Sparrow-- I work with people from all over. Since the publishing of the book, I have had more interest in my services from all over the U.S. I meet with fewer people in person than I do via mail/photos. I can "see" other existences just as well either way. And I do work on a sliding scale for those who cannot afford my normal fee. (I have also been known to trade services, or work things out some other way.) If people are truly interested, or if I feel I could help them, I will.

If you, or anyone who reads this, would like more information, feel free to e-mail me at the address I provided in the introduction, and I will send you more information.

Madison-- You are right! I try to emphasize this to everyone....We all have the answers within us. Sometimes it just takes a little work to get them to the surface AND to acknowledge them and not doubt them!

Member posted 07-06-2001 02:10 PM
Thanks again to everyone who has been writing. Keep the questions coming! I love having others like minded people to discuss this with!

Moderator posted 07-06-2001 07:27 PM
Hi Amethyst, just wanted to welcome you to the board (very belatedly I know), and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
Blessings, Becca

Member posted 07-08-2001 12:40 PM
Thanks, Becca...that was very nice of you! I've read many of your postings/responses, and am glad to know there are others with such open-mindedness, and such respect for the energies around them.

Member posted 07-13-2001 08:11 AM
Amethist I am wondering how it is that you developed this craft, or were you just born with it?
I am at what I feel a turning point for myself spiritually because I have finally found the goddess and my gifts.
Many of the women on both sides of my family have the sight and I did as a child but my mother constantly told me to "knock it off" so I did. In the past few years though I cannot deny the spirits that I see and hear and the things that I just know about people I meet on a day to day basis.
I recently took a trip to Sante Fe and most the women I hung out with there had the sight and it was amazing because it rang so true to me. Also the land had such an amazing energy.
I know there is a lot for me to learn though so if you don't mind would you explain a little to me about exactly what your gifts are and how they came about?

Member posted 07-14-2001 06:38 AM
Mamamoon2001....Sorry it took me a little time to get back to you. After the maintenance on the boards, my user name was not working. Now it seems to be ok.
I can't explain exactly how my talent came about. I have always had abilities in this area from the time I was very young. My family didn't frown on what I was doing because there already exited several members who were "into" similar things, or had talents of their own (an aunt who did automatic writing, another aunt who was into astrology, etc.) My father even had quite an ability of his own, in psychic matters, but because he had never been encouraged to develop it, he did not display his talents as strongly as they probably could have been.

I have tried many things (Tarot cards, astrology, autowriting, etc.) and I can do them all, but I have found that my true talent lies in what I can see of others' past life experiences. So I narrowed my focus.

These have always come to me as memories. (That's the best way I can describe them.) I can look at someone (or a photo of them( and see them in other existences. I see what they were wearing, how they interacted with others, etc. Anything that one would remember when they search their mind for a memory, is what I see when I look around me at others. It doesn't happen at the spur of the moment; I tend to have to stare at the person for a few minutes. This is why a big part of my business is done through photographs. People tend to get uncomfortable having someone staring at them.

You are correct in your assumption that being around like minded people/energies will help you develop quickly. It will also help open the way for things to come to you more easily. (That's why I like these boards! I like to be around those of a like mind!)

If you have any other questions, or want me to elaborate, feel free to post, or use my e-mail.

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