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khrisday's Avatar khrisday 03:00 AM 12-03-2002
Wierd event that I just *have* to share....

Today I get a PM from someone, the name is vaguely familiar as someone who is on one of the Pagan lists I am on, but I am not sure. They start asking me some oddly phrased questions, I start to delve more into who this person is and what they are looking for from me. He says he is lookin g for a ride to the next Spiral Scout meeting (Spiral Scouts is a scouting organization liek boy or girl scouts but from a Pagan perspective and we have been holding interest meeting to start a local chapter) Turns out that this poor man is 30, he doesn't have children- he was looking for a group for himself. He has Cerebral Palsey and his mother (who was Wiccan) passedaway earlier this year and left him basicly to care for himself. Being a parent fo a child with special needs myself, I know a bit about the system of services and who can help this man. The fates put me in his path to help him find the things he needs, and I am so glad it was me to be there. I am compiling information for him and will send it on later this evening. Sometimes seeing life from another's perspectibve is all you need to find contentment in yourself.

myrrhmaid's Avatar myrrhmaid 05:11 AM 12-03-2002
I think that is quite the compliment to you Khris. He easily could have been sloughed off and here you are so open & willing to help. I really like that about you! You make my heart grow & the water leak out of my eyes. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
MysticHealerMom's Avatar MysticHealerMom 05:49 AM 12-03-2002
the universe is a strange and wonderful place - too cool U-ROK.

marymom's Avatar marymom 06:18 AM 12-03-2002
I love hearing stories like that, thanks!
Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 01:21 PM 12-03-2002
Khris, that is so cool. :-)
Meiri's Avatar Meiri 12:41 AM 12-04-2002

Lilac Moon's Avatar Lilac Moon 08:59 AM 12-04-2002