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Or to a goddess/ higher power/ higher self/universal daemon/saint/spirit guide? And does he/she/it answer, and what does the answer sound like?

I have a very fuzzy idea of the deity/great spirit. I find it hard to pray, it feels funny. I used to as a kid, I would pray after I got in bed, and I would bless my family members, and plead with god not to let me have any nightmares tonight!

Once in a while, I pray when I am particularly thankful for something, and once I got a direct answer in words, in my mind. That was really neat.

I am comfortable sending healing vibes to others, usually when requested by friends or family by email. It feels kind of like praying.
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I use different methods. There is the usual just talking, you know saying out loud. I don't remember getting any answers that way. At least not immediate ones. No back and forth conversation.
Q: You know "Goddess I really help with with ____"
A: "well do this_____" nope haven't had that happen, lol.

I have fixed prayer for the Goddess I honor. Since she happens to be of the Greek pantheon I'm lucky that there are words written down by writers of those times that I can use. These are specifically words of praise and honor. So no answers expected.

If I want the answer to something ( I usually work in genreal terms) then I say words of praise (specifically using her epithets), make an offering and make my request. Again, I follow what info I have as to how it was done before. I don't expect an immediate answer. Once I've done it I tend to forget about it and the answer just comes to me later.

Other times I haven't specifically asked her a question (like I'm just thinking to myself), but get an answer by feeling or knowing something that is hard to explain. Just know that it didn't come from my own thought process. Which, from your post I think you understand what I mean.

I've used visualization to get answers before too.

sound isn't my best medium for communication. I work best with feeling.
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WE are christians, and i have to admit, i am a brat with God.. I am a brat in general, and i speak to god the same way i would my dad or anyone else..

When i pray i "see" myself sitting on God's lap and telling him what is going on, or what i am mad about... Suprisingly i never see his face though.. I used to think that was odd until i read in my bible a bit more and found out the face of God could kill a man, so perhaps it's for the best, and it makes me think that i really am speaking with my GOd...

I have a more personal relationship with God than many people do though.. I don't do a lot of church with the fam, but i do pray when I am confused or if something is missing for me.. I am a selfish pray-er at times... As i said.. I am a brat with God, and for some reason he still puts up with me..

As for answers... If i have any tangible ones, they are usually in a dream and not neccesarily with God in them, but more as a resolution to what my issue was... That's just me though...

Warm Squishy Feelings...


It's lonely being the only XX in a house of XYs.
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As I have learned more about health, I have realized how important it is to have a real relationship with my Higher Power (God).
I have going to same church for over 24 years, but never felt like I was connected.
I usually fall asleep when "praying" or my thoughts wonder to the million and one things I have to do or haven't done.

I have started writing in a prayer journal. I write out my affiramation statement that I have my business goals and then I spend whatever time writing...
I try and write as I would if I was writing to a friend and telling them about what is going on in my life. I do still hold some reverence..this is my HIGHER Power after all...
I have found that since starting to do this...I actually see a force more powerful then myself is awesome!!!

I know this wouldn't work for everyone...but it's what I do to get up close and personal!!

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I am UU and I don't feel it is quite proper to ask God for any specific favors or outcome. I usually talk to God when I need to remind myself to behave in a moral way or that there is enough good in the world to compensate for pain.

I say the words of some poem or song or the Unitarian doxology or a buddhist prayer and just repeat them over and over.

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I am not good at praying. I tend to stuff like this "God I'm really worried about this whole war thing. But you knew that. And if there's anything you can do to make it not happen that would be cool... but you're not gonna just cuz I asked... You are or aren't I guess. " It's lame. I know a lady who I admire who just dumps it.. vents to God like she would a dear friend, someone who already has heard all your crap but is willing to sit down with you over a beer and hear it all again.
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I address my heavenly Father. If I am asking a blessing on a meal, etc., then I pray for that specific thing. In my personal prayers, which some days are almost hourly, and other times I skip a few days (inadvertently), it's rather conversational--but I have a hard time to keep my focus--random songs keep jumping into my head. I've also used a prayer journal, a bit differently: I'd write down all that I was grateful for and those things that I wished to pray over/for, then that helped me to focus my prayers. I also pray while/during/before/after I do devotional study (scripture reading), like it's easier to focus on God when I'm thinking about scriptural teachings. HTH

Answers come to all my prayers. Almost never in words that feel like "God words." Sometimes I'll hear someone say something that resonates perfectly with what I'm struggling with, and I'll know that is the answer. I've read answers, both in books and scripture, sometimes someone calls with something that specifically solves the issue. Sometimes I'll have a feeling. I have always felt that if someone can be the vehicle by which God can answer the prayer, then he will use that person as opposed to a "direct" answer.
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