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I am all things. Some might call me a Unitarian. Yet I haven't found a home there either.

I've been searching, looking for Christ, trying to commit, to say I am this one thing.

Yet I'm attracted - instinctually -- to Buddhism.

I love the Course in Miracles.

I feel warmth toward paganism.

The thing is, I'm beginning to feel that this is okay.

I remember once years ago, I had this big stack of books on the table around me at the library. They were all different faith books. Critical studes as well as personal revelations. I sat there for hours looking through them and then finally, after a point of reaching pure absurdity, I laughed out loud! I was actually thinking that in one of these books I was going to find THE answer -- to life!!!!!!

Forget all of the history of theologians arguing until they're blue in the face! Iwould discover the TRUTH for all people!


And for so long, even still, I have felt that accepting all things as truth was like accepting nothing as truth. And especially if I didn't
accept Christ as truth I was denying the love I feel and have felt for him.

Now I think I am becomig comfortable with the idea that my belief does not have to fit in a box. It is as individual as I am. I am not denying Christ if I also accept other truths as truth.

For so long I felt that I needed a church to accept me, to fit my ideas into. Sometimes I still think this would be nice. But now I know that it is not necessary. I do not like sitting in a pew being lectured at for an hour. (I know not all churches do this.)

And I long last...I'm okay with that.

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I might call that "eclectic". But who needs labels, right?

I think your exploration is wonderful! I actually see alot of unity between all the ways. I see the value in most, if not all of 'em. I respect 'em all.

Perhaps the commonalities reflect inevitable human development on some kind of evolutionary scale. Perhaps differences only reflect the cultures in which the ways sprouted.

Well, enough of my stray thoughts and who cares what I think, right?!....Joyce in the mts.

CD Labor/Postpartum (MSTM), Doula trainer (BAI), Midwifery Student/Apprentice, CPS Tech
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that is beautiful

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I can SOOOO relate. I had a weird yet horrible "church" ecperience last week that made me more confident in my own personal spirituality. I cannot be difined. I mean, I grew up Catholic, relate to gnostic Christianity, live ina house where Santeria is practiced, and so on. But I am me, comfortable and not fearful in my spiritual journey!
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Always feel a kinship with the spiritually seeking ...

If you don't mind some unsolicited advice ...

Where ever it takes you, remember to always keep true to your personal truth. Whatever amalgam of faith systems you end up with is really besides the point, as long as you feel comfortable where you end up.

- Amy
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Amywillo posted this a while back, it's kinda fun, not that it'll give you "the answers" - sounds like you've got your own ideas and you're comfortable with them - just for fun...

answer the questions and rate the priorities. I thought the definitions were interesting. But, it's just for "religions", doesn't include atheism...

it feels good to just be who you are....

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When I wrote the post I was just speaking out loud I guess! I get these e-mail messages, "Words of Jesus" and "Wisdom of Buddhism." And I had been reading them and some other spiritual literature and I suddenly realized: "Hey! I'm comfortable with both of these ideas!" They're actually similar...just a matter of semantics.

I know there are many who would beg to differ. Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth & the Life..." Buddha never claimed to be God. Jesus did. BUT.....there are so many descrepancies, misinterpretations...all based on someone else's opinions really.

And I can't deny what I feel inside, what is true to me.

And if I listen to myself...which I have been...then how can I deny that I find peace and truth in many philosophies and in literature itself? And that I don't have to have a label...I am this or I am that... to "prove" that am spiritual.

This is NOT to say that those who DO call themselves Catholic or Ba'hai or WHATEVER are trying to prove something...not all, anyway. But I see/know so many hypocrites who hide bad behavior and immorality behind a sheet of their religion...and it is dispicable, to say the least.

So...I'm babbling! But it just feels good...and strange and different...but not be at this place within myself that says: "I'm okay to believe this way." And there is a sigh of relief and of peace. Amen.
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Originally posted by Whisper
And I can't deny what I feel inside, what is true to me.
As far as i am concerned this says it all I have been on a similar spiritual jouney and have found solace in finally discovering that I knew in my heart/soul what was "right" all was a matter of peeling away the layers (of guilt, authority, insecurity, fear) and discovering my soul's "voice" once again.

BTW, you may enjoy the book "Living Buddha, Living Christ" by Thich Nat Hahn. I am always fascinated how people of other faiths seem to "understand" Jesus so well.

Whisper, have you ever read the Conversations With God books by Neale Donald Walsch? It is similar in some ways to a Course in Miracles but simpler and more understandable (at least to me ) The premise is that
1)We are all one.
2) We have enough
3) We don't have to "do" anything
4)Ours in not a better way, it is merely another way.

Blessings to you!

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Since leaving Xtianity behind in my teens, I have always practiced the Daryl religion. Sometimes it brings me peace, quite often I am uncomfortable.

But this world, while beautiful, is not always comfortable, and I don't expect it to be.
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