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OTMomma 12-30-2005 04:21 PM

I'm very interested in the Mother Goddess. If you are a believer, please tell me about your beliefs, practices and rituals. Do you participate in some form of group prayer, and if not, would you want to?

Thanks for all insights!


UnschoolnMa 12-30-2005 10:57 PM

I believe that the Goddess is the feminine force/face of the divine one. I read in a book once that someone had asked a woman if she "really believed in a Goddess". The woman was a little confused because to her the Goddess was as real as the sun rising in the morning, the rock in her garden, and the fingers on her own hand. It wasn't something she had to believe in. It was something she knew. That's how it is for me too.

I don't really belong to any groups right now, but I don't rule it out for the future. I do pray though... often.

frowningfrog 12-30-2005 11:06 PM

I to have always been intereste in learning about the Goddess..
Is there some sort of book reccomended to learn all aspects?

CrazyCatLady 12-30-2005 11:35 PM

I relate the Goddess to the moon. She is my lady, my best friend, my mother, my everything. I chat with the Goddess like she's an old buddy of mine or something. A lot of people like the 365 Goddess book by Patricia Telesco. It's not extremely deep. But it will introduce you to all the Goddesses out there, how to celebrate them, some basic info on them and their history, ect. Easy Enchantments by Lexa Roseana is more a spell book, but she explains a lot about the Goddess in it. Good easy reads for beginners. I do many full moon rituals to worship the lady. Even simple ones like setting up a small altar under the moonlight with a white or silver candle, a bell, some appropiate incense, some lemonade or milk. I just pray, give thanks, and take in some of her power (through the drink) that I previously bless under the moonlight. Or you can leave a piece of silver jewelry out under the full moon and have it be blessed by the goddess. Then wear it all month for strenth. I go to public rituals, but am not part of a coven. I should start one some day, but I feel like I'm not old enough yet (I'm 21). Hope this helps a little.

*clementine* 07-05-2006 04:53 AM

An online search is where I got all my info. It was really fun too.

OTMomma 07-05-2006 12:18 PM

Thanks for responding. I have done some websearches and a lot of lurking here, and found some cool links. The spiral goddess website has really hit home for me.

minkajane 07-05-2006 12:25 PM

I have recently been drawn to Gaia as my patron Goddess. As a midwife, she seems to be a fitting Goddess to honor. The Goddess is a part of my daily life. I see her in the sun, the moon, the stars, the trees, the wind, everything. Goddess-worship is not so much a practice as a way of looking at the world around you.

To answer your question, I do not currently have a Circle that I meet with. Occasionally, I’ll go to open Circles and Pagan Pride Day events. Best of luck on your Path and may the Goddess guide you always.

ChristyM26 07-05-2006 07:05 PM

I'm a pagan who believes in the Celtic set of gods and godesses. I believe that there is a masculaine and feminine side to the world and some things have certain characteristics that make them more male or female although nothing is exclusively either. I follow the Wiccan calendar (which uses the cycles of the moon andthe earth) for holidays and days to worship.

When I was learning I read a LOT. My favorite books are by Scott Cunningham and he has a lot but he does a nice job introducing the idea of the godess and how she's represented in the world.

Currently, I don't have a group to worship with that I'm comfortable with. A large part of this is because I live in North Carolina. I haven't found my group yet. I do prefer it though for larger holidays (like Beltane and Yule). It's more fun to celebrate with a larger group.

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