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ksmeadowlark's Avatar ksmeadowlark 04:34 AM 06-05-2003
I had a local candlemaker make candles for the church with dried flowers on the sides that I chose myself. We burn the main candle on our anniversary each year. I also had a local artist create small photo albums of handmade paper filled with flowers.

My bouquet was from a florist but was full of wildflowers. I made my own head piece wreath, and my flowergirls' wreaths. I wanted to be barefoot but my mom put her foot down. My bridal portraits were done barefoot in a park where I used to be a park ranger.

I wrote our entire wedding ceremony from start to finish. Since we are both outdoorsy people, I included river metaphors all throughout the service. It was pretty neat when it all came together.

Some ideas for being thrifty...our portraits were done by a "semi-professional" hobby photographer, much cheaper than the other alternatives. The catering was done by friend of the family. The harp player played as a gift to our family, since she was a friend, as did the pianist and the guitar player.


comet's Avatar comet 10:38 PM 06-07-2003
I didn't think about it til now, but I guess we had a crunchy wedding. It was outside and we had a few restaurants in town make the food. It was mostly vegetarian. I hired a seamstress to make my dress, which was not white, it had color in it, including trimmed with gold rope. We had a hobby photographer, who did great, and she let us keep the negatives. I designed the invitations and had them printed locally on recycled paper. We got a "party" cake instead of a wedding cake. It fed 40 people, which is what we invited, and cost only $60. An official wedding cake for 40 people started at $300. Ours looked like a wedding cake - not sure why it was so much cheaper. I think bcs of the name. It was tiered and everything. I had whatever fresh flowers were availalbe tossed on top of the cake for an extra $5 and used leftover iridescent ribbon (from my dress) to go around each tier. It all turned out very nice.

BTW, no priest or preacher or minister in town (Flagstaff AZ) would marry us outside. They flatout refused (Episcopal, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, etc. -I called them alleventually). We went with a Unity church whose officiator was delighted that it was outside. So get that straight right away with whoever you choose.
glad2bhome's Avatar glad2bhome 11:52 PM 06-07-2003
I remember seeing something in Organic Living magazine about Organic Weddings. They have recycled invitations and such and lovely wedding dresses. I'll do a search and get back to you.

glad2bhome's Avatar glad2bhome 11:54 PM 06-07-2003
Yep, it's www.organicweddings.com. Best of luck and congratulations!

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