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Originally Posted by Salvia View Post
Magic- I not into practising magic, but I have felt the power of focusing energy or simply asking the universe for something (very similar to The Secret/ PoA). Thoughts?
Yes! That's very much like what I feel and practice. I believe that magic and focusing my intent/need are prayer. It's all very much about the Power of attraction, desire, and hope for me. And it's also totally about worship.

I might light a candle and write my prayers on homemade papers, and hold them in my hand as I meditate and pour my heart out with my head bowed. I set the paper outside to be blown by the wind, shined down on by the sun and the moon, and poured on by rain. I might scatter the tattered remains of the paper over the ground and into the wind.

Is that magic? Is it more or less magical when I do none of that, and instead just scream the word "Help, help, help, please help me with xyz because I feel like I just can't deal!" That's (a very nutshelled) description of what magic can look like to me anyway.

Labels~I wonder about the baggage that comes with the words 'witch' and 'pagan'. Sometimes I want to embrace them............ More and more, I think of myself as a Pantheist.
The term witch has never worked for me personally at all. I've always been comfortable with Pagan, but it seemed too broad somehow. Panentheism works for me very much.

Gods/Goddesses~ If pressed I would have to admit I do not believe they "exist".......Perhaps Gods and Goddesses are paths of communication to the Divine.
I hear you. Like I feel that the God and Goddess form are just representations. I don't believe they exist as actual beings...seems to narrow really.

Oh, and UnschoolnMa~ I thought your crazy, long post was very interesting! Thanks for getting my brain working.
Thanks for putting up with my long posts! This is a nice conversation for sure though, and I appreciate all the thoughts here.

My sweet goat Lucy is sick.
Aww, poor thing! Many wishes for a speedy recovery for Lucy.

"The true measure of a man is how he treats a man who can do him absolutely no good."
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BJ- SO relieved that your friend has made such a turnaround. I hope she continues to progress well and gets to go home soon!

Celtic pantheonic (55%) followed by ecclectic pagan (45%), and then a bunch of others! That was a funny test. My dh was laughing so hard at the "Ra" comment (he loves stargate) and the Thir (comic book comment). He did not take the test though. I guess I am a Heinz 57 pagan.

I struggle with getting any form of magic in my life because things are so busy. I do tarot quite frequently, but only for myself. Rarely do I get a change to sit down and do it with someone else because all visits with friends surround my kids. That will be one goal for me to do more readings for other people. I pray and manefest a lot. About my life, my family, my friends, the people I work with, the children and their families that I work for...

It is going to be damn cold around western ny the next few days. I hope to do something with my family for imbolc. It will probably be making bread (I love the idea of making homemade butter! I haven't done that in years!) and reading a story. We will see. Have a great holiday mamas.
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Birth Junky- so glad to hear good news about your friend!!!

Cari&Jennisee-I'll tkae a little of each if you don't mind. I am thinking of making monkey bread.

Igraine- mmmm, butter! I keep meaning to pick up cream to make butter but forget.

Salvia- I hope your goat gets better! My grest aunt raised goats and I have a special place in my heart for goats! Get better Lucy!!!!

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Hi mamas! That was a fun quiz Salvia thanks! I am a Shamanic Pagan. This fits me perfectly, except it goes on to talk about Native American spirituality, and I would not put myself in that group. There is more than one group who heals, has visions, and works with nature spirits! You'd think Pagan test makers would get this.

Anyway, look forward to seeing you all in next months thread. I plan on having a beautiful Imbolc. It is one of my favorite Sabbats to celebrate. I love Brigid and love to get ready for Spring.
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Cool quiz Salvia! I scored as a Zoroastrian Pagan, which I've never heard of before. Going to have to look into that more!

Great for nature studies!
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Originally Posted by HelloKitty View Post
Cool quiz Salvia! I scored as a Zoroastrian Pagan, which I've never heard of before. Going to have to look into that more!
As did I.

Well, I wrote a long post commenting on all the posts and it vanished. So short story....I agree with a lot of you. God and Goddess in my mind are not individual beings. There is a great power/force/spirit and the God and Goddess represent that force.
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neat quiz

i am 95% Shamanic Pagan.

my local pagan group isnt going to get together for Imbolc
there is only about 10 of us, but everyone has other obligations.

i got my copy of "Herbal Rituals" and I am LOVING it! It has been coming with me everytime we go somewhere in hopes that i will have just a minute to read it

Its snowing, again. I dont remember having this much snow in recent winters. but it wont be long before im complaining of the heat again im sure

have a wonderful day mamas

wife to my awesome DH, homeschooling, unassisted birthing, food growing, life loving mama to 5 crazy monkeys. :
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This came in my morning email and I couldn't resist posting it here as it seemes related to our conversation:

Since ancient times, China has hosted three religions: Confucianism,
Buddhism, and Taoism. The typical Chinese person has cobbled together a
mélange of beliefs gathered from all three. This is different from the
Western way, which is to be faithful to one religion or another, never
mixing and matching.

But that's changing in certain enclaves in North America, where growing
numbers of seekers are adopting the Chinese approach. They borrow
elements from a variety of spiritual traditions to create a
path. Religious historians call this syncretism.
from Rob Brezney's Free Will Astrology

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i just have to say what a wonderful group of women this is, and how happy i am that i have, in some tiny way, been able to be a part of it this month!!!

so, i was thinking i'd make a potato gratin with sheep's milk cheese this evening... cant believe i hadnt thought of that one, so i had to share.

hugs to all, and see ya next month!!!
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I scored Shamanic and Celtic pagan. That wasn't the greatest test for a Dianic though!!!

Birth, I am so happy for your friend. Having that tube out must feel so much better!!

DD attacked my Faeries' Oracle set. I tried really hard not to lose my cool. I mean, they are faeries. Of course they attracted her but come on!!!
So now I need to get myself another set.

I was supposed to head south this weekend to my favorite pagan store in the world but it looks like the weather is against me. So at least I can expect a super fun box from her next week.

I'm going to do something out of Herbal Rituals for Imbolc!

secular classical-ish mama to an incredible 5 year old DS and an amazing 6 year old DD.
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Originally Posted by UnschoolnMa View Post
~ At the heart of things I am a monotheist. I believe that the Sacred/Divine is singular and what I would describe as an energy or presence. I have no problem at all seeing that One represented by God and Goddess energy/personas, but I don't do the whole pantheons of multiple Gods/Goddesses with really detailed personalities thing. I am also a panentheist. I believe the Sacred is the earth and more than the earth, immanent and transcendant.

~I don't do a lot of formal ritual. I enjoy some organized stuff from time to time, and I do have a daily structured prayer and meditation practice that I really love. But I don't cast circles unless I am taking part in a ritual with others and then my energy is involved in that. I don't call watchtowers, etc. If I am doing some ritual I wing it and do it however the hell I want to rather than following some format about what and where.

~I've never had much use for some of the tools associated with Wicca such as wands, athames, cauldrons, or besoms etc. I find a lot of meaning in the elements though, and my pentacle is important to me.

~ The sabbats/Wheel of the Year are a big deal to me.

~ Magic. Oy. For me magic is all tied into prayer, meditation, and worship. The focus on magic and spells in nearly every book I read and lots of Wiccans I talk to makes me twitchy. It's like the magic is the whole point for many to the exclusion of everything else. I'm not explaining this part very well so feel free to ignore that lol.
well, that sounds *exactly* like me, ROFL

i consider myself Wiccan. if anyone wants more particulars, i say eclectic Wiccan and that usually shuts them up but nobody usually asks.

i haven't heard of "earthy Pagan". what's that?? isn't every Pagan "earthy"? isn't saying earthy pagan like saying pizza pie? :


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Ladies, we have opened a Pagan Mamas forum on the Peace Activism board ai makoto. http://www.aimakoto.org/phpBB2/ We welcome you all to check it out.


I have a blog.
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Linky! New month, new thread:


Emily SAHM to four unschoolers Olivia (9), Brian (7), Jack (6), and Liam (5)
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