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Darwinphish-- I was hoping you'd cross-post your wonderful news here!!!!!!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by ananas View Post
Anybody have any tips on how to combat jealousy and feeling left out? Those seem to be the root of all of this.
Originally Posted by Pookietooth View Post
I want them too, I have a chronic problem with both of these issues. Especially the feeling left out.
Both jealousy and feeling left out is about how you feel about yourself inside. The only real rememdy for both is to work on feeling better about yourself.

From an LoA perspective, both of those feelings are related to scarcity. Focus on abundance....and that has to start within.
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So I know there's a new thread, but I wanted to reply to these before moving over there!

Originally Posted by KateSt. View Post

Here's a question I've been wondering about: have any of you mamas starting "seeing things"? Sometimes I'll see little swirls of light or little twinkles that persist for hours. The first day I started noticing these little visions I actually READ about it in a book, saying that it can be related to an "expanding awareness," which is what I was theorizing. I don't mind it, I think it's kinda cool. Anyone else having cool experiences with their expanding awareness?
You sure you aren't just having LSD flashbacks?

Originally Posted by Annikate View Post
Weren't you all talking about auras earlier?

I used to be very very good at reading people's auras. In fact, sometimes what I'd see would scare me.

I haven't *practiced* this in a while but I'm going to again. That's cool about seeing the energy btw. your hands. I'm going to look for this.

Again, the conversations here are reminding me of the Celestine Phrophecy which I guess I need to read again huh?

I could never get my vision just right in order to see those funky posters. I don't know why, but I never could see them anything other than 2-dimensional.
Me neither! Those things used to be all the rage, and I just felt so left out (ok, not really! ).

And a friend's ds used to be able to see people's auras (my SIL apparently has a green aura! )

Originally Posted by ananas View Post
It's technically Sunday now, but the new thread isn't up and I don't feel... "strong" enough to start it.

I've been a LOA failure the last few weeks

I've got a huge bucket load of "When you focus on what is, you get more of what is" dumped on me, including friends lying to me and talking behind my back.

No more of it though. I'm signing off, ending it, finishing what I started with my own mind.

This post is my clean slate.

I have no idea where to go from here :. I'm guessing first the polar opposites list- first listing everything I've been complaining about, then listing the exact opposite and giving all of my attention to that.

I'll be okay.

Anybody have any tips on how to combat jealousy and feeling left out? Those seem to be the root of all of this.
Maybe you are just being prepared for the next big thing! Like, you have to purge all these negative thoughts, experiences, etc before the next wonderful thing can enter your life. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Originally Posted by darwinphish View Post
Xposted in the treasure mapping thread... once again I haven't read this whole thread but just wanted to pop in and say THANK YOU for the encouragement even when I was down in the dumps and unable to hear it!

I cannot begin to say how excited I am to do a Treasure Map this year! I'm trying to get the clutter under control, mentally, physically, and in-house. I feel very drawn toward a raw diet at the moment and am following my instincts. Right now I'm adding lots of raw fruit & veg to my diet in anticipating a 30-day all-raw challenge for myself, starting on the 17th! It just feels so RIGHT and I couldn't be more stoked at the timing!

I'll be submitting major grant apps for my nonprofit : farm on the 13th so I'll have a little breather and then it's time to start creating my future!

Oh, and BTW, I was feeling really crappy about all the nonprofit startup writing, admin, etc. - and I decided to manifest 'helpful people' to make it happen, and to have the money just fall into place without any painfulness. In a months' time:

1. a nonprofit giant in our area offered to help us for free
2. a graduate student from my alma matter came forward to make a 5-yr research project our of our programs' and increasing their effectiveness
3. *drumroll, please* OUT OF THE BLUE, a guy one of our farmers knows turns out to be a big-shot for a major local foundation - and recommended to his board that they give us $100K in our first year! That's 1/3 of our startup budget!!!

Yeah, that last one was a big ol' : for me.

The funny part is, I've been so NEGATIVE the last month or so, unable to focus on anything LOA-related. And now, all of a sudden, that seems to be lifting away and all these beautiful possibilities are presenting themselves again.

I have no idea what it was (astrological, could it be? I'm not into that stuff but boy this funk seemed "imposed" on me somehow!), but I am so, so, so SO grateful that it's gone!!!

Onward, marvelous manifesting mamas!
First, I your name! I'm an evolutionary biologist, and if I were more creative, my name should have been something like that!

Second, I'm super excited to TM too!!

Third, awesome about your non-profit! I am just in awe of all you start-up mamas! What courage, dedication, determination and strength! I don't know if I'll ever have my own business, but that's okay. Right now it's totally not something I want!
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Originally Posted by Petersmamma View Post
You sure you aren't just having LSD flashbacks?

: :

About the down time.... there probably is some astrological correlation. But you don't have to get into all that. Just realize we have cycles, like the seasons, like the waxing and waning of the Moon. and when you feel like things aren't really rolling, just think of it as a quiet time before things start happening again, like the dark of the Moon before she reappears, or the quiet of a seed just before it sprouts. We are part of nature, too, and you can love that in yourself.
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Oops, I was on the wrong weekly thread. I'll go to the other one now!
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