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KatWrangler's Avatar KatWrangler 08:19 PM 02-08-2010
Dang! He must of really ticked them off.


After complaining three times about "burnt" decaffeinated coffee at the local Tim Hortons, Jimmy Craig is now banned for life from that outlet and the one in nearby St. Stephen.

Monarchgrrl's Avatar Monarchgrrl 11:10 PM 02-08-2010
If the coffee was burned all the time why did he keep going back? I could see how the company figured that the time/energy/coffee the servers wasted brewing new coffee (three times?) wasn't worth his $1.25 cup of brew. My company hires staff for events and if they complain "unprofessionally" or conitunually then they are banned from working for us again.
TiredX2's Avatar TiredX2 02:05 AM 02-09-2010

I want to know his success rate--- is he going there for coffee on a daily basis and three times in the past year he has had a bad pot? Or is he going monthly and this has happened three months in a row.

I can't say I'm surprised there was bad coffee, I am surprised the individual thinks that a restaurant somehow "owes" him coffee the way he likes it, or that they should have to overturn a ban against him.
hakeber's Avatar hakeber 06:04 PM 02-15-2010
I know Tim Hortons is sort of a Canadian mecca, and to think of not being able to go there for your morning coffee may seem down right sacreligious to most Canucks, but seriously, if you don't like coffee, dude, Stop going there? Why would you want to over turn a ban from a place whose coffee you clearly hate?

That being said, that seems like rubbish grounds (no pun intended ) for banning someone from your store, and what's up with the location down the road jumping on the bandwagon?! That's messed up! Maybe they have better coffee...he's not even allowed to try?!

Can't people take constructive criticism anymore? Sheesh!