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KatWrangler's Avatar KatWrangler 05:34 PM 06-04-2010

NBC -- A Brockton, Massachusetts hospital is investigating after a family had to leave the emergency room with a sick infant because they couldn't find any medical personnel to help them.

Oh my. I would love to know the outcome of this investigation.

Purple Sage's Avatar Purple Sage 06:50 PM 06-04-2010
That is unbelievable!
mamadelbosque's Avatar mamadelbosque 11:29 PM 06-04-2010
If true, thats pretty crazy... I can't imagine!!
aussiemum's Avatar aussiemum 10:22 AM 06-07-2010
I'm a bit confused...

This is a public hospital that is tax-payer funded and is expected to be open 24 hours? Yet no one was actually there?? I mean, you can turn up at whatever hospital you like, but if no staff are working at the time, there is nothing you can do because there will be no one there to help you.
Mama~Love 10:43 AM 06-07-2010
I can see that happening here too. There's a notice all over the walls that a Dr. is on-call, but may not be on the grounds. I can see how the only nurse could be tending other patients as well, but at our hospital, they have to buzz you in, so they know you're there immediately. We've never had to wait more than 5 seconds for someone to let us in & be seen, but that's probably not true for everyone. Some nurses are better than others, and DH knows most of them being an EMT & is familiar with their practices.