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almadianna's Avatar almadianna 01:08 PM 01-28-2011

I have a friend who is over there right now (a co worker) he is from there but lives in Norway currently... he was on vacation.


I have been reading his FB and now... nothing.



I just wanted to have a discussion about this with other mamas here.  I really dont know what else to say but I want to see if other mamas had any feelings about this.

elanorh's Avatar elanorh 02:11 PM 02-01-2011

I don't have friends in Egypt - but I do have a friend whose extended family is still in Lebanon (also upheaval there). 


I am reminded of that saying, "May you live in interesting times." 


I am hoping for a peaceful resolution which brings hope, progress, and a democracy that the people there can support.  I am not sure that will happen. 


Here's hoping your friend is at the airport with everyone else who's being asked to leave the country for their own safety.  If he is a Norwegian citizen now (dual or etc.) then maybe that is the case for him.  I'm sure Norway is helping their citizens and those with other connections to Norway. 

Dar's Avatar Dar 11:05 PM 02-04-2011

Ya masr... I have Egyptian friends, from when I was there in summer 2009 for a month. There was also an undergrad from my university there doing a study abroad project (and I'd told him all about how great and safe it would be before he left) and I didn't hear from him for a few days, then he finally emailed and said he was being evacuated so he's probably back now.


I get facebook updates from my friends there saying that a certain hospital in Cairo needs blood and please send this message to everyone you know and tell them to go donate... stuff like that. And one of my friends posted saying that no one cared, and that's the last I've heard from her.


I am very annoyed at the many, many news stories that mispronounce Mubarek's first name... it's just like it's written, h, long o, s, nee. Not Hahznee. Anyway. He is a brutal dictator and he's been in power way too long, and people have suffered... Egypt is tourists and pyramids and camels and ragged children selling tissues on the metro and too many beggars, mothers with babies and people with disabilities, and Egypt is everyone wanting to try out their grade school English with me - "Hello! What your name? How old are you?", and Egypt is the old man who gripped my arm to tell me, "Obama good man! Bush bad man!" and I wonder what he thinks now....



This is the bowab (doorman, I guess) for the apartment building across from where I lived in Alex. He was a really nice guy, and he always had at least one kid with him. I hope he's okay.