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I am writing this because I feel that the media is sugar coating the conversation around this issue. I am neither a republican or a democrate so I tend to ignore these debates, but what I read this morning made me sick!


This IS the same mentality that has always been used to erradicate indiginous peoples from there lands. The arguement is that these people are not people. Please understand, duality is the path to hell on earth. When we believe that one side is innocent and the other side is evil we are supporting these extreme unbalanced  points of view. In this way the masses feed terrorism. Jackson justified distributing infected blankets to Native Americans according to these same ideas. That the people had no right to live on these lands. It was rationalized that " the settlers", were blessed by god and the indiginous peoples were terrorists. Of course, horrible acts were committed by both sides. Just as today! These policies, when endorsed by any government pave the way for genocide! History is repeating itself over and over again. People lie to themselves to justify atrocities, and then tell there children they would have done things differently if...

I have an idea! Since the land IS THE HOLY LAND beloved to all parties perhaps NO ONE should be allowed to live there, in an act of reverence.



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Interesting read.  I've always felt there is something wrong with making a group of people "special" or more important.  I do agree that if this land is so important and so many lives have been lost over it maybe nobody should live on it.

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Although I live in the USA, I claim neither the Democratic or Republican party as my own....why? Because they are merely labels, designed to give voters the illusion of choice. They create division and fighting throughout the country. Either you're a Fox News lover or a CNN lover. What a bunch of third grade bullcr@p. Doesn't anybody out there get it yet? Hasn't Obama just worsened the problems Bush created? There are lousy candidates on both sides, and it seems like no matter who is President, the same agenda is rolled through.

Republican and Democrat--two wings on the same bird. Here's a novel idea--look to the folks that have funded the president--the lobbyists of Wall Street and mega corporations, and you'll see who really runs this country. Not some puppet on a string.


Newt Gingrich is a terrible candidate, and I hope he does not win the Republican nomination.


As for the Israel Palestine issue.......the US is a bully, and will use its power to do whatever it wants. Our leaders don't even follow our own Constitution anymore, so everything is a mess. We are fighting people all over the world, even though most US citizens protest. If the US sides with Israel, they'll find some way to justify their actions, with or without the support of the citizens. The once great Land of the Free, of the People's Government, has become the Land of "Do What You're Told"!

 "Medical propaganda ops are, in the long run, the most dangerous. They appear to be neutral. They wave no political banners. They claim to be science. For these reasons, they can accomplish the goals of overt fascism without arousing suspicion.” — Jon Rappoport
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