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Turquesa 12-01-2012 08:59 AM

At present, due to federal initiative, all 50 states have vaccine registries to allow states to tag and track who has what vaccines. Some states allow you to opt out of the registry, others don't.

Now, Rep. Jim Moran (D-Virginia) has introduced legislation to expand these vaccine-tracking registries to include every child's Body-Mass Index (BMI) for "epidemic prevention and control" related to obesity. So every time your child goes to the doctor, your doctor will report your child's height, weight, and identifying information to government authorities.

There really are ways to combat childhood obesity without invasive government surveillance. Better regulations on the food industry, plenty of recess time in schools, food stamp benefits that allow families to afford produce, cutting corporate welfare to fast food chains, pedestrian and biker-friendly communities are just a few examples. You may have different ideas...but the point is that there *are* alternatives. Nosing into our private health care matters is not the answer.

Also, if the state deems a child overweight, then what? Force him/her to loose weight? Send finger-wagging nags in the mail? Withhold benefits? Other punitive actions? This legislation doesn't address how this personal information will be used...or whether those uses will even be effective.

Another concern: This bill calls BMI a "gold standard" measurement when it's actually quite controversial. I can only hand-enter links, so Google around for that info. redface.gif

Finally, since this information will be sharing space with the vaccine registries, keep in mind that school officials will be able to see it, too.

If you don't normally contact your policy-makers on issues, please make an exception for this one. Call, express your concerns, and ask your legislator to defeat this at all costs.

Here is a copy of HR 6402:

I realize that this is controversial, but since we can't debate in the Activism forum, please start a debate thread elsewhere if you disagree.

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