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EvaintheUP's Avatar EvaintheUP 11:01 AM 01-03-2013


I'm new to the forums, but I've been an avid reader of Mothering since my now 17 year old was born.

I have started a petition on the White House Website to allow organic foods to be included in the WIC supplemental program. I need 25,000 signatures and have tried to get the word out (and out and out...) 

Could you please sign, share and spread the petition?




Much appreciated.



EvaintheUP's Avatar EvaintheUP 04:15 PM 01-12-2013

only 15 signatures t go to make this petition searchable! please take a moment to sign and promote through your social media and real circles of friends.

pretty please...


with an organic cherry on top

nyssaneala's Avatar nyssaneala 04:47 PM 01-12-2013


Oldoak's Avatar Oldoak 07:27 PM 01-12-2013
I signed, too! And shared on FB. I have always thought WIC should allow healthier options and organics.
Mommel's Avatar Mommel 05:47 PM 01-20-2013
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