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LisaHendricks98 02-06-2013 02:03 AM

Boycott India Campaign
As many of you may be aware, a couple of months ago on December 16, 2012, a 23 year old female medical student was gangraped by 6 men in New Delhi, India. Aside from this very prominent case, the abuse and rape of women in India remains an everyday occurance, and the Indian government refuses to do anything to stop this problem. Also, recent news articles that interviewed Indian men report that up to 50 PERCENT of Indian men actually JUSTIFIED the rape, saying it was "her fault" for being out so late at night, or that it was HER FAULT for being dressed in western clothes instead of in traditional female indian clothing. Clearly, both the government of India, and a large majority of the COMMON MAN of India supports and condones the RAPE and ABUSE of WOMEN in India.
It is now time to start voting with our feet and with our purses. We should no longer support or buy products from India, as the society and government promotes the rape and abuse of women. We need to BOYCOTT INDIA, and refuse to buy products that are produced in India.
Here is a list of American companies that have branches or offices in India. We must DEMAND that these American companies withdraw all their branches and offices from India IMMEDIATELY and REFUSE to do business with a country that condones and promotes the abuse and rape of women.
General Motors
Bank of America
Goldman Sachs
Mary Kay Cosmetics
Pizza Hut
Dominos Pizza
Taco Bell
Hilton Hotels
Hyatt Hotels
Marriott Hotels
Colgate Toothpastes
American Airlines
Boycott the above companies and refuse to buy their products. As long as India remains a country that promotes and supports the abuse and rape of women, we should not support any company that does business in India.
The next time you are buying a product at a store, check if it is made in India. If so, refuse to buy the product and buy a different product that is not made in India instead.
The government and society of India has made it very clear that it supports and promotes the abuse and rape of women. Until this anti-woman policy changes, we should literally boycott India and cut all economic ties with India. We can start this Boycott India Campaign by following the above steps.
Please post this on your Facebook Wall, on your personal blog, or email it to all of your friends. The more people who engage in the Boycott India Campaign, the faster we can end the abuse, rape, and oppression of women in India.

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