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View Poll Results: Whose responsibility is it to censor what children are exposed to at the checkout?
The store should move offensive covers so children can't see them. 23 56.10%
The magazine should be more discreet about what they put on the cover. 4 9.76%
The parents should cover the children't eyes through the checkout. 3 7.32%
No one should censor what children are exposed to. 11 26.83%
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tori4man's Avatar tori4man 01:26 AM 05-01-2006
I'm new here and not sure where to post this but had to put it somewhere. I was in the grocery store checkout today and there about three feet off the ground, at most children's eye level, was the current copy of Cosmo with a caption that read something like, "When you want to b**ch slap the jerks." I was very offended and can't stop thinking about it. My baby is only 10 months old so thankfully she's not old enough to read but it makes me wonder how many impressionable young ones are now learning that phrase in the checkout. I'm angry and don't know who to tell about it. Does anyone else find this offensive?


ibex67's Avatar ibex67 10:49 AM 05-03-2006
My aunt has been a grocery store manager for over a decade. She uses her judgement every month in terms of magazine placement at check-outs. She is not a prude by any stretch and not a religious person. But even she thinks that Cosmo often needs to be either higher up on the displays -- or behind one of those 1/2 cover things like you might see a Playboy displayed behind at another store.

I don't like to make rules about censorship in general, but I do think that a mainstream publication like Cosmo needs to be re-evaluated sometimes.
midstreammama's Avatar midstreammama 01:49 PM 05-03-2006
We have an asile in the grocery store that has removed all the little tidbits and candy from it, This is so kids don'e have to be exposed to the junk. I wish they would remove the magazines too. Maybe they will, If I say something.
KC in KS's Avatar KC in KS 01:54 PM 05-03-2006
A few years back, a regional grocery chain (Kroger) issued a company-wide policy that Cosmo covers were to be covered in all displays. Seems they got tired of deciding each month whether or not they were objectionable, and definitely got tired of all the complaints!
Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 01:54 PM 05-03-2006
Hmm.. this is a tough one. In no way would I suggest that Cosmo can't put what it wants on its magazine cover. OTOH, not all kids are mature enough to process that info just because they're old enough to read it. With my own children, I'm able to explain "It's a grown up magazine, and some adults like to read stuff like that," or "we certainly have different values in our family!"
CookieMonsterMommy's Avatar CookieMonsterMommy 02:05 PM 05-03-2006
Originally Posted by Ruthla
With my own children, I'm able to explain "It's a grown up magazine, and some adults like to read stuff like that," or "we certainly have different values in our family!"
I agree. In the example given by the OP, I would use that--if ds saw it, or asked...obviously I wouldn't point it out--as a chance to explain that it appears that this magazine is trying to offer nonviolent solutions for when people get really PO'ed. I'd go on to blah blah blah about how we all get angry sometimes--sometimes so angry that we may want to hit something, or someone. But hitting is never okay (except in self defense, etc), so what are some ideas he has that people, including us, could do to deal with their anger?

CookieMonsterMommy's Avatar CookieMonsterMommy 02:18 PM 05-03-2006
You be honest--I'm not sure this belongs in activism. No debate allowed in activism, and you're not asking us to do anything to stop cosmo, or to stop grocery stores from displaying, or to support either.

Maybe it'd be more appropriated (and you'd get more responses) in TAO? (or parenting...but you seem to be asking about censorship more than how to parent)

Past_VNE's Avatar Past_VNE 05:24 PM 05-03-2006
I voted for "no one should censor..." in regards to cosmo.
Proud Wife And Mom's Avatar Proud Wife And Mom 06:02 PM 05-03-2006
I hate the Isles with all the candy in them......Michelle
DoubleOven's Avatar DoubleOven 12:34 PM 05-04-2006
Proud Wife And Mom's Avatar Proud Wife And Mom 12:47 PM 05-04-2006
I think the people who buy it, do so because it is full of sex articles
greymama's Avatar greymama 01:32 PM 05-04-2006
Does any woman over 21 buy Cosmo anymore? Seriously, I haven't read Cosmo since I was like 18, and then I was just reading for the "how to give a BJ" articles (not that I was giving any, just reading ) But, I think the magazine does have some responsibility what they put on their cover, especially when it's a term referencing violence against women (but used now for anyone.)

I haven't seen the magazine yet, but I may write the editor a little note about social responsibilty towards the young women reading her magazine.