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Copied over from another forum, I thought some of you might have kids that would be interested!

My 12 year old son asked me to post a message to find out if there are any other homeschoolers who play WoW. He would love someone to play with, but we are very strict with his usage. He plays with language filters on, and is only allowed to group with his Dad or I, but he suggested maybe he could group with other homeschoolers. Smart kid! I told him if we can find enough people, I would be willing to fund a guild (a group of individuals who are sort of a team, who share a bank, and a special group chat area) and possibly start a yahoo group so they could talk to each other about when they would be online, do quests together, perhaps talk school, ect.

If you or your child is interested, please let me know, and I will let you know what realm and more info. If you have never heard of WoW, I'd be glad to share more about that as well! Feel free to email me at

Added after initial post :

I received quite a few response via email, pm or on other message boards so the guild is up and running!

server: Terrokar

faction: alliance
guild: Murloc Preservation Soc (I didn't want anything that indicated they were children or homeschooled)

whisper for invite: Axalia, Zali, Poppi, or Tommegh

If I'm not online, feel free to email me to see about setting up a time to get you an invite

Learning that crunchy is a whole different ball of wax with my big kids, Trace 11, Zane 10, and Saxton 7
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Originally Posted by angel1895 View Post
*shrug* I play horde on blood furnace... never queue to get on the server here... but Im pretty sure Im the only mdc mama (or even papa) thats on BF

sad truth
I know the feeling. I think I'm the only MDC mom on Drak'Thul but my guild has a lot of females in it in comparison to others, and many families. Low pop, no que... we like it. Unfortunately if you like end game raiding content there are only a few guilds who CAN actually do it on our server.

Mom to Joscelyne 14, Andrew 12, and Mackenzie 10 and wife to Nate.
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Hello! Er.. it's been awhile. Quite awhile. I am going to try to jump back in, though. I was absolutely tickled to see that I am still on the roster I'm going to do some catch up reading when I get the chance, hopefully later tonight, but for the moment I just wanted to say hi, and update my character status since their current status is obviously from sometime mid-BC.

Juise - 80 S. Priest (H)
Saemai - 79 Hunter (H)
Tsarei - 79 Paladin (H)

And 7 other alts mostly ranging from 60 to 16, including a twinked warrior for the 29 bracket, and a twinked mage for the 49 bracket, although those have gotten harder to play these days.

Those are the three I play the most, though Tsarei and Saemai are both slow leveling through pvp for 79 (Actually Saemai has been leveling solely through pvp since 71) which is so much fun. Especially on the retadin. Omg. And I thought waaaaayyy back in the day when hunters were OP was fun, or melting faces with the shadow priest was fun when that was so OP, but neither were near so ridiculous as this

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So which serve is the MDC guild on? Im thinking of starting a new toon.
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We are on Runeotem; Ms AdventureCo .

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So how's everyone? What do you all think of the newest patch? I really have been enjoying the new dungeons.
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I'm having fun annoying the guild about the crappy pugs I get but other than that, loving the patch. Loving the new lfg system! Loving the new gear
Its all here other than the few really bad groups I get. Seriously, the very first group I ever got was 4 guys from Muradin, all from the same guild and incredibly geared. They hauled my butt through PoS, FoS and HoR like it was a regular run
I'm completely spoiled We really need to start doing some guild runs, but I really want my perky pug!

waiting on the power of the three wolf moon. 
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Well, soon I'll be starting a new thread (or someone else can), but I figured I'd finish out the days on this one.

My friend, who does a lot of end game raiding on his Alliance toons on another server, now has at least 3 Horde 80s on my server. So far I haven't gone with him on much of anything, but he seems always to be on doing heroic pugs. He's one of those people very knowledgeable about spells and their abilities and the best rotations, but for whatever reason he's having a hard time with his feral druid now. He feels like he can't quite optimize the rotation, but he's been getting better gear, feeling guilty for going into instances because his dps isn't the greatest, but they always end up doing well. He feels like things have really been nerfed.

So today, instead of his druid he took his lock, who does over 2k dps and is better geared. And the people in his group looked at his gear score, said, "omg, your gear score is only 3200, gtfo noob!" And then they broke up the group. This is to run fairly simple heroics. He was glad he didn't go with the group, and ended up getting in a PuG for heroic Gun'drak where he was the top dps and they had no issues. I hate this stupid gear score stuff because it seems like players can just be rude idiots and not put any thought behind anything.

Not that this is unusual for this game. I'm feeling kind of negative about it all. I wish there was a server for people over 40.
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I have been hearing that people are being stupid like that over the gear score. How exactly is one to improve their gear score if they can't run heroics?

We haven't had any trouble yet even when running random dungeons with new 80's (on Illidan). I still am trying to reach 80 on my new tauren druid. It's level 74 now.

Katreena, peace.gif 39 year old Alaskan treehugger.gif Mama to 1 hearts.gif and 1 lady.gif gd.gif

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I think we're overdue for a new thread. I don't have the energy to draw up the list though. Anyone want to start it?
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