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Proudmomoftwinsplusone's Avatar Proudmomoftwinsplusone 10:34 PM 09-15-2010
My 7 year old loves books on tape and I think I would prefer an mp3 player to lugging our huge CD player around. Anyway, about how much should I pay for a decent one that only plays audio? Any good sites for free or cheap books? I have no idea how these things work.

ollyoxenfree's Avatar ollyoxenfree 03:54 AM 09-16-2010
Check out a similar thread in the Childhood Years:

iTunes and have lots of audiobooks. Libraries are a good source too.

The ebook readers (Kindle etc.) may be an option too, if you are looking for reading vs. listening.
Proudmomoftwinsplusone's Avatar Proudmomoftwinsplusone 10:23 PM 09-16-2010
Thank you!
EFmom's Avatar EFmom 10:38 PM 09-16-2010
I love my Sansa Fuze. You can get a refurbished 8G model for around $50 or so. Dh also has one. The Fuze is also expandable with memory cards, which is awesome.
Thalia the Muse's Avatar Thalia the Muse 03:55 PM 09-17-2010
My nine-year-old saved up her own money and bought a Coby mp3 player for $25. I'm really impressed with it -- color screen, the software is easy to use, and the sound quality is great. has ebooks as well as music, and you can sign up for a free trial (it's based on membership rather htan individual purchases, you buy items with your monthly credits). they have a LOT of titles, including tons of children's classics -- I don't know how good the readers are, though. Her Coby player came with 35 points for free eMusic downloads and a free audiobook, but she hasn't used them yet.