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jilson41's Avatar jilson41 03:40 PM 12-14-2010

Hi All,

My 1st grade daughter is reading at about a 2nd grade level.  I want to get her a chapter book or two to read to herself over winter break.  I'd love suggestions for chapter books that a child at 1st/2nd grade reading level could read fairly independently.



sapphire_chan's Avatar sapphire_chan 09:11 PM 12-14-2010

Check out Dick King-Smith's books. (But do NOT get the movie version of Babe as that is scary).


jilson41's Avatar jilson41 10:12 AM 12-15-2010

We love Dick King-Smith books!  I'm wondering if the Britishness of them would be difficult for her.  I find myself interjecting explanations as I read.  Anyone have an early reader have a problem (or not) with books from UK writers?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated!

Oh, and I should have added that while we love Magic Tree House and the Rainbow Fairy books, we've been reading them aloud so much the past year (her 4 year old twin siblings love these books) that I'm looking for something new.



Owen'nZoe's Avatar Owen'nZoe 10:42 AM 12-15-2010

My kids have trouble with books by UK authors, too. I tend to avoid them, because it is too exhausting answering all of the "what did that mean?" questions.


I don't know if this series would be too boyish (I don't think so, but it would depend on the girl), but my kids love the Roscoe Riley series. They are funny and a pretty easy read.

sapphire_chan's Avatar sapphire_chan 11:03 AM 12-16-2010

I was reading Narnia in 2nd grade, The Secret Garden was my favorite book in 3rd grade. The only thing that ended up being a sort of problem is that for about 10 years I thought that kids in England got flashlights with flame shaped tops because of "electric torch".

A&A's Avatar A&A 08:34 PM 12-16-2010

The Flat Stanley series.


motherhendoula's Avatar motherhendoula 08:37 PM 12-16-2010

The Juney B Jones Series is cute

Holland73's Avatar Holland73 08:15 AM 12-17-2010

It really depends on her level, in regards to books she can read independently... independently being the key word.   You don't want something that is going to be too hard and frustrating for her, plus you want her to be able to independently comprehend what she is reading. 


Beginning/early middle year 2nd grade is typically reading Frog & Toad and Henry and Mudge books.  I'd start there and see how she feels with those books.  Make sure you ask her to retell the story to you, preferably in either a beginning, middle, end format or setting/characters/problem/solution format.  The comprehension component is super important.  As I always tell my parents, just because they can read it, doesn't mean they understand it.  Understanding is the most important part of reading... why read if you don't understand?


Another great early beginning chapter book series is Mercy Watson, which is written by Kate diCamillo about a pet pig.  My 1st graders LOVE the Mercy stories when I read them for read alouds! 

LynnS6's Avatar LynnS6 01:01 PM 12-18-2010

If she's just starting to read independently, Narnia and the Secret Garden are good books to read aloud to her, but might be hard for her to get through.


Ones that my kids started with:

Cam Jansen mysteries -- there's an early reader version called The Young Cam Jansen that you can start with if she's unsure about the amount of text on the page

Magic Tree House books

A to Z mysteries

Junie B. Jones

Arthur Chapter Books

Berenstain Bears Chapter books

Rainbow Magic (beware: these are my least favorite kids' books of all time. However, my dd loved them, and they're what really got her from Easy Readers to chapter books last summer. They're very predictable. Very. Extremely. I could write the plot in my sleep.)


Other ones to look at (my kids weren't thrilled with them, but your child might be)

Dragon Slayer's Academy

Secrets of Droon

Jigsaw Jones

Nate the Great


kangamitroo's Avatar kangamitroo 09:49 PM 12-31-2010

i hope you found something for your child to enjoy over the break.


my 6yo dd is crazy about Roald Dahl.  Matilda is my dd's favorite, and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory also is excellent.  The Minpins is a shorter choice.


The Mouse and the Motorcycle is a great choice, too.


(she also adored The Secret Garden, which we read together.  we started the Narnia books, but the first one was a much bigger hit than the subsequent stories.)


in our house, many of the "typical" first grade series are too short (e.g. Henry and Mudge) or just don't appeal to my dd.  depending on your dd, they may be just right—or you may want to reach for classics like Charlotte's Web.

NoraC's Avatar NoraC 09:55 AM 01-01-2011

My son is also in Grade 1 and reading at about Grade 2 level. He has enjoyed recently:


-Magic Treehouse

-Bad Kitty (Nick Bruel) not exactly a chapter book but lots of fun!

-AMazing world of Stuart (Sarah Pennypacker)

-Pokemon (the Jr. books and the chapter books)

-Franny K Stein (Jim Benton)


He also enjoys graphic novels (Star WArs, Bone)


My daughter was not as strong a reader at that age but in Grade 2 she enjoyed:

-The Rainbow Fairies books (yawn for me but she enjoyed them)

-the Disney Fairies books (more difficult that the Rainbow fairies but the stories were much more interesting)

-Magic Treehouse

-Stink Moody (same author as Judy Moody)


Enjoy! I like reading many of the books along with the kids!!





beanma's Avatar beanma 09:07 AM 01-24-2011

I know this thread is a bit old, but I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents anyway. My dd2 (7, and in first grade) loves the Ivy & Bean books (about 2 second grade girls) and we've also recently checked out some Judy Moody books, but I think the Ivy & Bean books are funnier.



philomom's Avatar philomom 12:42 PM 01-27-2011

These are out of print but anything by Ruth Chew is awesome.

Subhuti's Avatar Subhuti 06:16 PM 02-01-2011

How about the "B is for Betsy" by Carolyn Haywood (sp?).  They were written in the 30s and reprinted in the 1990's.  Cute original illustrations by the author.  Starts in Kgarten and the series continues through fourth grade.  Nothing big happens, nothing magic or scary, just a window into the "big things" in a child's life -- a sister being born, a sleigh ride, a school fair, a school play, summer vacation, etc.  I enjoyed reading these with my kids...