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emilyjace's Avatar emilyjace 09:10 PM 02-28-2011

Can anyone tell me how to get a copy of the famed Welcome With Love? It's $100 on amazon and that just seems wrong...Thanks!

ssh's Avatar ssh 09:59 PM 02-28-2011

Our local library has a copy. Could you find a copy to read while you're looking for a cheaper one to own. This is abit cheaper http://cgi.ebay.com/WELCOME-LOVE-JENNI-OVEREND-JULIE-VIVAS-BRAND-NEW-/140471203180?pt=US_Childrens_Books&hash=item20b4bc756c .

Geist's Avatar Geist 10:16 AM 03-02-2011

wow I didn't know this was a famous book! A friend of mine had a copy and loaned it to us to prepare our son for the birth.


So, I guess you could always borrow a copy if you know someone who owns one ;)

journeymom's Avatar journeymom 12:38 PM 03-02-2011

May I ask why this book is so expensive? The one I see on Amazon is $180, and even the used ones are $45. The one on eBay is $74.99. Amazon says it's all of 32 pages long. I'm very curious!

briannas auntie's Avatar briannas auntie 05:34 PM 03-02-2011

There was another board book called "Breastmilk Makes My Tummy Yummy", that I wanted to get my friend for her baby shower, so she could read it to her baby, but it too was extremely expensive on Amazon.com and Ebay. 

I think some of the used book sellers on Amazon are starting to take advantage of people when it comes to books, even recent books.  The "Welcome With Love" book isn't that old, so I don't understand why it would be that expensive.

Our local library has this book, but I don't know where else to find it.


You might type in the title of the book on Google and see if other bookstores have it cheaper.



Tjej's Avatar Tjej 11:51 PM 03-02-2011

It has a new title and it is cheaper on Amazon - Hello Baby


It's one of the few books out there that does homebirthing as a cute sweet adorable little children's book - that is why it costs so much.  I snagged it for $1 (or was it $2) at a local book sale. I would sell it to you, but my kids are pretty into it right now.  I think it is on the little book pile by my DD's bed.