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ramama's Avatar ramama 07:27 AM 05-06-2011

Anyone?  Oh, please be someone!  By George R.R. Martin, on which the Game of Thrones series is based on.  I'm so addicted...

CallMeMommy's Avatar CallMeMommy 07:58 AM 05-06-2011

Ooh, ooh, me!  I've read the whole series and am anxiously awaiting the next one!  I'm seriously considering ponying up the $15 a month for HBO because of the series, too.

elanorh's Avatar elanorh 07:55 PM 05-07-2011

I already have the next book ordered at our bookstore.  thumb.gif  I've reread the series once - doubt I'll have time to work on a third-time-through before July though....

Where are you in the series?  Are you following along with HBO?  I DVR'd the first episode because HBO was free that week, but will wait 'til it comes out on Netflix to watch it all through.  That way I get it in one big gulp. 

There are some awesome plot twists and character development in the books.  You'll enjoy them!


ramama's Avatar ramama 07:56 AM 05-08-2011

Yay!  More readers!  I've read the series too and DH and I are already fighting over who reads the next one first LOL!  I am re-reading the series now and am almost done with the second book. I am reading them much more slowly this time around, the first time I just devoured them.  This time, things are sticking out for me.


What do you guys think of this theory:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Rhaegar Targaryen + Lyanna Stark=Jon Snow?

These books are really just phenomenal.  This isn't even my genre, I'm not a big fantasy fan normally.  We splurged on HBO just for the series, which is a *huge* splurge for us, but we had to see it!

elanorh's Avatar elanorh 01:52 PM 05-08-2011

Yes, I believe your theory is correct.  Absolutely.  I'm still wondering who the


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

"three" that Rhaegar was talking about, are.  Was it his three kids - or is it three riders for dragons - in which case, who are they?  Jon Snow, Danaerys, and ---?  I wonder whether the next book will address this more.  The Bull could be the third, I wonder whether that could be the case?  Or does it need to be Tergaryen bloodlines? 

(spoiler above for those who haven't finished the series up to this point). 

ramama's Avatar ramama 02:54 PM 05-08-2011

Unfortunately, I can't claim the theory :) Although I arrived at it independently, I confirmed it online and found that a million other people beat me to it LOL!


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Robert Baratheon had a distant Targaryen ancestor, no?  Isn't that why he became king after the rebellion, since he had the best claim, even though it wasn't a very good one?  Something about the daughters of second sons.  Then Gendry can be the third head, since he has a drop of Targ blood.  I do agree that Dany and Jon must be two of them, and I always thought they had to be Targ.  Although I'd be thrilled if Tyrion figured in somewhere :)

And, neat-o, I didn't know you could do that spoiler thingy!

Cyllya's Avatar Cyllya 03:49 PM 05-08-2011

I love this series!


I haven't reread it, but I have obsessively read the forums on to learn about all the little details I wasn't able to pick up the first time.

Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 03:58 PM 05-08-2011

I've got it on my to do list, but I am still 2 books short of finishing the current series I'm reading so I haven't gotten to it. Soon.

east carolina's Avatar east carolina 11:54 AM 06-12-2011

Reading these books too, and I LOVE them. I just started A Feast for Crows, and I can't wait until Dance with Dragons comes out this summer. Also the HBO series is good, the episodes I've seen so far. This a series I will definitely be re-reading.

Viola's Avatar Viola 12:26 AM 06-19-2011

My husband is reading the first book and he thinks it is well written, but he says that terrible things happen to good people enough that it's hard to read, and he doesn't think I would like it because of that.

Cyllya's Avatar Cyllya 05:36 PM 06-20-2011

Terrible things certainly do happen to good people pretty frequently in this series.

Keeta's Avatar Keeta 06:18 PM 06-27-2011

Originally Posted by Viola View Post

My husband is reading the first book and he thinks it is well written, but he says that terrible things happen to good people enough that it's hard to read, and he doesn't think I would like it because of that.

I had a seriously hard time stomaching all the rape and sexualized violence in the first book, and heard that it doesn't really improve throughout the series, so I'm reluctant to continue.  Although the show does kick serious ass.

jeteaa's Avatar jeteaa 06:30 PM 06-27-2011

On book 3. LOVE IT. I really enjoy how each short chapter focuses on only one person/area at a time. I do hope there is atleast one true romance/ true love couple. So far all have been arranged marriages.

Viola's Avatar Viola 01:23 AM 06-29-2011

He's on the third book and he was just commenting about how he feels that a huge double cross is being set up that will destroy all the good guys, and it's painful for him to read.  But he says it's really compelling.  lol.gif  

Aquitane's Avatar Aquitane 06:57 AM 06-29-2011

I love the series, but after what happened to my favorite character, I don't know if I could read the books.  I've heard from a couple of people the same things as on here.  That the "good guys" frequently end up in horrible circumstances or dead.  I would be angry a lot...

spughy's Avatar spughy 11:22 PM 07-25-2011

Well, I think the best part about it is that sometimes (frequently) the good guys end up dead BECAUSE they were good.  Or young and helpless.   Or just plain idiotic.   But sometimes, you get to cheer when he offs a prominent character.


Spoiler alert


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Gotta love how Joffrey bit it!  And who did it.  I was surprised he got knocked off so early on, but pleasantly so.   Also quite pleased with the ending of Lord Tywin.  Also some people you think are pretty dead turn out to be not so much.  Ned really is very very dead though.


elanorh's Avatar elanorh 01:29 AM 07-26-2011

I only watched the first episode on HBO - will have to wait 'til it's out on Netflix for the rest of it - but, I'd say for anyone who's watching the series, the books are far less graphic (in that you can skip through the graphic parts in the books).  You know, you just don't pay attention to some parts because they are not what you're interested in....  ?  At least, despite having read the series through twice, I didn't notice how much sex and gore there was in the books 'til watching the HBO first episode.  A couple friends had to remind me that, yes, the books were like that too (but I'd just glossed past some of it). 

My sister calls them "The Books Where Everyone Dies."  winky.gif  I do very much appreciate the character development.  There are characters that I loathed in the first couple books, that I like very much now.  And characters I liked in the early books who I very much dislike, now. 

Gosh, I hope it's not as long a wait between books as we waited for these last two.  Then again, if the next one comes out when I'm not quite as busy as I was for A Dance with Dragons, that would be great.  I read the other books pretty much in 1-2 days, so having to slog more slowly through this one was painful. 

I love the hidden clues and connections.  It's fun to see whether people catch some of the little details, as they read the books.  I've got a few friends IRL who are starting the series now (or soon), and it's going to be fun to hear their reactions as they go through the books. 


samstress's Avatar samstress 03:04 PM 07-27-2011

Originally Posted by ramama View Post

These books are really just phenomenal.  This isn't even my genre, I'm not a big fantasy fan normally.

this is me too, but i'm loving book one.  dh has been bugging me for years to read the series, insisting i will love them.  finally decided to give them a try when the hbo series came out.  as soon as i'm done with the first book we plan on watching it.  got dh the fifth book for our anniversary and he's enjoying it so far.  he also enjoys hearing my reactions as i read the first one.