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meemee's Avatar meemee 05:44 PM 09-02-2011

what movies have you watched that made you wonder why they wasted money to make it?


i seem to be in the mode of that these days.


i sat thru sex in the city coz i'd heard so much about that movie. and all through the movie i kept asking what's the point. i can see it being great as a show. but as a movie. it just didnt make any sense (apart from a typcial plot so weak that i could tell you what would come up next).


so please share which ones are yours.

Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 09:42 AM 09-03-2011

Blue Valentine- it was so depressing and I really never got it


I wish I could remember the name of the other one! It was so bad I can not even remember the name!

Caneel's Avatar Caneel 12:24 PM 09-07-2011

I thought the second Sex in the City was even worse than the first.  (and I loved the series on HBO)


Other movies I wished I never would have watched -


The Reader

Revolutionary Road


Not saying the movies weren't "good" I just wish I wouldn't have invested those 4 or so hours watching either, too depressing.

ancoda's Avatar ancoda 08:26 PM 09-07-2011


The final cut


lindberg99's Avatar lindberg99 09:11 PM 09-09-2011

The American - DH said they made it because George Clooney wanted to jet around Europe and act with naked women. *LOL* I think I made it through maybe 20 min before I fell asleep.


This one is old but The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover. - I still remember when the first scene came on (which was some horrible scene of dogs eating something), I thought it was a preview and I was thinking "I'm glad we're not watching THAT movie." Unfortunately, we were.

lindberg99's Avatar lindberg99 09:13 PM 09-09-2011

Oh, and Soccer Mom, which involved a woman dressing up as a male Italian soccer star after she promised and failed to get him to come and coach her daughter's soccer team or something.