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AAK's Avatar AAK 01:38 PM 02-21-2014

DD is reading Hamlet.  I would love to get her to a live performance, but there aren't any nearby.  Are any of the DVD renditions any good?  If you saw a particularly terrible version, let me know that too.  



rachelsmama's Avatar rachelsmama 01:53 PM 02-21-2014

There's a DVD version with David Tennant and Patrick Stewart that my family really enjoyed.  The sets and costumes are a bit weird, but we really enjoyed Tennant's performance. 


We also really enjoyed the Franco Zeffirelli version with Mel Gibson and Helena Bonham Carter.  The production value is really high (really good sets and costumes, etc...), and the performances are pretty good too.

AAK's Avatar AAK 01:34 PM 02-24-2014


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