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darlindeliasmom's Avatar darlindeliasmom 02:16 PM 02-18-2005
I've always kinda figured lembas would work more along the lines of that wonderful chewing gum Willie Wonka was inventing, that could taste like any meal and truly fill you up...

but the matzoh thing isn't far off...I'm gonna insist in seeing this as a profoundly Christian story, despite that interview with Tolkein. I think he REALLY objected to allegory as transparent as CS Lewis' in the Narnia tales. So there's not one to one correspondence--Sauron = Satan, Galadriel = Mary. But you are certainly to draw upon your knowledge of Christian myths to deepen your appreciation of the story. So lembas, though it is not a direct = to Holy Eucharist, ie, the Bread of Life, is surely meant to echo it.

Anyway, enough about that. Just wanted to say I loved the list, especially

3. You get pissed off when people say they think Faramir is a jerk because of the Two Towers movie.
4.You worship the movies, but nonetheless you want to murder Peter Jackson for his randon Arwen scenes, cutting Tom Bombadil, and the barrow downs, Glorfindel, Gandalf's talk with Saruman in the Two Towers, the scouring of the Shire, etc.
9.You scream out loud 'MY PRECIOUS; to your parents when they take something from you or you want something.
12.You have added variouos other meals to your list, elevensies, afterlunch, second breakfast...
15.You run around in teh woods screaming "Ho! tom Bombadil, Tom Bombadillo." And you provide anyone you run into with mounds of food and protection from mean oak trees.
17. When your parents want to inspect whether your room is messy or not you shout "YOU...SHALL...NOT....PASS!!!"
24.You're still reading this list.
26.You know what LOTR, FOTR,TTT,PJ,JRRT and ROTK stand for.
27.You know whoElijah, Viggo, Ian, Sean,Dom, Billy, Karl,David and John are.
29.You celebrate Bilbo, Frodo and Aragorn's birthdays and March 25th, the day the ring was destroyed.
31.Another insult that you lash out at someone when they make a mistake is "Fool of a Took!"
32.Whenever your family, or your friends got to the beach you make them sing Legolas' song of teh sea all the way there. If they don't know it, teach them linebyline and make them sing it over and over again. Also sing Bilbo's travelling song on long trips.
33.Instead of pepper spray, you pack a glass bottle and scream"Aiya Earendil Elenion Ancalima!!!" at muggers.
34.You compare people you know to LOTR characters.
36.You cry over Gandalf's death even though you know he comes back.
37.You cry when Eowyn is believed to be dead even though you know she's not.
38.You cry when Denethor says he set fire to Faramir, even though you know he didn't.
41.Are surprised when someone acts insulted when you tell them they resemble someone from LotR, it was OBVIOUSLY a compliment.
44.You read the book out loud to yourself just so you can do the voices.
46.Your still reading this.
48.You're thinking it would be fun to make up your own list.
49.You know who Adunakhor, Celegorm, Finarfin, Ilmare, Ohtar,Thorondor and Vana are.
50.You got all of the above jokes.
we went through a long period when fool of a Took! was used..I predict it will resurface over the does Hermoine's line from the first HP: "I'm going to bed before you can do something that will get us killed..or worse, expelled." That cracked Delia up.

Another fav line is only in the movie, when Gimli hesitates on letting the Dead go. I know we misquote it, but it's something like "They're good in a pinch..." my dd walks around for weeks after each viewing of ROTK saying that...

now dh and I for years (okay, geekhood alert here) will occasionally launch into Tom Bombadil's poems, about meeting the river water's daughter, etc. "Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow, with his leggings blue and his jacket yellow...ho, Tom, Hey Tom, Tom Bombadill-o" it's quite sad, actually, but it makes us laugh.

I am truly afraid that between HP and LOTR, we have truly ruined any chance at "normalcy" my dd had!!

journeymom's Avatar journeymom 02:33 PM 02-18-2005
Why wasn't Frodo completely nude
'Cause that would make it rated 'R'! :LOL (I'm being flippant, but it's partly true.)

I don't remember Tolkein ever resolving whether the Ents find their Wives, but that was on purpose, I think. I think that was just a really sad result of Man's assault on nature that is a running theme of his. It's no coincidence that it's the Ents that are Saruman's downfall. Saruman was the biggest industrial offender. But the tragedy is that even after Treebeard, Merry and Pippen finally stir them to action, they never find any Entwives. And then the Age of Man takes over.

The first times I read LOTR I was maybe 12 or 13. I was Soooo into it, I wanted it to be real. I decided that there had been a Middle Earth, but it slowly disappeared around the time of King Arthur (another character I was sure was real).
journeymom's Avatar journeymom 02:36 PM 02-18-2005
BTW, dh insists there's a portion of the movie where Arwen dances nude through the forest in the moon light. He doesn't care that no one else can see that part. :LOL
tinybutterfly's Avatar tinybutterfly 03:01 PM 02-18-2005
Originally Posted by journeymom
BTW, dh insists there's a portion of the movie where Arwen dances nude through the forrest in the moon light. He doesn't care that no one else can see that part. :LOL
tinybutterfly's Avatar tinybutterfly 03:02 PM 02-18-2005
Does anybody else wish they could live in Middle-Earth? :
Astrid's Avatar Astrid 03:09 PM 02-18-2005
Yes. I would have married Faramir
monkaha's Avatar monkaha 04:29 PM 02-18-2005
And I would have been a shield-maiden of the Rohirrim. or maybe a hobbit (I do have big feet and a fondness for mushrooms..... LOL)
MommytoMJM's Avatar MommytoMJM 05:19 PM 02-18-2005
Hey y'all, DH is home today with a sore back, so I am rereading the whole thread to respond to stuff, expect a long post later on from me!!!!!
Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 07:12 PM 02-18-2005
Originally Posted by tinybutterfly
Does anybody else wish they could live in Middle-Earth? :
You mean we DON'T???
MommytoMJM's Avatar MommytoMJM 07:47 PM 02-18-2005
OK, finally made it though all 4 pages and compiled most of my ths is roughly in the order of posts....sorta....

A funny:
My dd (4) and never seen the LOTR except some of the extras footage. With
the EE's we got the statuettes, I didn't want H to put the Gollum one out, I thought it would scare dd. Anyway, somehow it got put out and MJ found it....and she carries it around kissing his head and saying owie and looking very sad. She is such an empathetic kid it is amazing to me.....

Did anyone ever check out the Encyclopedia of Arda site?

Here is a site for a band that did some LOTR songs, the one titled The Ring of Hope is incredible, it is told from Sam's POV

Here is a site for Tolkien Filk on the web, there is some cool stuff here too....

Does anyone else have the same burning desire that I have to go see the Lord of the Rings Symphony? It is in cleveland next Feb and H and I are trying to figure out how to get there! LOL

"Dorks of the Rings"?!?!?!?! (rushes to tar and feather Monica's not so DH!!!! (Hold me back people!!!)

Abimommy - I grew up witha geeky father, mom not so much, but I have his original copy of the LOTR (he died 8 years ago, he was a real jerk in some ways, but did instill my love of reading in me)

Bluenail - son named Sam by coincidence....Sure...we believe you Uh-huh!!! LOL

Favorite Scenes: I know there are more, but here are a few....

Beacons for sure, Sam: I can't carry the Ring, but I can carry you!, I do no fear death!!! (Way of the dead, Aragorn), All the romance of the coronation (sucker for a happy ending), bowing to the hobbitses, Eowyn: I am no man!!!! (you go girl), Leaving for the Gray Havens (bawl), Any aerobatic Legolas scene (oh who am I kidding, any Legolas scene at all), when the elves show up at Helm's Deep

I love Tom Bombadil in the book

Geeky factor: I spend free time on the web looking for LOTR inspired music. I reread all 4 pages of this thread to write individual responses!, I also spend time looking up the answers to ??'s in my reference books....sigh....

MrsMissy: The books are a hard read for me too, even tho I have read them before, I still read them with reference material at my side and a notepad in case I can't reach my refernce books....

How many other people's morph? Everytime I read mine, I swear there are new things in it that weren't there the last time I read it....same with the movies...and other books I do in series (Xanth, Pern, Harry Potter)

Speaking of Potter, someone set up a thread for HP over there...H had an eveil thought that we chould go over there and post that Sauron is more evil than Voldemort! LOL

Ashamed to admit, H claims to be a fan too, but hasn't read the books, sigh....What am I gonna do with him?

I have to admit that I was not dissapointed that the Scouring of the Shire was left out of the movies, but then I am not good with suffering and despair either....

I was so dissapointed in the MOS.....tho that seems to be a lonely opinion....

Another unpopular opinion, I am a sap for romance, so I liked all of the stuff with Aragorn and Arwen. I also loved seeing her 'get" the black riders at the Ford. I realize it was different than the book, but I love strong women things. (Eowyn and the Witch King, the woman in Judge Dredd, you get the idea)

AJP-I totally agree with your point about the books and the movies being different and to judge them each on their own merits. For me, I sort of view them as totally differnt entities and that makes the discrepancies ok for me...

Sam as a servant: I have a totally differnt view on this being a fairly conservative Christian woman. I think that a servant's heart is the most beautiful thing that one can have. I love Sam's character and dedication to Frodo.

Alexis- I wanna go back to school too, I love these sorts of analytical discussions about anything!!!

DDM - I haven't gotten to start Meditaions on ME yet, but I am going to soon (I hope) I also really, really, really want a copy of Tolkien's Letters. BTW, are you sure you aren't married to my husband. I asked him the Strider/Elessar ?? and he said Strider then I read him the decription of your husband and he said, yup, that is me! Sigh......

I play the flute and there is a new sheet music book out that has 12 songs from the three movies with an accompaniment CD, I want it....Waaaahhhhhh

I prefer Elessar. I love the coronation scene (sucker for a happy ending) I loved his decision to confront Sauron at the Black Gate (but Legolas is the one who really does it for me!)

Journey- The Dummies Guide to ME (it really is very good despite the title) has some fascinating discussion regarding Tolkien's religion and his writing.

Ownesmom - Arwen is over 3,000 at the time of LOTR according to The Complete Guide to Middle Earth....

Whatever - Welcome to the group, jump in anywhere!

I can't watch the movies as much as most because MJ isn't old enough yet. Sigh.... I am dying to see them all with the commentaries....

AmyAngel - I have the smae issues with reading Tolkien, I always have 3 or 4 reference books at my side or a notebook wot write things to look up if I can't get to my refernces....

The addict list - What can I say? I am a geek! H OTOH (who claims to be a geek) didn't even finish reading it..... :P

Ruthia - regarding the Hobbitses according to my reference books, they were created in the First Age (FA) but were unobtrusive and lived unnoticed in the Vales of Anduin into the Third Age (TA) They fled westward away from the Mirkwood Forest and the evil hiding there around 1050 TA, in 1600 the Shire was founded and soon almost all hobbits came to live there or in Bree. There is more I could type, but don't know how much you want to know, so I will stop and you can ask if you want more detail.....

According to all of my sources, the Entwives were destroyed and never found and reunited with the Ents.


Oh, PS TB I want to live in the Shire specifically!
wenat's Avatar wenat 08:01 PM 02-18-2005
Been lurking on this thread for a while, and enjoying the geekiness...

DH is taking me to see the One Man Lord of the Rings for my birthday. The summary: Master-Impressionist/Super-Dork, Charles Ross, takes you from the Shire to Mordor and back in one hour. One Man (Chares Ross) recreates, without the use of costume, set, or special effects, Peter Jackson’s trilogy: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and Return of the King.

Charles plays all the characters, performs the music, fights the battles, cries the tears, and ultimately triumphs over evil, in only 3600 seconds. If you’ve already seen the films, read the books, and named your baby Shagrat, drink a glass of milk and seek medical attention. But first see The One Man Lord Of The Rings.
More info:

I remember reading the entire trilogy during recess in Grade 7, while all the other kids were passing around the Saturday Night Live LP. This probably dates me horribly, but also shows just how much of a geek I was in school.

Thanks you guys, for all the great LoTR links.
MommytoMJM's Avatar MommytoMJM 08:09 PM 02-18-2005
MJ is 4. She is not very verbal, but can express being afraid in sign. We have been watching some extra (the Nat Geo special on LOTR) and she seems really interested in the footage. DH thinks she is old enough to see the movies and if she expresses being scared we can turn them off. I am not sure, I love the movies, but do you think a 4 yo could really handle it?

DH did show her HP 1 and 2 but she was too young to understand (2.5 or so) and didn't really watch them. I think she would watch LOTR, but how do I know if she is ready?
Astrid's Avatar Astrid 09:19 PM 02-18-2005
Wow. MommytoMJM I'm so jealous you got the EE with the statues. I'm kicking myself for not splurging on those

If you could only buy one reference book, which one would it be? I feel there is a whole other "level" of LOTR that I am missing.

I am aching to reread the books but think this time I will read them aloud to my 6 year old. I read parts to him when he was 4 and he really enjoyed it. Plus, it is never to early to start on a new generation of "Tolkien Geeks"

Regarding watching the movies, I think it all depends on the child. My 6 year old wouldn't watch them but he seems really sensitive to "dark" movies. He thought Finding Nemo was too scary. You can always forward the scarier scenes, that is what I did for my son watching Jurassic Park (he is a dino-geek)
tinybutterfly's Avatar tinybutterfly 09:24 PM 02-18-2005
MommytoMJM, I'd like to live in the Shire or ya think Eomer would marry me if I were a hobbit and then move with me to where I want to live...actually, I would move to Rohan just to be with him. :LOL

You could try letting her watch them and tell her to let you know if she was scared. I am probably one of the few people here who actually liked the Rankin and Bass animated version of The Hobbit and LOTR's ( yep they left lots of stuff out, but...I still love 'em) and you might start her with those, so she is familiar with the storyline before she sees the PJ versions.

My brother sent me copies of the whole Rankin and Bass thing on audio and all the songs. I like the song the Dwarves sing when they are cleaning up Bilbo's dishes.

TB ( who does not want to be kicked out of the club and promises to post something more meaty and intellectual next time... :...who am I kidding!)
LovemyBoo's Avatar LovemyBoo 09:25 PM 02-18-2005
MommytoMJM, my ds is six and I won't let him watch them. It does depend on the child. I think the Nazgul, the Uruk-hai, and the orcs in general are too scary for him. Plus there are the deaths (specifically Boromir and Gandalf) in the first movie that are too real for him. I also wonder if he wouldn't identify with the hobbits b/c they are short, and a lot of scary things happen to all four of them.

I guess it's all a matter of how well your child can process the violence and death in these movies. I have already told ds that he may watch the movies after he's read the books. So whenever that is, and I'm hoping we'll read the books together.
Astrid's Avatar Astrid 09:37 PM 02-18-2005
: tinybutterfly

I thought about Rohan, but I'm afraid of horses. It would be hard to be a shield-maiden on foot (although I do like the thought of being a shield-maiden...) The elves are lovely but I find them a bit stuffy so I set my sights on Ithilien with my beloved Faramir.
However, I would also consider the Shire because I have a thing for Pippin...
alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 09:39 PM 02-18-2005
Bonny -- I don't know. My neice (4 years old and verbal as well as knowing sign, cause her momma is hard-of-hearing) has seen all 3 movies lots of times. She's also seen movies that were even more hard-core violent/ fantasy (Brotherhood of the Wolf, for example, a movie I *love* but wow. I can't imagine a 4 year old getting it!)

I think it may be dependent on the child, but I also think that as a very empathetic, sensitive person myself, I'm probably going to try to shield my kids from movie violence as much as possible, for as long as I can (it's so hard!).... I have too many nightmares about movies I saw when I was younger. I don't think movies effect every kid the same way, but they really effected me.

That said, I think it's totally possible to edit movies to take out some of the more violent aspects, and that might be OK. My aunt did this with movies that had any hint of nudity of sexuality for my cousin who has aspbergers. (People with that syndrome have a hard time watching anything with sex or touching or nudity.) I think she said there was a place on-line she went to for a copy of Titanic once (it was her other child's favorite movie, but her boy wouldn't watch it). But now with DVDs, I think you could just fast-forward through scenes...

Good luck making the decision!
tinybutterfly's Avatar tinybutterfly 10:14 PM 02-18-2005
Originally Posted by Astrid
: tinybutterfly

I thought about Rohan, but I'm afraid of horses. It would hard to be a shield-maiden on foot (although I do like the thought of being a shield-maiden...) The elves are lovely but I find them a bit stuffy so I set my sights on Ithilien with my beloved Faramir.
However, I would also consider the Shire because I have a thing for Pippin...

A shield maiden on foot! *snort*

I would make a very poor elf..I am way too silly.

Pippen is cute! And he would be fun...not off fighting wars all the time and looking so serious.
owensmom's Avatar owensmom 11:16 PM 02-18-2005
Mmmm, me want smelly horse man. So, can one take classes on swordfighting, or does one have to don a silly outfit and poke others with a flimsy stick?
tinybutterfly's Avatar tinybutterfly 11:52 PM 02-18-2005
JessicaS's Avatar JessicaS 12:04 AM 02-19-2005
I like smelly horse man too


Same actor is on the new Bourne movie..but he is clean shaven.
2much2luv's Avatar 2much2luv 01:04 AM 02-19-2005
My children, 4.5 and 3, have seen bits and peices of the movies. Pretty much only the nice parts, which is pretty much the first 10 minutes of FOTR. :LOL They have seen alot of the extras on the EE and my 3 year old loves watching Gollum but my 4 year old can't stand it. This goes with their personalities...3 year old is fearless, 4 year old is scared of everything. But they have also seen the "romantic"scenes and my 4 year old, a deeply romantic child, loves those parts. I would feel really uncomfortable with them seeing many of the scenes though, like the battle scenes and scenes where anyone dies. I just don't know what their understanding is of "real" vs "fake" at that age.
We did take them to the movies for HP3. :
2much2luv's Avatar 2much2luv 01:12 AM 02-19-2005
Oh! I just remembered about my LOTR soaker.

When LOTR freak meets hyena you get...



That's my baby's name in Elvish on the back.
monkaha's Avatar monkaha 01:50 AM 02-19-2005
Wow. Awesome soaker.

You could join SCA for real sword-fighting lessons.
journeymom's Avatar journeymom 02:22 AM 02-19-2005
2much2luv, OK, now you get the prize. That's completely cool!

(Though completely off topic here, what is a soaker? I used aio's when ds was a baby. I've been hanging around here for almost 3 years and through process of elimination (ha! elimination! get it??) figured you use them over the actual folded, pinned diaper. But- they keep the moisture off your lap? Do they really do that? )

I'd be Faramir's maiden any day.
LovemyBoo's Avatar LovemyBoo 01:22 PM 02-19-2005
2much2love that is an awesome soaker! I don't use wool but something like that makes it very tempting!! It's a nice keepsake, too. May I ask who made it?

Journeymom, a soaker is used with prefolds, flats, or fitteds. It's a diaper cover. Wool makes a very absorbant cover and is still soft when made well and taken care of properly. It is expensive but very addictive, so I hear.
tinybutterfly's Avatar tinybutterfly 01:53 PM 02-19-2005
2much2love, that is SOOooooooo cool!

Okay, I went out the other day and got new paperback LOTRs for myself!

My brother had sent these two books to ds#1 Tales From the Perilous Realm ( I had read this one before, but it's been awhile)
and The Road to Middle Earth.

The plan is once I finish the Simarillion to read those, too. Why am I having so much trouble with the Simarillion?

Then when May rolls around...this thread has inspired me to start my annual Hobbit. LOTRs fest!

I still can't understand how ds#2 can be bored with the hobbits and he could care less about ever reading the books! I feel like I have a wayward child.

Has anybody read Tolkien's letters?
Viola's Avatar Viola 03:15 PM 02-19-2005
OMG, that soaker is just the cutest thing!

My dh loves the Silmarillion best of all of Tolkien's stuff. He couldn't wait to get it when it finally came out here (when he was a teen, back in the 70's, LOL).

He also has it on unabridged audio CD and would listen to it on his drive to work.

TB, what you said about your child being bored with it is why I am afraid rather than excited about introducing my child to my favorite books.
2much2luv's Avatar 2much2luv 03:45 PM 02-19-2005
Soakers do work. The concept confused me at first too, but they work well.
Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 10:58 PM 02-19-2005
Ruthia - regarding the Hobbitses according to my reference books, they were created in the First Age (FA) but were unobtrusive and lived unnoticed in the Vales of Anduin into the Third Age (TA) They fled westward away from the Mirkwood Forest and the evil hiding there around 1050 TA, in 1600 the Shire was founded and soon almost all hobbits came to live there or in Bree. There is more I could type, but don't know how much you want to know, so I will stop and you can ask if you want more detail.....

According to all of my sources, the Entwives were destroyed and never found and reunited with the Ents.


OK, the Ents never finding the Ent-wives kind of affirms my "theory" that the events of ME "could have been" real- we're now several thousand years into the Age of Man, and the reason there aren't any Ents today is because they haven't been reproducing and the old ones died off. (Or, if any Ents do exist, they're few in number and hide from Men.)

About the Hobbitses: the copy of The Silmarillion is back at the library, so I don't remember all the names and can't look it up, but I do remember there being a G-d like Creator who made the Elves and the Men, and an "angel-like being" (or Pagan god-like being)- a servant of the Creator, but with free will, who created the Dwarves. Who created the Hobbitses? Was it part of the "original plan" or not? I also forget who made the other creatures, the Ents and stuff- and if they were part of the 'original plan" or created by somebody else?
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