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MommytoMJM's Avatar MommytoMJM 02:17 PM 01-31-2005
Come one come all to the Lovers of Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings tribe, let the chatting begin...I'll be back to post more after I X-post this to get us some members...... :

owensmom's Avatar owensmom 02:54 PM 01-31-2005
Hello, my name is Owensmom, and I have the burning desire to continually discuss these books and films.
alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 03:44 PM 01-31-2005
I'm here!
JessicaS's Avatar JessicaS 04:56 PM 01-31-2005

ubergeek over here.

*once got banned from Tolkien board during heated "Do balrogs have wings" debate* :
alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 05:02 PM 01-31-2005
Oooohhhh... I'd never thought of that before (OK, I'm not as geeky as some! But I *strive* to be ubergeeky, does that count?)

Anyway, my immediate thought would be no, balrogs don't have wings (why would they need them? Aesthetics? Bah!) But I'm open to being schooled, if they do have them! (And really, I should just be looking for textural evidence, but I'm willing to let you tell me instead of having to trek *all the way over* to the bookshelf! :LOL I guess I'm just a lazy-geek )
owensmom's Avatar owensmom 06:05 PM 01-31-2005
First off, Abimommy, I'm not worthy.

Secondly, I was JUST perusing this set of online comics and ran across this one, titled "film adaptation sell-out".
MommytoMJM's Avatar MommytoMJM 09:33 PM 01-31-2005
OK, since we're doing the how geeky are we, I'll contribute....

I first read LOTR and The Hobbit in the 4th grade....I resisted seeing the movies until just a few moths ago because I was sooo scared of what they would do to them....Sigh...

I am reading Sean Astin's Book There and Back again right now, rereading LOTR, using the Complete Guide to Middle Earth, Middle Earth for Dummies and Atals of Middle Earth as references while I read. It is really helpful to be able to look stuff up, so if you come across something you want to know, let me know and I will look it up for ya!

BTW, there is a great site called the Encyclopedia of Arda ,,,here's the url for EoA they offer a CD so you can have it on disc...I want it...Waaaahhhh

Oh....and my daughter's bunnies are named.......

Wait for it.........

Merry and Pippin
AJP's Avatar AJP 10:22 PM 01-31-2005
Oo, oooo, mememe! I've read LOTR at least yearly since I was 10 or 11. Sometimes I'd start it again right after I finished. I was so apprehensive when I heard they were making movies out of it, but, even with the changes they had to make in order to allow it to be translated into films and not be 100 hours long, I adore the movies. The book was formative for me in terms of how I view storytelling, fantasy, mythology, so many things, so if they had blown it with the films, I would have been pissed. But I think Peter Jackson is a freakin' genius, and watching the "making of" extras on the DVDs, it seems to me that everyone poured themselves into it, from the director on down to the people making the props, and were careful about keeping true to the spirit of the book (even when it wouldn't work to directly translate something to film). It was synergistic, and IMO it worked beautifully. I don't think it could have happened in Hollywood.

In the book, the Balrog has wings: "It stepped forward slowly on to the bridge, and suddenly it drew itself up to a great height, and its wings were spread from wall to wall," although it's a little ambiguous because two paragraphs previous it says "His enemy halted again, facing him, and the shadow about it reached out like two vast wings." (Yes, ultra-geek here, too - I actually go look things up.)
littleaugustbaby's Avatar littleaugustbaby 10:34 PM 01-31-2005
darlindeliasmom's Avatar darlindeliasmom 11:20 PM 01-31-2005
count me in...I love the extras on the DVDs; they were a great resource with my dd, talking about what makes a culture...the attention to details CREATES the very different cultures of Gondor and Rohan, as well as things like the elves and the Harradrim.

They got it...I'm reading the section on the siege of Gondor now for the first time since watching the films, and man, Pippin in his knight's garb is just so accurate!

I'm actually reading the book 2x now, once for me, and once with my 8 yr old dd. With her, the three are almost to Fangorn. (which is fine by her, since she really is only interested if her darling Legolas is in the scene. The blonde hair just did her in!!!).
Me, I'm just waiting on Mithrandir.
tinybutterfly's Avatar tinybutterfly 11:36 PM 01-31-2005
kiwiming's Avatar kiwiming 12:41 AM 02-01-2005
Just watched the extras from the "return of the King" DVD yesterday. I am very proud to say that I am from NZ and wished I had enough dosh to buy up all the sets, props and costumes, move back there and open a musuem!
MommytoMJM's Avatar MommytoMJM 05:50 PM 02-01-2005
Ok, so what should we do with this thread.....discussions? Set up a LOTR chat at mommychats, trivia challenges? Any ideas?
monkaha's Avatar monkaha 06:40 PM 02-01-2005
Oh I am so in!! These have been my favorite books forEVER!! I've read them a bazillion times! Did any of you see the animated movie of it made a long time ago? It was HORRIBLE!! I was so afraid that the recent movies would be as bad, and pleasantly surprised that they were, for the most part, just how I pictured things in the book.

: Ok, don't tell DH that I'm in this thread-he already calls them "Dorks of the Rings." LOL
Elowyn's Avatar Elowyn 07:07 PM 02-01-2005
I'm here! Have been reading them for 15 years at least, and !

Proud to be a geek!

Oh yes, and I Aragorn. Always have, always will.
JessicaS's Avatar JessicaS 08:13 PM 02-01-2005
Originally Posted by AJP

In the book, the Balrog has wings: "It stepped forward slowly on to the bridge, and suddenly it drew itself up to a great height, and its wings were spread from wall to wall," although it's a little ambiguous because two paragraphs previous it says "His enemy halted again, facing him, and the shadow about it reached out like two vast wings." (Yes, ultra-geek here, too - I actually go look things up.)
I agree, I was on the pro-wing side. Heh..that cartoon is hilarious! Although I disagree about the Wings comment.

Our dog we got when I was a toddler was named Frodo, my parents were geeky too. :LOL
owensmom's Avatar owensmom 11:32 PM 02-01-2005
If we had another kid, I totally would want to make Peregrin it's middle name... dh would never go for it.... he thinks I like the movies because of Orlando Bloom, which is totally unfair, I didn't even pay attention to him, or even know who he was! in the movies, I fell in love with him in PotC. So there.

Anyway, I'd prefer not to chat, just discuss in threads in whatever way everyone wishes... jmo.
bluenail's Avatar bluenail 11:37 PM 02-01-2005
Oh yeah - I'm in.

I read the books at least once every two years or so. Love the movies. (Had a marathon movie session - all three extended DVDs back to back - over the holidays).

Was lucky enough to be able to go and see the props and costumes from the first two movies in museum exhibits that came through Toronto. The costumes, swords, props (basically EVERYTHING) were beautiful and truly substantial, for lack of a better word. (I touched Aragorn's outfit - I couldn't resist...) :LOL

By coincidence, my ds is named Sam. (And if he had been born with red hair, he would have been Gimli - according to my dh.)
MommytoMJM's Avatar MommytoMJM 01:52 PM 02-02-2005
So, DH is turning 40 in May.......

I was going to do the typical Over The Hill party....but it seemed so I was thinking, he is a huge Lord of the Rings fan.....what do you all think about an.....

Under the Hill party fashioned after Khazad-Dum and the caves of Moria?

Stupid? Brilliant? Somewhere in between? Ideas on how to pull it off?
darlindeliasmom's Avatar darlindeliasmom 02:14 PM 02-02-2005
I for one would not be ambitious enough to try for the mines of Moria in my little house LOL (although the invites could be nice, with the door, which is one of the beautiful images from JRRR's mind).

What about a 'Mr. Under-the-Hill" party, as in Frodo's badly remembered alias in Bree? Then you could do a party like Bilbo's, with fireworks and lights in the trees...

either way, fun.
JessicaS's Avatar JessicaS 01:38 AM 02-03-2005
MommytoMJM, I think Under the hill would be hilarious if you did it up like the Prancing Pony since "Underhill" was the name Frodo was using while they were there.
Losgann's Avatar Losgann 01:44 PM 02-03-2005
Woohoo! I made it.

I'm here!
MommytoMJM's Avatar MommytoMJM 08:36 PM 02-03-2005
Ok, y'all.....some one pic a topic and let's get talking!!!! I wanna make this a fun big LOTR party thread.....
AJP's Avatar AJP 09:59 PM 02-03-2005
Kinda cliched, but how about favorites?

In the book, my favorite character is Sam - steadfast, and when it came down to it, he was the linchpin, Frodo would not have made it to the Cracks of Doom without Sam, and the brave deeds of others would have been for naught.

Some favorite scenes from the movies (it would be impossible to choose just one) - the look on Gandalf's face when he hears Frodo say, at the Council of Elrond, "I will take it. I will take the ring." That scene should have won Ian McKellen awards. I also love the scene with he and Pippin, in Minas Tirith, when the orcs are about to break through the gate, Pippin thinks he's going to die, and Gandalf's bit about "death is just another path, one that we all must take." The lighting of the beacons. When Aragorn says to the hobbits, at his coronation, "You bow to no one," and the whole crowd bows to the hobbits. Sam saying, after returning home from the Grey Havens, "Well, I'm back." And I love that they had Sean Astin's real daughter play Sam's little girl.

I love the idea of an "Under the Hill" party, sounds like fun.
Artisan's Avatar Artisan 10:05 PM 02-03-2005
This is the first tribe I have ever joined. I don't know if I'm quite as geeky as some, but my DH is right up there. LOTR is in a constant state of being reread at our house. DH has read it at least 65 times, no exaggeration.

I am an English teacher, and taught LOTR to my AP students several years ago. Our school has a reading campaign, where teachers and students pose for posters with their favorite book, and then they have a quote underneath their pic. (Very much like the celebrity reading posters you see in libraries.) I am holding LOTR and my quote is, "Even the smallest person can change the course of the future."
MommytoMJM's Avatar MommytoMJM 10:06 PM 02-03-2005
Ok, I have to do my faves a bit later because I am getting ready to go out, but can I just say that reading the scenes you put down made me cry, how pathetic and geeky is that?!?!?!? Sigh.... Oh and just got the Making of LOTR from the library, now alll I need is some time to read it!

ETA: I will also post some fan fiction sites and LOTR music people have done too...
bluenail's Avatar bluenail 11:26 AM 02-05-2005
Fave characters:

1) Pippin - he's funny, clutzy and I love the way that his character develops through the books.
2) Boromir - to me, he's always epitomized the best and worst that humanity is capable of.

Say have any of you got this tune in your head when you read this thread?

I just posted the lyrics, but you really gotta download the tune to get the full effect. Especially Gollum's beatboxing...

Elf booty got soul...
lorijds's Avatar lorijds 10:19 PM 02-06-2005
Ahhh, I'm home.

My favorite scene from the movie: the Ride of the Rohirrim. Everytime they start to cheer "Death" I just get tears in my eyes.

I read the books all the time. I love them! Luckily my oldest dd is as much as a geek as I am. We have an ongoing thing; whenever possible, we quote the book or movie. Like whenever something goes well, we shout "Victory! We have victory!" Or the other day, my oldest had a test, and she said something about being scared of it, and I said "Courage, Lidia, courage for our friends." and she just busted up. No one else in our family understands us. That's okay, we know how awesome it is....

I agree that the movies were well done. When I first watched them, I had some problems with certain changes that were made. But then when I watched the extra dvds, all was forgiven. I was amazed at how much love and respect they had for the books, and I really appreciated all the hard work.

Gotta go, making supper, but man, am I glad I found this place!!

cathe's Avatar cathe 02:23 AM 02-07-2005
Moved to books and media.
owensmom's Avatar owensmom 01:48 PM 02-07-2005
Originally Posted by cathe
Moved to books and media.
Why? I don't understand this tribe forum, everytime someone starts something in here it gets moved!
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